Chapter 6



We were in his office as I impatiently waited for him to finish up talking to the phone.

Bakkie:"Oh yes T my man what can I do for you?"

"That can be arranged my man"

"It's 3k but for you it will be 2k"

"Ahhha good choice I'll have her arranged for you"

"8pm is goodthanks my mansharp."

He placed the phone on the table then sat down on his chair. I was sitting across him with the table in-between us.

Him:"You were saying?"

Me:" pregnant". He gave me a death stare.

Him:"You're what?"


Him:"Again?". He started clenching his jawsthis is not gonna end well.

Me:(sighs)"I don't know what happened"

Him:"Kanti where is the loop?". His tone was calm yet powerful.

Me:"I removed it"

Him:"You did what?". He banged the table. I was now shaking in my chair. This man is the devil himself.

Me:"It was uncomfortable"

Him:"So?". He stood up and came to me I could feel his hot breath on my neck that was how close he was. He was right behind me. I kept quite. He turned my chair around and made me face him. I swallowed. The drugs have made him ugly now. He had bags under his eyes indicating how he doesn't get enough sleep now. When we first met he was handsome really handsomehe had a body that authors describe in novels:talldarkhandsomehad a six pack.. yeah those type of things but now all of that was gone he was left in a potbelly it's not that big since it's still developing. 

He was dressed in a suit todayhad a six pack.. yeah those type of things but now all of that was gone he was left in a potbelly it's not that big since it's still developing. 

He was dressed in a suit todaya navy one. He has taken off his Blazer and his tie. Besides his jerky side and his new body he still looked good. My vjay used to vibrate to his hot breath on my neck but now it only sends shivers.

Him:"Undressing me already?"

Me:"" I started stuttering.

Him:"Cat got your tongue"

He moved his hand to my coochie and started rubbing my clit. I was really turned on. He moved his fingers up and down then ripped off my leggings shifted my thong aside then inserted two fingersI moaned. He added another one and started finger fucking me and just as I was about to reach my peak he took them out. I was really annoyed. He went to his seat and rolled a tissue then wiped his hands. His old self would usually lick them so I was shocked.

Him:"No wonder my client payed half the priceyou're no longer tight"

Me:"What?". I froze.

Him:"Don't worry I will replace you soon"

Me:"Am tight"

Him:"You're notnow get out of my office and please tell Pearl to prepare for tonight she's got a special client"

I didn't reply. I got outI didn't care about the ripped leggings anymore. I went downstairs where I found my guard and we left. Tears streamed down on my way to "the house". It's a 30 min drive. I can't be replaced I just can't. Why didn't I notice that my vjay can take three fingers now. I will be moved to the main course level. I won't be able to stand the benefits that comes with that level.


I was on call with PearlI have locked myself in my room.

Me:"Vanilla Queen"


Me:"I miss you babe"

Her:"I miss you too"

Me:"When am I seeing you?"

Her:"I don't know babe"

Me:"Okay am going out to help MaFuze with setting up the table"

Her:She laughed "but babe you're a guy mos".

Me:"To you only other than that am a girl to the world"

Her:"Yeah sorry my love we'll talk later"

Vanilla knows that my family doesn't know am a Butch yet.

Me:"Okay I love you"

Her:"I love you more"

I decided to let go of her "studying". I don't wanna push her away. She will tell me when she is ready. I don't want to get hurt by what she does so I'll let her be until she's ready. I unlocked the door and went to the kitchen to help my mother.

MaFuze:"Who is he?" I was really shocked.


Her:"Your boyfriendthe one you were talking to in your room"

I froze. Was my mom eavesdropping I hope she didn't hear my conversation with Vanilla since she was on loud speaker.

Me:"Mama I don't have a boyfriend"

Her:"Good it's way too soon for me to be a grandma" she smiled..

Me:"You won't". That's the first. Usually we don't speak about me. I'm relieved she didn't hear other things that will make me homeless....

To be continued...


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