Chapter 5



I took out a R200 note and placed it on the straw mat.


Her:"Your sister is seeing someonea girl. I see their future they will have a stable lifethey have a really bright future"

Me:"That's not goodcan't you do something to the girl?"

Her:"Yes I can but we can't bewitch her all the time she will start picking up but there is something you can dothis girl is a sex worker at "The House" she goes by the name Pearl. You need toyou know and make sure when she leavesyour sister sees herafter that their relationship won't be a problem for you"

Me:"Thokoza Gogo"

Her:"You can leave"

I take my shoes and exit the rondavel. Once am out I wear my shoes and look for my phone to look for a certain number of an old friend of mine. I know it's wrong bewitching my own sister but her dad is my worst enemy. When my mom broke up with my dad she met Pheh's father. He didn't treat me right. He molested me everytime mom went to work. I didn't recover. He stopped for a while then mom got pregnant. After Aphelele was born

he continueduntil I had enough and stabbed him with a kitchen knifeI was 14 that time. Anger drove me insane. When Mom got back from work she was terrified and wanted to call the policebut I told her what was . When she learned that i was molested from the age of ten she was angry as well she took the knife from me and stabbed him on his crotch until he was dead. She helped me cover the murder up and we buried him behind my two roomed flat at home. 

From then we vowed that we will take this secret to the grave. Mom assured me that I wasn't the one who killed Zulu (Pheh's father) because I just stabbed him in the stomach but she finished him off. By the time we finished burying him we got rid off all the evidence. Good thing Aphele was at the Zulu's when we killed her father.

After three days mom called the police claiming that Zulu was "missing"it has been three days without coming home. A missing person's file was opened but he wasn't found obviously. The Zulu's were also contacted and brought Pheh back home. After a week of searching they didn't find anything regarding Zulu. Pheh was six months when we killed her fathershe was turning one that year. 20 years later I still haven't forgotten what happened to me and I won't I know we killed him but I fear he had an easy way out. So two years ago I decided o make her daughter suffer. Am bewitching her. Her father blesses her from the grave but am blocking that with black magic. We were close but now we are not it's like she sees right thru me so I stopped befriending her and that didn't work out for me since she told me everything about her but now it's hard since I have to consult first. Bewitching her is also hard since she prays a lot.

I got into the car that I borrowed from a friend since this place is far from where I live. It's an hour drive and it's a village of some sort. The phone started ringing and the person answered.


Me:"Hi Bakkie it's me"

Him:"Who's this?"

Me:"It's me Tebogo"

I chuckled....

To be continued...


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