Chapter 3



After two years staying with Bakkie I got myself involved in drugsI have used any type of drug you can think of. Then in order to pay Bakkie for staying at his house all these years he introduced me to prostitution. He broke my virginity and after that I was for his "clients".

Bakkie is rich. Not filthy but he's rich. After he broke my virginity I was moved to the building where all sex workers lived. That's when I met Pearl and we've been friends ever since. I was 17 she was 18.

Pearl:"Earth to Thapelo".

Me:"Sorry girlfriend I've zoomed outagain".

Her:"You left me all alone".

Me:"Sorry let's just sleep cause tomorrow we are going back to hell".

Her:"Am the one who's going to hell remember you are at the top".

Me:"it Means nothing since we all have sex at the end of the night".

Her:"Sleep then doll face am going to my room".

Me:"Why not sleep here?".

Her:"Eeow where you've just had sex no thanks".

Me:"I don't see a problem".

Her:"Nope bye babes".

She got out of the bed and went out. I just laughed and got back to sleep.




Today I was out doing shoppingsince Mathapelo is not feeling well. I was allowed to go alone. Bakkie owns a building where we "sex workers" live. We call it "the house" but it's not really  house. You see our work is different. We have levels namely: StarterMain Course and Dessert. Am at the main course level which isn't good.

When you first arrive you are at the Starter level cause your vjay is still tight and you're still fresh. You get benefits like having a large bedroom with an insuit bedroomyou have an iPhoneyou have more freedom than othersyou are required to go to the hotel if you have a client you don't get average clientsyou can do shopping anytime and security is tight.

Main course level you're no longer "that" tight. Shopping is limitedyou have a Hisense phoneyou share your room with someone. You share the bathroom with your roommate. Wherever the client wants it you give it to him anywhere. We don't have security but bracelets that have trackers so you won't run away.

Last but not least the dessert level. Those are the ones that have a "loose" cookie and worn out bodies. They live up to five girls each room I don't wanna begin to think about the bathroom thing. They go sell in the streetsthey are the worst. They also have trackers but theirs are in their anklets. They are the most cheap level.

After shopping I went to wait at the restaurant. I was waiting for Aphelele and she's running late. Bakkie will notice I've been gone for too long. Where is she...


I rolled to the other side of the bedgot my phone to check the time shit! It was 10am already. Am late for my date with Pearl. Am screwed. I quickly take a bath and wear grey sweatpants with my white vest and my sports bra underneath and sneakers. The weather is great so I won't need a jacket. I comb my hair cut and sprayed my perfume I look myself one more time then get out good thing MaFuze is still sleeping. I request  an Uber and arrive at the restaurant I didn't dress up cause it's nothing fancy I walk up to her and judging by her facial expression I can tell she is pissed. She gets up and gives me a hug and a kiss.

Today she is wearing a bodycon black dress with pencil heels with accessoriesnude lipstick and a black weave. She looks good with the dress hugging her perfectly. My chick is beautiful no lies. After we have seated she just stares at me. I know she wants an explanation.

Me:"I knowI woke up late am sorry".

She just nods. Sigh.

Me:"You look beautiful"

Her:"Thanks babe". She smiles. Bam!I win

Me:"So how's school Vanilla?"

Her:"What school babe?". See what am talking about.

Her:"Oh? that school is great ain't complaining". She fakes a smile.

Me:"Coolso have you ordered yet?". I'll not let this go.

Her:"Just waterlet's order food". She calls the waiterwe place our orders.


Me:"Vanilla Queen"

Her:"I love you babe"

Me:"I love you more"

Me:"I see you've got shopping bags how was shopping?" She starts talking about the long ques and how undecided she was. I hope Vanilla isn't doing bad shit cause I love her.. I wanna have my future with her. If she has secrets I don't think it's gonna work out. But I need to find out exactly what she does....

To be continued....


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