Chapter 2



After dishing up I called Mah to come eat. U covered food for Tebogo with another plate I then took my food and settled on a two-seater couch. A while later MaFuze aslo came and sat across me. I noticed that she had added nother piece of chickenI sighed.

Me:"Mama what are we gonna eat tomorrow morning if you are adding another piece to your food?"

Mah:"Hhayi Thembeka usukhulumela ukudla manje?(you are speaking for food now?)" She asked rather suprised.

Me:"But mama two pieces are enough fo you why add another one whilst I only got to eat only one piece of chicken". She looked at me schocked. She placed her plate on the small coffee table in the middle of the room.

Mah:"Take your food then. I knew it was a bad idea letting you cook in my houseyou are 20 years for crying out loud. Other children are either at University or collage but you are in my house complaining about three pieces of chicken for food you didn't even buy". She huffs. She compared me again. Now I really need to get out of this house as soon as possible. I hear the kitchen door being opened and closed. After a while Tebogo walks in with his plate and sits next to my motherand starts to eat.

Him:"Dumela MaQadi". My mother just nods right then I know that she is pissed.

Him:" Hao Ma-Offer what's wrong?"

Mah:"The lady of this house doesn't want me to eatshe was complaining why am eating three pieces of chicken." She says in the most sad voice I've ever heard ayy this woman. Tebogo snorts and shouts



Him:"You buy food in this house now huh!?"

Me:"No I don't"

Him:"Then why shout at my mother if she eats three pieces of chicken?!"

Me:"Bhuti what are we gonna eat in the morning?"

Him:"I bought a braai pack of eight pieces didn't I?"

Me:"You did"



Him:"Nx yet you are complaining while you don't even buy food". He takes his plate then exits the house. I see Mama smiling mxm this woman. I take my plate to go eat in my room.

Tebogo is my mother's first born her favorite. My father died at a young agewell that is what my mother says. Tebogo has his own father but he left. I don't know the reason yet but Tebogo's father is Sotho hence the name *Tebogo*. He also uses a different surname  Mohlakoana while I use Ngcobo my mother's surname.

Am lesbian yeah am into girls. My interest in girls was intrigued after high school. I had a crush for Miss Law told her that she didn't approve me said maybe it's adolescent but it wasn't. She also said am too youngsays a 32-year old woman. But am over her now

says a 32-year old woman. But am over her nowheard she's married. I have a girlfriendPearl she's 22my Vanilla Queen. I love her body: big bootybig boobsand her fresh thighs damn! She finished her matric long ago. She says she's at University don't know which one but I doubt that I just need to find out exactly what she does cause my girl is too loaded for a student.


At around 10pm he left. I went to take a shower then wore my PJs. This guy booked the whole night so I still had time to rest till the morning. My phone vibrated on the pedestal. It was a text message from Pearl.

*Yummy pants just left am coming over to your room*. I sighed just when I was about to rest she really doesn't know when to stop. The door opened and she walked in bubbly as always.

Her:"So how did it went?" She asked all smiles.

Me:"You know the usual"

Her:"Was it longshortthick or thin?" Tjhoo this chick.

Me:"Long and thick but his game needs work he was like an old grandpa mxm I dressed up for nothing." I rolled my eyes. Pearl took the chance and laughed at me mxm.

Her:"He was handsome for nothing". She clapped her hands dramatically. "What a waste of sperm". She continues talking and I zoon out.

Today it's one of those days where I miss my parents. They died in a fire when I was 14. I just came back from school and saw our house on fire. People were trying to put out the fire but it was too late. They were ashes. Relatives came and we buried the last remains of my parents. Since our house burnt down I went to live with my auntGloria. I needed to get a new certificate. When I did I told aunt Gloria I wanted to change my name to Mathapelo Mokoena. Don't get me wrong I loved my own name but it only bought tears cause my parents are gone to call me by my own name. I almost lost my sanity when I found out my parents are dead and they are never coming back. I sunk into depression for a year.

Aunt Gloria took me to a therapist. I then started to be okay. Even now when someone talks about parents a tear escapes my eyes. At the age of 15 I lost aunt Gloria to blood cancer. Close relatives didn't want to take me in. I lived in her house close to 3 months then her son came back from hell to claim his mother's house back. I was homeless for two months until Bakkie got me out of the streets. I was a beggar that time. Life was really hard...

To be continued 


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