The Unplanned

Author : Sandisiwe Gxaba

Description: PROLOGUE.“GET ME OUT OF HERE!” I scream banging on the doors refraining me from leaving. “PLEASE SOMEBODY JUST LET ME OUT OF HERE” I scream again but my screams fall on deaf ears. “I’M NOT CRAZY” I shout but to no response. I slide down and bury my face in my hands resting on my knees. “I’m not crazy” I whisper “I’m not crazy” I repeat with my voice failing me and tears rolling down my cheeks“Why won’t they believe me?” I ask myself as I cry with my face buried in my tiny hands. I wake up still on the floor, I’m guessing I must have fallen asleep while crying. I look at my beautiful sparkly ring in my skinny fingers. All this is my husband’s fault, had it not been for him I wouldn’t even be here today. He is the reason I’m even locked up in here. I get up and walk towards the corner that has a camera keeping an eye on me“I JUST WANT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND” I shout but to no response I guessMinutes later the door swings open and the monster I married walks in looking all kinds of handsome but at this very moment he is not even handsome anymore, he’s as ugly as the devil if you know what I mean. This creature that had me convinced he loves me is the reason I lay inside these four walls of a mental institution. What did he do? Oh I’ll tell you what he did, heck lets walk through it together.My name is Sinokuhle Mbana Langa, the daughter of the great Ayola and Lwando Mbana. All grown up and doing my first year in university of Western Cape in Cape Town. I am 17 years old and I’m studying Computer Sciences full time and Fashion Design as part time so I have a lot on my plate and I cannot afford to fail any of the two. It was pretty hard to convince the dean to allow me to do two courses so I cannot screw this up or else I’ll have to drop one and only focus on one. I have a little brother, Thandolwethu who is 3 years younger than I am and is in high school doing commercial subjects and then there’s my little sister Sanele who is 6 years younger than me and is a smarty with a very loud mouth it’s even annoying at times but we get along well, all of us.My mother is a lawyer, greatest lawyer of her time and my father runs a strings of companies he acquired from my grandfathers with the help of my uncle Aphiwe of cause and the rest you’ll learn along the way. If you thought my parents love story was not a typical fairy-tale, I wonder what you’ll think of mine. Mine’s not a fairy-tale, it probably was at some point until I got married. Nothing in life is ever planned, I mean we don’t plan to be born nor do we plan to end up in a mental institution but hey, things happen. This is THE UNPLANNED life of Sinokuhle and it all starts at 17 only for me to be declared mentally unstable at age 27, who would have thought right?

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