The Life I Never Imagined

Author : Sandisiwe Gxaba

Genre :Drama

Description :

So what lengths would a sister be willing to go to help her little sister? Often our parents teach us to protect our younger siblings because when they are gone they are the only family we have left. And that’s what my parents taught me from the day Ivy was born but little did I know that protecting her would and keeping her safe at all costs would lead to my downfall. Here I am today behind bars all in the name of keeping my little sister Yvette safe and out of prison. You see, never in my life did I think I’d end up behind bars eating the crappy food they feed us on a daily wearing the clothes they make you wear in prison and being bullied by the other inmates. My life has been miserable from day one and like any other day I was in the doctor’s office yet again, I was stabbed in the showers by one of the inmates because I refused to pleasure her as she had instructed me to. My lawyer was working on a way to reduce my sentence, turns out they don’t take killing another human lightly. So here I am today with a stab wound on the side of my stomach. I’ve always been a cheeky stubborn child, well the day things went south at home so you can imagine, I don’t take crap from anyone. Her: So Yolanda Graham. Tell me what’s your story. You here three times a week and we never talk about where you come fromI was now sitting in my therapist’s office. It had gotten to a point where I was forced into seeing a therapist because they believe that whatever it is that makes me this cheeky resides from deep within.Me: because doc as sweet as you are. You can’t help meHer: but I can tryMe: doc you can’t try and save everyone. In this world we live in some people just don’t want to be savedHer: some people or just you?Me: my sister didn’t want to be savedHer: now we getting somewhere. Wanna tell me about your sister maybe?I sipped on the glass of water in front of me and leaned back on my chair dating back to the day I was arrested for a crime I did not even commit.Me: “I hate you” she said, “I never want to see you again.” She said in between her tears. It was then that I realised I had gone too far in trying to protect her that I ended up losing her in the process. I remember it like it was yesterdayHer: what happened between you two?Me: you want the long version or the short?Her: we have all the time in the world Miss Graham. In case you haven’t noticedMe: I know. life sentenceI took a deep breath and tucked my hair behind my ear and sat properly on the chair... My name is Yolanda Graham. I’m 25 years old and this is my life before things went south.

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