Chapter 8

We were still standing by my door with him standing on the other side of it. My word his voice was so deep and so bold and held so much authority. Makes you wonder who gives birth to such creation? Men like the one standing before shouldn’t even exist. They are temptation. I’m pretty sure a lot of girls have lost their virginities to him because of his looks his body and his voice. I know I would

Him: pretty name for a pretty girl

I’m not big on guys that try to flirt with me. I’d prefer things just happen naturally because I don’t know how to flirt or whatsoever so he just ruined the moment for me.

Me: does it ever work?

Him: what?

Me: the line you just used on me? how many girls have you gotten in your bed with it?

Him: you would be surprised what status and good looks can get you

Me: yeah… I’ll pass

Him: Yolanda look if I wanted to get you into bed trust me I would have already but you wouldn’t be able to handle a nigga like me. I’m only here because my friend is too chicken to come to you himself

My jaw was probably on the floor. Actually it was… figuratively. I didn’t expect such arrogance and attitude considering he is the one that came to me and not the other way round. I get it he’s the rugby captain and all but seriously?

Him: my number is on there should you decide to live a little

With that he walked away. My first thought was to throw the stupid flyer in the bin and that’s exactly what I did. How dare he? I went to make myself something to eat and then got on my social media and there was nothing from Toby. He and I talk day and night and for him to just go MIA on me. this was bad and I wasn’t going to talk to him about it until he comes forward. The next day I woke up with zero messages from him yet again and then did everything and went to campus. After class I went to sit in the canteen to wait for my next class I felt someone sit next to me. My routine in school is to go to class and wait on my next class while reading my favourite Facebook diary and then back to class and then home. I don’t have friends

Voice: hey.

I turned and she smelt good and was a pretty face too.

Me: hey

Her: my name is Mia; you are?

Me: Yolanda

Her: nice to meet you. Love your jacket… where can I get one like it?

I was wearing Toby’s bomber jacket which I took and he knows it’s with me. he’s had it since his basketballing days in varsity. I don’t get how he graduated top of his class while still playing a sport that made him travel…

Me: I won’t lie to you I didn’t buy it got it from a friend

Her: it’s really nice. So what course are you studying and which year?

Me: I’m studying accounting doing my first year. You?

Her: I’m doing Business Management and I’m also doing my first year. How come you always sitting alone?

Me: I don’t have any friends

Her: well then it’s about time that changed. Consider me your first friend

I chuckled

Me: ok first friend. Nice to meet you

It was Thursday and I was in the library discussion room pressing my phone and listening to music… I’m supposed to be doing an assignment but I’m finished with it and I’m bored. Mia and I were friends I guess and I had met her other two friends Michelle and Alexis and they were sweet people I guess. I haven’t heard anything from Toby which is not so strange anymore considering what happened. I’m slowly getting used to not talking to him daily even though I miss him so much and I think I’m miserable going this long without talking to him. someone tapped my shoulder and I looked up removing one earphone and it was Michelle.

Her: hey babe

She said taking a seat next to me

Me: hey how are you?

Her: I’m good thanks and you?

Me: also good

Her: so theres this party at the Frat house tomorrow

Me: I know

Her: great then. Lets go shop for outfits!

Me: I didn’t say I was going

Her: come on Yola. You have to go first party of the semester and its going to be dope. Its like a meet and greet

Me: I don’t drink and I’m not used to this whole night life thingy

Her: I also don’t drink but I’m going. Come on Yola it will be fun

I kept quiet contemplating

Her: please

She made puppy eyes and I smiled

Her: great. You wont regret it!

She said packing up my things for me. I just laughed at how excited she was. We walked out of the library and we headed to the parking lot where her car was parked she and Mia had cars… rich kids with rich parents. Turns out Mia’s mom owns O’Neels and her father is a king which makes her a princess. We got into her car and Mia was the one driving it. We went to town and parked at a mall and went inside. As we were walking we bumped into Miso and his crew

she and Mia had cars… rich kids with rich parents. Turns out Mia’s mom owns O’Neels and her father is a king which makes her a princess. We got into her car and Mia was the one driving it. We went to town and parked at a mall and went inside. As we were walking we bumped into Miso and his crew Michelle ran to him and threw herself in his arms and he caught her and spun her around

Mia: you’d swear they didn’t just see each other on campus a few minutes ago

Me: they an item?

Alex: yep. They met last year December and they’ve been busy since

Miso’s crew was just a bunch of hotties. They were 5. The guys greeted and we greeted back.

Mia: guys this is our new member Yolanda Yola this is my brother Michael this is Miso something like a brother to me this is Ashton Shane and Kenny. They all in the school rugby team

Them: nice to meet you

Shane: so how does it work? You just chose the prettiest girls on campus and form a squad?

He had an accent. He wasn’t English that’s for sure. Mia laughed

Mia: you could say that. Your friends need to compliment you

Kenny: I see. Well then Yola welcome to the squad

I was a little confused. Did this mean that they were all friends? Miso and Michelle were in a world of their own you would swear we didn’t even exist

Mike: so what are you guys doing here anyway?

Lexi: to shop for outfits for tomorrow’s party

Miso: and she’s coming?

He said pointing at me

Michelle: you’d be surprised what my cute puppy eyes can achieve

Miso: you don’t have to tell me. I’m a fool for them

I was so annoyed

Ashton: I look forward to seeing you there lady

Me: sure

Mia: ok bye guys. Miso leave my friend alone please

Miso: you really need a boyfriend already

Mike: when she’s out of varsity

Mia: bye boys.

We left the guys and drove off to Ashanti’s a high class restaurant owned by Mia’s mom. We had lunch and the Miso and Mike came to join us and turns out Mia and Mike will miss tomorrow’s party because theres some royal whatever that they have to attend. I wasn’t going to go without Mia shame and I was yet to tell the rest of the squad. I feel so grown because now I have a squad. She and I drove together seeing that we lived in the same building.

Her: mom doesn’t get that we young and we have plans

Me: I’m sorry friend

Her: it just pisses me off that we always have to drop our plans last minute just so we can entertain some royal families without real lives. My word their kids are so fake bruh. The people they force us to mingle with

I just laughed. Mia is a fun spirit so to witness her being mad or pissed is funny.

Me: you’ll be fine friend. You wont die

Her: sometimes I wish I could switch lives you know

I just nodded. I wouldn’t know let alone understand rich people problems considering where I come from so no. I don’t know. Mia and I were in her place with her packing her new clothes in her closet. Her place looked fit enough for a princess. She had lots of pictures in her room and a big collage board on the wall. I was looking at the beautiful collage and looks like she her brother and Miso go way back because there baby pictures of the three of them


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