Chapter 7

Her: please follow me.

She led us to a table for two and I was left mocking her and the way she spoke almost as if she was programmed.

Her: your waiter will be here to take your orders

With that she left

Me: Your waiter will be here to take your orders… sounds like Siri

We both cracked up in laughter

Him: don’t be silly you’ll get us kicked out

Me: what if she has an on and off switch somewhere?

Him: maybe its hidden under her butt cheeks

Me: and she has spent all her life believing that she’s actually human

We both looked at each and laughed at how ridiculous we looked and sounded with our makeup stories. We looked through the menu and I couldn’t recognise anything they didn’t even have pictures but instead they had prices and everything was expensive. As in $200 and above and that’s only the starters menu. I looked at him and I think he could feel my eyes on him because he raised his eyes from the menu and looked at me too. he then whispered

Him: what’s wrong?

Me: everything is expensive here

Him: yeah so?

We were both whispering

Me: I don’t even know what is what

Him: I’ll order for you and I promise you going to love it

Me: fine

Him: why are we whispering again?

We were both leaning in on the table whispering. I looked at him and leaned back to my seat laughing and he joined in

Me: I don’t know. you started it

Him: didn’t want you to embarrass me

Me: the way I’m dressed did that for you already

A waiter came to take our orders and indeed the meal he had ordered for me was AMA-ZING. It was meat platter and it wasn’t big enough for two people and I had the meal with a milkshake while he drank a glass of red wine.

After the amazing dinner we had he drove me straight to my place I felt like I was talking to myself because he was just quiet and nodding to everything I was saying. We got to my place and he parked the car and unlocked the doors and I pressed the lock button.

Him: and then?

Me: I should be saying that to you. What’s going on here Tobias?

Him: nothing Red.

Me: I’m not stupid. You’ve been quiet all the way

Him: its work stuff

Me: Wrong!

Him: then I don’t know what you want to hear

Me: Tobias I know I’ve only known you for a few months but work stress doesn’t make you this quiet. Did I do something wrong?

Him: no

Me: then what’s wrong Tobias? What’s going on?

I was getting impatient here. T is not a moody person and then suddenly he gets all moody on me out of the blue… something had to be bothering him

Him: I don’t want to talk about it Red now please

Me: fine.

I unlocked the door and got out banging it. how dare he snaps at me? I get it I was being pushy but for him to snap at me like that? No fam it doesn’t work like that I’m sorry

Him: Yolanda

I didn’t respond instead I walked to the building door and he grabbed my arm just as I was about to open the door.

Me: leave me alone

Him: not until I know we good

Me: Tobias remove your hand away from my arm

Him: Red. Tell me we food first

Me: we good now please let go of my arm

Him: now you just saying that

Me: what do you want me to say Tobias huh? What do you want me to say? What do you want from me?

Him: this.

I don’t know when his hands got to my face but he pulled me in for a kiss and it was heavenly. I felt butterflies in my stomach it was nothing like I have felt before. It was like he was erasing all of the bed experiences I’ve ever had with kissing and creating a new beautiful memory of what a real kiss is supposed to be like or feel like. It was magical. He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes as I did him. he let go of my face and then left me standing there just like that and he drove off leaving me to replay what had just happened right now. I touched my lips thinking about how soft his lips were against mine how his tongue danced to a beat of its own against mine God his breath with a hint of the wine he had drank today. What was this man doing to me? I opened the door and walked up to my room. I used the stairs because I lived on the 5th floor and there weren’t many stairs really. I got into my room and just slid down by the door and smiled to myself. WOW! I was disturbed by my phone ringing in my hand I checked the caller id and it was Ari.


Her: hey honey

Me: hey Ri

Her: how you doing? How’s school?

Me: I’m good

school is good. And how are you?

Her: I’m good. Great even

Me: Ri what’s going on?

Her: so I met this guy today he’s a tutor we met by chance. I was late for my class and he had just gotten out of his

Me: Ri… get to the end already

She laughed

Her: your impatience is not charming

Me: Ri come on

Her: his name is MJ. His coloured from South Africa

Me: and you gathered all of this while late for class?

She just laughed at me very hard and I couldn’t help but laugh too

Her: no. We met again at the canteen after class and we spoke and got to know each other a little more. Except he’s older and way out of my league

Me: what do you mean?

Her: he’s a Bess. Grandson of the great Damon Bess. He’s 22 and I’m only 18

Me: ohh….

Her: yeah I know. I really like him friend

Me: then go for it

Her: argh I’ll see. So what’s going on with you?

Me: nothing.

Her: how quick you were to answer. What’s going on?

Me: Tobias kissed me and I didn’t stop him

She screamed making me remove the phone from my ear. She was so loud!

Her: when?

Me: about 10min ago

Her: and? I knew it!

Me: huh?

Her: I always knew he likes you I just didn’t think he’d make a move

Me: huh?

Her: you really clueless huh

Me: Ari

Her: you’ll be fine. So where do you two stand now?

Me: I don’t know. it will make things awkward and schools are closing soon

Her: talk to the guy and find out

Me: no! I won’t be the one to raise it when he was the one that kissed me

Her: yes and you the very same one that didn’t stop him

Me: bye Ri

Her: don’t be bitter. You just had your first kiss embrace it

Me: Ri bye there’s someone at the door

Her: fine. Bye babe

***End of PC***

I got up and went to get the door and before stood the most handsome guy I have ever laid eyes on after Tobias of cause. I usually see him in our building and on campus he’s a rugby player with the whole package and stuff going on. He is just a beautiful man.

Him: Hi

Me: uhhm hello

Him: so there’s a party this coming Friday it will be held at the frat house. I’d love it if you would come through

He said handing me a flyer

Him: before you say no please think carefully of your no and consider the following. If you get bored I’ll bring you back if you need to go to the loo I’ll go with you and if ever you need anything I will be there to cater to your every need

I looked at him thinking about his offer but I was a little sceptical pretty boys are normally players and I’m not ready to get played in my first year. I’ve heard what happens in these frat parties and I don’t want to be a statistic.

Me: I’m sorry but I don’t drink let alone party

Him: what do you drink and I will make sure it’s available. I will even go and buy it for you if they don’t have it

Me: why are you acting nice Mr Rugby captain

Him: so you know me?

Me: I normally watch you guys play when I don’t have anything better to do

Him: and?

Me: you good

Him: of cause I am. The name is Misokuhle and what’s the beautiful lady’s name?

Me: Yolanda


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