Chapter 6

The next day I wasn’t supposed to go to school but I was called into the office because of yesterday’s incident on the school grounds. I sat opposite the principal with my arms folded.

Her: Miss Graham

Me: Head Mistress

Her: We do not tolerate bullying in this school

Me: but you tolerate sexual offenders right?

She looked at me a little shocked by my statement and I wasn’t going to take it back. What boy pulls down a girls skirt unless they horny or somewhere in between

Her: sexual offenders?

Me: clearly someone whoever reported this to you didn’t tell you the whole truth. I found my little sister curled up under a desk crying because some stupid ugly boy couldn’t keep his hands to himself and figured it’d be better if he pulled down my little sister’s skirt. So tell me was I wrong to fight for my sister because she cant defend herself? If you were in my shoes would you have done things differently?

Her: I hear you Miss Graham but your little sister should have come to my office and reported the incidence either than you taking matters to your own hands

Me: this is the thing you were going to give him detention for probably a day and he was probably going to get mad and then he would try to get even with Ivy and do far worse than just pulling down her skirt. and you people weren’t going to do anything about it. maybe a suspension note for a week or something and then he’s back.

Her: Miss Graham

Me: no head mistress. If my little sister was raped you guys wouldn’t do anything about it. Don’t try to act like there was something better you could have done. I did what I could to protect my sister. If you wanna punish me then punish me for defending my sister.

She kept quiet

Me: if you not going to punish me or whatever may I please leave. I’m writing my last paper tomorrow and I need to prepare for that

She just nodded and I walked out like a boss.

Things were good. Results came out and as I predicted I got a distinction in Accounting… not that the rest weren’t distinctions but accounting was the highest and Toby was so proud of me he bought me an iPhone 6 and Ivy also got good grades and he bought her an iPad for school purposes. She was only going to start grade 8 next year so she didn’t really need a phone. I got accepted into Auditing and Accounting and Business Management in 3 IVY league universities and I managed to score myself a bursary that would cover EVERYTHING as long as I kept the results coming and would intern at their company during holidays. First 3 months weren’t easy but Toby and Ivy called me every day so it felt like I was back home. yes Toby’s place had become a place I call home. He was heaven sent not once did he try his luck on any of us though I was sceptical about leaving my little sister with just him alone so he suggested she studies in a boarding school and come back when I was back and we were all good with that idea. I don’t know how Toby pulled the whole boarding school thing off because some docs needed our parent’s signatures and details but guy pulled it off and my sister was in. I didn’t want to be far so I opted for the state university. We lived in LA so might as well. Ari was left to study literature at Yale and our other friend went to Seattle to find herself. I haven’t seen our mother since the day she kicked us out and frankly I don’t care about her. I had just gotten out of my last lecture for the day and was talking to Toby on the phone


Him: so guess what?

Me: What? oh tell me T. tell me now. I cannot bare another moment without knowing!

He laughed and so did I. it’s something we picked up from the movie The Secret Life Of Pets

Him: Loneliness

We both just cracked up in laughter. Oh this guy was really something else and I enjoyed every minute I spent talking to him

Him: look outside your window Red

Me: uhhm… ok

I got up and peeped through the window and what do you know. his car was standing right outside my building. He waved at me and I chuckled waving back

Me: you didn’t tell me you were back

Him: I wanted to surprise you

Me: well you’ve succeeded

Him: come out here

Me: still tryna find my other shoe. Oh wait got it

Him: see you now

***End of PC***

I walked out of my room and locked it then went downstairs. I lived in a flat paid for by my bursary. If you had told me I’d be living like this 7 years ago

I would have told you to shut up because what you are saying is unrealistic and such things don’t happen to people like me. Toby knew my story with my sister and why we left home he was sympathetic towards and he promised us to never live the way we lived again. I got downstairs and threw myself at him and he picked me up and spun me around. I’m glad to say the whole being picked up thing and spun around didn’t give me heart attacks anymore even though being up in the air still scared me. I didn’t even hang my clothes on the roof because I feared the worst possible scenario. He put me down

Him: she missed me

Me: she really missed him… whoever we talking about

Him: I thought I was talking about Red

Me: really? Argh you know how Red is she probably did miss you

Him: and what about Yolanda?

Me: she missed T if T missed her

Him: T always misses her company. T suggests that they go out for a late lunch. What does Red suggest?

Me: Red thinks that’s a great idea. she just needs to go put on proper shoes

Him: nah you going to take hours and I’m hungry AF!

Me: wont I embarrass you. I mean I literally look like a student right now

Him: yeah so?

I was wearing gym shorts and a loose school tee with dog sleepers hair tied up in a messy bun and had glasses on. I normally read Facebook diaries when I get back from school and when T came I was finishing up one I had been reading from school all the way to my place. I’ve been here for 3 months and I haven’t made any friends yet.

Me: fine

Him: still no friends?

Me: you know me. I like my own company… and yours and Ivy’s

Him: how long do you plan on staying a loner?

Me: as long as I’m here

Him: and a boyfriend maybe?

Me: I’ll get a boyfriend the day you get a girlfriend

Him: I don’t think any woman would be comfortable of the relationship we have

Me: ncoooh that’s adorable! Whimp!

He punched me playfully and I stuck my tongue out at him and he just laughed. Toby had become a big brother to us and his big sister Camille or as ya’ll know her “Munchkin” was like a big sister to us and she loved us especially Ivy.

Him: ok ok ok. I don’t want to bring a bitch at home that will mistreat my little Red riding hood and little miss sunshine

Me: I’m in Varsity and sunshine only comes on holidays. Stop making excuses

Him: ok fine. There is someone I like but she’s young and I don’t think she feels the same about me as I do her

Me: you’ll never know unless you tell her. As for the age it aint nothing but a number

Him: I aint tryna get arrested for statutory rape now

We both laughed and he suddenly kept quiet and kept his eye on the road.

Him: any Mr. I should know about?

Me: you know what I’ve been through over the years. A Mr is the last thing on my mind

Him: not all Mr’s are like the one’s you’ve had encounters with

Me: oh yeah you right you one of the good 0.01% remaining

Him: whatever you say. Thanks for the compliment by the way.

Me: so where are we going?

Him: you’ll see.

He kept driving and then we stopped outside this big tall building looked like a hotel really and it looked high class and not for people like me.

Me: are you here to fetch something?

Him: no. this is where we eating

Me: No WAYS! Have you seen how the people entering this place are dressed?

Him: yeah and none of them are dressed like you

Me: exactly why we need to find another place. Like O’Neels or something

Him: Red.

I looked at him

Him: calm down. we just having lunch

Me: but still T

Him: aint like you looking to impress anyone… or are you?

He gave me that look of his and I just hid his face with my hands

Him: tiny hands. Come lets go

He got out of his side and came to open for me. it’s become a thing from since the first time we met until now. it’s a habit if I can put it that way. We walked in and the hostess looked at him and then me

Him: we’d like a table for two please

My arm was hooked into his and I was leaning on his arm because he was slightly taller than me… as in basketball taller type and I was just there looking like his little sister.


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