Chapter 2

Mom was back home from the hospital after two whole weeks in there and two weeks of misery from my father’s friend back at home. He hasn’t been around ever since mom got back. I was not myself anymore I wasn’t the happy fun free spirited child I once was before everything. This man had taken part of me the minute he started forcing himself onto me. So many times I’ve considered death but I didn’t want my sister to go through what I was going through and so I lived. Mom wasn’t herself anymore after sometime in hospital she came back a changed woman a stranger to be exact because she just didn’t care about us anymore. She started drinking too and I don’t even know where she got the money to buy booze but she had it. We were on our way to school and we hadn’t eaten in two days’ now

Me: mom

Her: What?

Me: can we have money for bread?

Her: do I look an atm to you?

I didn’t know how to respond to that. What had happened to my sweet loving caring mother? This monster before me was not the woman that gave birth to me. I shook my head

Her: you’re a girl. Man pay to use what you have between your legs little girl. use it to your advantage and you will never go hungry again

I looked at her expecting her to say she was joking or something or whatever but she was as serious as a heart attack.

Her: get out of my sight!

I walked out to the lounge and pulled my little sister’s hand and then we walked to school.

Ivy: Lala

That’s what she called me. it was a name she gave me and has stuck with me for as long as I can remember.

Me: yes Ivy?

Her: why does mom hate us?

Me: she doesn’t hate us baby. She’s just stressed

Her: what’s stressed?

Me: she’s just going through things that are making her be the way she is now

Her: so stress makes you mean?

I chuckled

Me: I guess it does.

Her: Lala I’m hungry

Me: I know baby. Me too

We walked past this other big shop owned by this other nice foreigner. I asked Ivy to wait for me outside while I went inside to try get him to give me something to eat.

Me: my friend

Him: hello Lala. How can I help you today?

Me: can we have something to eat. My sister and I haven’t eaten for two days now. I promise I will pay it off by working here

Him: uhhhm

Me: please sir we starving. I can work here after school every day and you won’t have to pay me

Him: tell you what. I will give you guys something to eat. Later on come by and I will give you guys a few groceries

Me: thank you so much

He gave me two sandwich boxes and I walked out to find Ivy talking to my father’s friend. And he was playing with her hair. Immediately it sent chills down my spine and it was not the good kind of chills. It scared me to think that he would dare try what he did with me to my little sister.

Him: Yolanda

Me: hello. Ivy we have to get to school

Him: wait what’s the rush. Look it’s raining get into my car and I will drive you

I shook my head and he brushed my sister’s hair back

Him: come on now Yola you don’t want to do that

Me: fine. Please just leave her alone.

Him: that’s a good girl

We got into his car and he drove us to school. I was made to sit in the front seat while Ivy sat in the back. He put his hand on my thigh underneath my skirt and made his way to my underwear and started fiddling with my vjayjay

Him: ever since your mother got back I haven’t been getting my daily bread

He said unzipping his pants. He stopped playing with me down there and took my hand and placed it on his hard shaft and made me give him a hand job. We got to school a while after he had released. He put R50 in my school skirt and then gave me a tissue to wipe my hands and told me to wash my hands before going to class and that’s what I did the minute I got inside the school grounds. I was disgusted by myself but I told myself that whatever happens I won’t let this stand in the way of my future. I wasn’t going to let this stand in my way of trying to live a better life for me and my sister. When I came home with a packet of groceries dad wasn’t happy. He assumed that I was sleeping with the shop owner while mom on the other hand was proud that I was using my God given gift to get things done. That night I slept with my whole body sore from all the belt whooping’s I got from my dad. The next morning mom walked in and covered my bruises and told me not to stop doing what I’m doing and she took the R50 I had gotten and told me to go and make some more. Said she was proud of me. Every time I came home with groceries the more whooping’s I got until 5 months later we lost my father to TB and now I was left with mom. Dad’s death was like an invitation to a life I never imagined for myself. Mom started prostituting me out told me school will only get me so far but my looks were all I could bank on and the little gift I have between my legs was going to take me places.



I was now 16 and Ivy was 12 told me school will only get me so far but my looks were all I could bank on and the little gift I have between my legs was going to take me places.



I was now 16 and Ivy was 12 things at home were still the same. We lived off of the money I got from sleeping with the many men who didn’t get enough satisfaction from home and mom couldn’t be happier. Ivy and I had just gotten back from school and mom was sitting in the lounge drinking with a friend.

Her: hey come back here. Both of you

We walked in and sat down. due to the circumstances I was a very cheeky child and had so much anger but through it all I protected Ivy at all costs. Other kids in school called me all sorts of names but the minute they called my sister such names then it was their funeral. I was probably in the principal’s office almost every day of the week. Some of my teachers in school were my clients. Yes my mother was pimping me out.

Us: Ma

Her: Ivy

Ivy: ma

Her: it’s about time you helped your sister out. My clients are complaining saying she’s worn out and they want something new

Me: what? No!

Mom: I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Yvette.

Me: you can use me all you want but Yvette is not going to be your slave I won’t allow you to

Now I know you probably wondering why we never went to child support services or ran away or did something. we weren’t so fortunate to have met our relatives. All our lives it’s just been the four of us… now three and we haven’t had anywhere to run too. the streets were not an option. It’s not that I enjoyed what I was doing but I would rather do this than to not know where my sister is or what she goes to bed having eaten or anything of that sort. I lived for my sister and as long as she was ok and untouched then I was good and I was willing. I had two friends and only one of those friends knew about what was going on back at home. Ariana has offered to take us in but I don’t want to burden her and mom threatened to sell Ivy if ever we ran away from home.

Mom: so you talk back to me now?

Me: mom please. She’s only 12

Her: and you started having sex when you were 10. Don’t be stingy

Me: Ivy go to the room

Mom: Ivy stay

Ivy got up and went to our room with mom shouting for her to come back in the lounge. We were standing up facing each other

Her: you must think just because you having sex now we the same age. I’m still your mother

Me: start acting like it

She attempted to slap me but I held her arm

Me: it’s funny how you need to remind yourself that you our mother when it suits you but you never act like it when opportunity presents itself for you to. Our mother died the day dad beat you up into a pulp.

I let go of her arm and walked to our room. I called Ari it was about time Ivy left home.


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