No Love Lost, No Love Found

Author : Sandisiwe Gxaba

Genre :Drama

Description :

PROLOGUEEvery family has their own affairs.Mine in particular has affairs literally and figuratively. Being the youngest in the house people never pay attention to you, they think you blind to their affairs and deaf to their whispers during the night.My story is no different from the next person’s, typical 18 year old suburban boy, your usual boy next door. I’m a loner and I’m perfectly fine with that, what are friends for anyway? Ok that’s a lie, I do have a friend but that’s as far as it goes because really I’m an awkward person and I like my own space. I love music and I always have my earphones on to be more invisible to people.Before we go any further, my name is Jason Romer, I’m 18 years old and I’m doing my first year in Harvard, I know. Typical nerd right? Yeah well when you me you bound to attend an IVY League university because you have nothing better to do with your life. I’m studying Medicine; I’d really like to be a doctor someday. Seems like I get nerdier with each line. Oh and you guessed it, I’m single than the word itself. Yeah I know I suck to the core.I come from a family of 6, my mom and dad are married and look happy, I have two brothers and one sister. My family and I have always been in England Cambridge, well my mother comes from Italy, beautiful Italian woman who went against her family and married a white English man and has never seen her family since. Both my brothers are married and my sister and I live with our parents. She’s doing her last year in Varsity and unlike me she’s not so smart and nerdy but she gets 50’s to carry her to the next year. She’s a party animal so you can imagine. I mentioned my family has their own affair’s right? Well yeah, my father is having an affair with one of my brother’s wife, they don’t know that I know and mom doesn’t know about it and then there’s my brother who’s sleeping with my sister. I know, incest is disgusting but hey things happen. You’d be surprised what these four walls hide and what I keep to myself trust me its better that way.“Jase”My sister says shoving me, I remove my headsets and look up at her. Its after breakfast on a normal Saturday. Mom left for some church thing. My father is probably upstairs screwing Gwen, Nicholas is probably at work. He runs a lawfirm so he’s never around, I guess that’s why Gwen cheats on him with my father. “What?”I say annoyed, its not like I was listening to anything but I hate what she did.“Jase, Chrissie”My brother Cole says walking in roughing up Christina’s hair, they exchange looks“Sup’ Cole? When’s Jeannette supposed to land? ”I ask knowing how tense the air will be, he settles on the high chair opposite me. Chrissie’s still standing next to my chair“Later today, mom’s going to fetch her from the airport”He answers with a hint of annoyance in his voice“I have to go. My boyfriend’s taking me shopping”She says and Cole glares at her“Where?”She shrugs“don’t know yet”“Family”Gwen says walking in dressed in shorts and a tank top, we all greet her back as if we hadn’t seen her during breakfast“You look happier than before”Chrissie spits out at her“Yeah I am”Gwen says in a dismissive tone and my sister takes the hint and leaves.“Whats up with you guys?”Cole asks Gwen soon as my sister leaves, Gwen shrugs her shoulders“You should ask her”She says with so much attitude in her voice. I chuckle to myself“I’m heading out”I say getting up from my seat. I walk out to meet with my friend Todd who lives right next door. He’s outside washing his mother’s car, unlike me his mother is a single parent working hard to make ends meet, his father left them when he was only 4 years old and they haven’t seen him since.“Todd” I greet sitting on a brick

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Chapter No Love Lost, No Love Found - Chapter 1

No Love Lost, No Love Found - Chapter 1

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