My Weakness Is My Strength

Author : Sandisiwe Gxaba

Genre :Fiction

Description :

PROLOGUEI lay alone with my back on this cold bed and my husband is nowhere in sight. I touch my stomach and all I feel is emptiness. It feels like yesterday when I felt her every kick but now there’s nothing, just emptiness with a scar on my tummy as evidence that my now flat belly was once a home to Kate or Mary-Ann or Elizabeth James. Those where the names Kyle and I had picked out for our baby girl. I don’t want to leave this bed but what choice do I have? Today is the day we lost her a year ago but the pain is as fresh as though it happened a few hours ago.Memories of the day’s events come rushing back like a wave hitting rocks on shore, tears roll down to my pillow as I cry silently. She was taken from me, I never got to touch her or hear her cries, I wonder if she would have been a screamer or a lazy crier? Was she going to look like me or Kyle? Was she going to have my hair color or her father’s gold hair? These thoughts running wild in my head are enough to make me want to kill myself. I’d be lying if I said I was coping or dealing. It hurts more than any pain I have ever felt, my heart breaks into a million pieces every time I think about the day she was declared dead, how she was restless on that day as if she was alerting me that it’s her last day kicking or it’s my last time feeling her in my belly. “Don’t do this to yourself” a voice disturbs me from my train of thoughts, its Kyle walking in with a tray of breakfast “come let’s eat” he says settling on the bedI look at his big blue eyes filled with nothing but pity or is it sadness? I don’t know but I know it’s not love; how can he love me when it’s my fault we even lost her? I don’t deserve to be loved. Maybe if my family was normal then we wouldn’t even be going through this. he doesn’t want to say it but I know he blames me; I blame myself too for her deathHe places his hand over mine “it’s not your fault, it never was” he says, I’m tempted to believe him but how can I?“why are you still here?” I finally manage to ask in a very low a scratchy voiceHe looks at me and for a change, I can’t tell what he is thinking, I never could read his mind like I could with my previous lovers.“I made vows in front of the Lord and our families and friends to stick with you no matter what,” he saysI sit up then I look at this handsome blue-eyed creature before me “I’m setting you free from those vows” I sayHe looks at me and it’s like he’s searching deep into my soul for something he will never find and opens his mouth “who are you to set me free from my word Nia” he asks with a straight faceThe way my name rolls off his tongue still makes my knees weak even today. 5 years of marriage hasn’t changed that bitI shrug “the woman you said those vows to”“without a gun to my head” he addsI chuckle and so does he “it’s good to see you laugh again,” he says, I just nod “can we please eat now?” he says impatientlyI nod and take my plate “thank you” I sayHe smiles at me then takes his plate and digs in. I watch him eat his food looking super-hot and doing it effortlessly. It’s been a year since we last had sex and I can’t lie, I miss him. I miss having him inside of me filling me up“if you keep sucking on that sausage like that I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold myself,” he says disturbing me from my dirty thoughts“huh?” I say a little startled but mostly blushing at what he just said, is it weird that I’m so turned on right now?“what?” he asksI giggle “I’m horny,” I sayHe laughs lazily and that alone does things to my coochie “really?” he says and I nod like a little kid “tell me what you want me to do to you Nia” he commands“I want you to eat me up until I cum and then screw me until I can no longer feel my legs” I say with so much hunger I can barely even hide itHe smiles and nods slowly “eat up first” he commands“b…”He cuts me off “eat Nia!” he commands Talk about a buzz kill! I waste no time and start eating until there’s nothing left on my plate, he takes my plate places it on the tray then walks to a mini table in our room and places it there then turns to look at me. He’s topless, he’s been working out and that chiseled six-pack is enough evidence.He walks up to me and grabs my leg pulling me to the edge of the bed “I’ve been longing for you Nia” he says with hunger in his voice and that alone makes my coochie vibrate, he takes my underwear off and rolls up my silk night dress“I’m all yours Kyle” I say surrendering at his mercy. I am weak for him and he knows itHe kisses my inner thighs and I can’t help but yelp, he moves towards my coochie leaving wet kisses, the moans leaving my lips are involuntary and what he is doing to me right now is enough to make me cum. He’s patient with me, taking his precious time as my orgasm builds up. I hunger for him more than anything. He reaches my coochie and he breathes out in appreciation “Kyle” I cry out with the need to cum. My husband has always treasured my body at his own pace and he could always make me cum with a simple tough or a mere kiss“yes Nia” he says hovering over my coochie“I think I’m going to cum” I cry out“not now Nia” he demands; I know better than to disobey himHe flickers his tongue over my folds, I let out a moan“Fuck Nia!” he groans parting my folds with his fingers, GOOD LORD!As they say, the rest is history! He fucked me good and I am still shaking even now.Flip, where are my manners?I am Nia James, 25 years of age married to Kyle who is 30 years old and running James Corp, where he runs an oil refinery company and I, on the other hand, am a singer and songwriter or at least I was a year ago.I dropped out of medicine when I was 19 to follow my dreams of being the worlds most famous musician, which was the same year I met Kyle James who was only an intern at his father’s company then.My parents weren’t so happy with me dropping out, to prove how disappointed they were they cut me off financially and told me flat out that if I wanted their money I was to go back to medschool and finish but you can imagine how that went, a year later I married Kyle and I’ve never looked back.I am not your ordinary human being, I am a witch, part of me being a witch is the reason I gave birth to a stillborn baby. When I dropped out of school and turned my back on the coven, I was told that there’d be consequences for my actions and me being me I didn’t believe them until I lost her. My life’s never been the same since and part of me wants to make them pay for taking my daughter away from me but how do I do that without hurting Kyle in the process?

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