Love And War Season 2: Chapter 8


I never thought love would be this difficult Sebe makes this whole dating thing cute and difficult if that makes any sense. I kiss her pushing her to the bed I feel like an idiot for rejecting sex cause its the one thing I actually want and need right now. I settle between her legs helping her get out of my hoodie. We both panting like dogs who haven't had water in years. I help her take off her bra and kiss each boob this feels homely. I pay each boob attention as it needs her nipples are so hard you'd swear they going to burst. I trace wet kisses down to her stomach the moans leaving her lips are enough motivation to keep going.


Her voice is groggy and needy and so damn sexy. How do I control myself this time around when my dick wants to be buried deep inside of her.

"Tell me what you want Sebe"

I say taking her pants off my voice is husky and barely there.

"I want you. I want to feel your tongue"

She begs while I kiss her inner thighs she let's out moans. I look up at her and she's soaked already I let out a harsh breath moving to the other inner thigh tracing wet kisses towards her nookie.

I take off her underwear slowly and unrushed for her pleasure. I kiss her outer lips before parting them with my fingers she cries out my name.

I lick between her folds all the way to her clit making her cry out in pleasure

"Oh don't stop"

She pleads with her groggy voice.

I rub her clit in circles with my thumb while working her folds with my tongue the moans leaving her mouth are doing a number on my already hard dick.

I love how her body always reacts to my touch. I stick a finger in her super wet pussy and her body archs off the bed in response


She pleads and I rub her g-spot making her shudder violently. I don't stop until she's released at least 3 more times to ready her enough. 

I go up to her face and claim her lips and she let's me willingly.

"Gugu I need to feel you"

She pleads desperately in my mouth. I look into her eyes and she looks deep into mine


She pleads I rub my dick on her folds and she archs off the bed she's still sensitive from her last orgasm. I claim her lips to distract her from the pain but I doubt its distracting enough. She's so tight! I run my fingers up and down her upper arm and it seems to work  because she slowly accommodates me inside of her until I'm all in making her gasp in my mouth. She's so fucking HOT I think I might just release same time but I have control.

I play with her boob while moving slowly in and out of her just so she doesn't feel pain. Her moans are that of pleasure I hit a spot that makes her core tighten and her moans louder. I keep hitting the same spot and move my hand to her clit.

"Come for me Cuddles"

And at my command her muscles tense and she comes apart violently I pull out and come on her thighs. I pull a towel and wipe her before rolling on my back and pulling her to my chest.

"I love you cuddles"

I say kissing her head

"I love you too Mines"

She says resting her arm on my chest drawing sweet nothings. I'm at peace right now. I pull a throw over our naked bodies.

I'm woken up by my phone ringing I want to ignore it but with Mbali still in hospital I can't risk it.

I try to slip out if under Sebe without waking her but I fail.

I search our clothes until I find it but the person has already cut the call. I'm about to check until mom's number pops up on my screen.


I answer

"She's worse than we thought"

She says sounding really scared

"What do you mean? I thought it was just preeclampsia"

I ask unable to hide my shock

"We all thought so too honey but she's worse. Her pressure is too high so her doctor is worried that she might just give birth now if it doesn't lower her body is not responding to the medication"

Mom says I feel Sebe touch my shoulder.

"I'll be there as soon as I can mom"

I say and end the call. This feels like deja vu. Just a year ago I lost a baby and girlfriend and now my baby and her mother are in danger.

Sebe hugs me resting her head on my back

"How bad?"

I shrug as tears make their way down my cheeks

"It hasn't even been a year"

I say with my voice failing me. Sebe turns me to her and hugs me tight.

"We need to pray"

She suggests. I feel like I'm beyond prayer. Every time I think we getting somewhere something happens taking us 10 steps back.

"What good will that do?"

I ask sarcastically

"Mine let's just pray Ok?"

She says breaking the hug and pulls my hands into hers. We both bow our heads and she leads the prayer.




After Gugu's departure my parents walk in with Gugu's. I really hope he and Sebe are Ok. I brush my tummy but I don't get a response I let out a sigh

"You going to get out of here"

Dad says kissing my forehead. I smile a hopeless smile

"How are you feeling?"

Mom asks kissing my hand I smile

"Better I think"

I say and she gives a faint smile

"You scared us baby"

Gugu's mom says and I chuckle faintly

"Someone seems to be in a rush to get out and meet us"

I say and they laugh I know its fake but it's so much better than living like this.

"You guys should go and rest now"

I say hoping to dismiss them. I'm tired

"Its only been a couple of hours honey"

Dad says and I turn to him

"What's the time kanti?"

He checks his watch

"Its around 6"

I nod yawning

"So this is why you were telling us to leave"

Gugu's mom says with a chuckle and I nod

"I'm tired"

I say yawning again. They finally take the hint and leave. 

"Oh Bambi. I'm trying baby we have to be Ok for daddy. If anything happened to any of us he wouldn't make it"

I plead brushing my tummy.

"Please do this for me. We have to make it to 9 months. Plus if we don't then we might ruin daddy's relationship and we don't want that. We want daddy to be happy right?"

I feel a kick and I chuckle with tears rolling down my eyes

"Yes baby give mommy another kick"

But I don't get a response. I feel myself drifting off to sleep.

I'm woken up by a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and I feel warm liquid trickle down my legs. The machines start beeping but the pain doesn't stop.

"Snowflake wake up"

Only Eric calls me Snowflake I'd probably smile if I wasn't in grave pain.

"We need a doctor in here"

He shouts standing by the door.

"Snowflake stay with me"

He pleads again still by the door. The pain is extreme and beyond me. He walks up to me and pulls off my blanket

"Snowflake you bleeding"

He says and my panic rises. Why do I continue to suffer like this? Does God hate me?

"You going to be fine Snowflake"

He says kissing my forehead.

"Eric I can't lose him please"

I plead crying out but the pain is too much to form coherent words

"Stay with me Snowflake"

I hear him pleading with me.

"I love you Ok"

He says and I blackout same time.




"Simakadze Akekho ofana nawe kubobonkhe othixo olunganiswa nawe angikamboni atsi ohlabelela kahle ngelakho ligama kuguca phantsi konkhe. We come to you Heavenly Lord this morning with concerned and heavy hearts. Lord we ask you to keep Mbali and Bambino safe that whatever forces are trying to play with their safety be null and void this instance. Heavenly Father you said in your word we should come to you with all our burdens and you'll lift them for us that's what we ask of you this morning that Mbali and little Bambino make it out both alive and safe. We trust in you Lord and that your grace and mercy never fails in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen."

I open my eyes and he still has his closed I squeeze his hand and he looks at me

"Trust in the Lord"

He nods

"Go take a shower so you can see them"

I say tapping his thigh he slowly gets up heading to the bathroom. I get up and remove the bedding can't believe Gugu finally allowed sounds weird saying that. At some point I thought he'd be the one begging for it life. I make the bed then look through Gugu's clothes for something he can wear he comes out 5 minutes later to lotion and I hand him his clothes. He gives me a faint smile and I return it. I had no idea that that incident of his ex got him this bad it's really rare to see a scared and broken Gugu cause most of the time it's me being comforted not the other way around hut I guess that's how relationships work right.

"Will you be fine on your own?"

I nod

"I don't want you feeling cheap cause I'm leaving you after the magical night we had"

I blush last night was beautiful

"You'll make it up to me I know and besides you have more important matters to attend to right now."

I say and he kisses my forehead

"I love you cuddles"

He says still kissing my forehead

"And I you mine"

I reply

"Now go"

I say pushing him away he moves away slowly

"Why do I get the feeling you don't want to go?"

I ask and he heaves a heavy sigh

"I'm scared. What if she doesn't make it?" 

He whispers and I stand 

"Look at me hey" 

I lift his head up 

"Mbali is a fighter and so is Bambino and I'm sure she's just as scared which is why you need to be there with her right now holding her hand letting her know you in this together okay?" 

I say and he nods

"Call me and tell me how they are" 

I say handing him his keys and he pulls me into a hug. I duck walk to take a bath why didn't anyone tell me it's this painful? I swear I was never ready. I pour water into the bathtub undress the get in 


I scream as the water comes into contact with my vigina I stand then try getting in again slowly this time and it's burning. After sometime it feels better and I close my eyes letting the water heal. I hear my phone ringing but whoever it is will have to wait. I get out when the water is cold wash the bath then go get dressed. I look at my phone and Sam was calling I call him back 

"Chubby cheeks" 

He says after answering 

"I'm still alive" 

I say and he laughs 

"I had to make sure. You ready to leave?" 

He replies 

"Uhm can you come here so we can talk?" 

I say 

"Why? What happened are you okay?" 

He asks panicky 

"Calm down I'm okay" 

I say with a chuckle

"Then what's wrong? 

He says

" I'll text you the name of the bnb"

I say then hang up send him the text then video call Bulo

"She finally remembers me" 

I laugh 

"Stop being dramatic" 

I reply laughing 

"Hold on" 

I add Khumo to the call

"Moghel o ko kae?" 

She immediately shoots. I forgot I didn't tell her where I'm going 

"I'm in Joburg" 

I say and she gasps 

"Ayy wena what are you doing there?" 

She asks

"Mbali is in hospital" 

I say


They both say I didn't tell Bulo why I'm here either 

"Is the baby okay?" 

Bulo asks and I shrug 

"I hope Gugu went there" 

I say

"And why are you not there with him?" 

Khumo asks

"Her parents don't know that she and Gugu aren't together anymore" 

Bulo pops her eyes 

"That's your problem how? Love you should be there besides Gugu supporting him fuck what Mbali's parent know and don't know. His parents know and that's what matters" 

She says and Khumo nods in acknowledgement

"Her parents are a non factor right now" 

She adds

"I know but right now isn't about me but Mbali and the baby" 

I defend 

"You too good Sebe" 

Bulo says 

"I'll call you guys later" 

I say 

"Keep us updated" 

Khumo says and I nod before hanging. 

"Come in" 

I say after hearing a knock on the door 

"Look at you sleeping like you own this place" 

Lesh says as he gets in

"Very funny" 

I'm laying on my stomach cause for obvious reason I can't sit

"What's up?" 

He asks laying next to me

"Can we leave a little bit later?" 

I ask and he looks at me

"Ayy you pushing it. Why?" 

He says 

"Mbali is worse" 

I reply 

"I'm sorry what happened?" 

I shrug 

"Gugu went there" 

I say

"Why are you here?" 

I was hoping he won't ask

"Well yesterday didn't go as planned" 

I say hoping he doesn't ask any further and he doesn't 

"We'll leave around 2"

I move to hug him but hurt myself in the process 


I murmur 

"What's wrong?Are you okay?" 

He asks and I nod 

"Then why.. Ohh" 

He says as if he just remembered something 

"You finally gave it up didn't you?"

He asks and I hide myself 

"How was it?" 

I quickly look up 

"I'm not talking about that with you angeke" 

I say


Isn't it obvious 

"Hhay skati" 

I say and he laughs at me

"I'm kidding. I'm hoping you used protection" 

He says and it clicks 

"Oh my God we didn't. How could I be so stupid?" 

How can I forget? I promised myself it'll be the first thing I insist on

"Eyy don't panic did he come inside or?" 

I shake my head

"I don't know how do I know the difference?" 

I ask

"We'll have to buy emergency pills just in case cause he ain't here to tell us and I don't think he'd be comfortable with me asking him such" 

I nod how could I forget? 


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