Love And War Season 2: Chapter 7


The minute I wake up I touch my belly its not empty or at least I'm hoping its not. The pain is gone but it doesn't stop me from worrying and panicking.

"Thank goodness you're awake"

Mom says

"Honey call the doctor"

She says to dad who runs out. I look around and everyone is here.

"What happened? Is my baby Ok?"

I ask hoping to feel him or her kick

"Bambino is fine"

Gugu says but his face tells me something else.

"What is it?"

I ask looking straight at Gugu.

"Honey you need to take it easy"

Mom pleads and just then dad walks in with a doctor.

"Hello. I'm Dr Mashilo I'm a gynaecologist. May I have some time alone with the patient?"

She says and mom is hesitant to leave but I nod and she gets the hint.

"So when did the cramps start?"

I shrug

"This morning I guess but they weren't bad"

She nods

"Have you been stressed lately?"

I shrug again

"I don't know if exam stress counts"

She smiles writing down

"Stress is stress when it comes to pregnancy"

I nod

"Is my baby Ok?"

I ask eventually

"Yes your baby is fine but you need to relax and stop stressing. We suspect you may be suffering from preeclampsia which is condition whereby your pressure is too high and we'll need to bring it down"

I look at her confused

"What does that mean?"

I ask because I'm really scared

"That we need to keep you here for a couple of days or weeks to monitor you and the baby until your pressure drops"

I nod slowly trying to process everything


"With medication or so. Don't worry its not as bad as it sounds but its a safety precaution we have to take to ensure a health baby"

She says and I just nod

"Thank you"

I say

"I'll send a nurse. For now rest and I'll check on you later"

As soon as the doc leaves they all walk in bombarding me with questions.

"Can we allow her to breathe please?"

Gugu shouts startling everyone and the room goes pin drop silent.

"Now one person at a time please"

Mom glares at him but doesn't respond instead she turns to me

"What did the doctor say?"

I shrug

"She said they can't be too sure she suspects stress and she won't know for sure until she runs more tests"

I say and force a yawn to dismiss them but Gugu can see right through me. He knows me well enough

"Maybe we should leave her to rest"

Gugu's mom suggests and mom is about to argue when I touch her hand and nod. She doesn't argue but instead she kisses my forehead and walks out with everyone saying their goodbyes. Gugu remains.

"Aren't you leaving?"

I ask and she shakes his head. Sebe is really lucky to have him Gugu is all things good.

"You do know that I know that you lied"

I chuckle at how he said it and stopped because his face tells me how worried he was

"Sorry. Gugu we fine its stress"

He rolls his eyes at me. I sigh

"The doctor suspect preeclampsia my pressure is too high an"

He nods

"I know what it is. How are you really?"

I shrug

"Scale of one to ten the pain is on a 2. Doc said she'll keep me for a couple of days just until my pressure drops"

I explain and he nods

"You should call Eric and tell him how you are. I called him earlier and a while back"

I roll my eyes so unnecessary

"You didn't have to call him"

I say annoyed

"He loves and cares about you he deserved to know"

I chuckle

"You should leave now. I'm Ok the baby and I are fine"

He eyes me

"Why do you want to get rid of me so badly?"

I shrug

"Because I never want to be the base of you Sebe's arguments. I know I wouldn't be Ok with Eric being like this with his baby mama.  Go to her"

I say more like plead. I know Gugu is over me no questions asked but for the sake of peace between all of us things are better this way. Gugu is too caring for his own 




To say I'm shocked would be the understatement of the year! What's Sebe doing in Jo'burg? That's where Mbali's parents chose to hold the meeting rather than her other home also they were waiting for the results to come out before heading back. 

"Sebe what are you doing here?"

Mbali's mom asks acknowledging her presence with clear shock. I look at her waiting for an answer

"Uhhhmmm Gugu told me and I thought I'd come and support them"

She says sounding unsure about her answer


Mbali's mom says her dad eyes me and then Sebe and then back at me. The look is unfriendly at all but I didn't ask Sebe to come here.

"Come let me introduce you to my parents"

I say because really I don't know what to say I appreciate her being here but it was unnecessary. I also blame myself for her behavior I've spoilt her too damn much with my time and attention.

"Mom Dad you guys remember Sebentile right?"

I say and mom smiles its genuine

"Ofcause we remember her"

Mom gets up

"Honey I was rude and unkind to you the first time we spoke. I have no valid excuse for my behavior and it sucks that it took a child to make me see how wrong I was. I do hope you could forgive me"

Mom says sincerely and waits for Sebe to respond she clears her throat

"Its Ok mah I understand where you were coming from"

She says and mom pulls her in for a hug while they embrace each other a doctor walks out of Mbali's room her parents. I slip right out from them.

"She and the baby are Ok"

The doc says

"Then why the hell is my baby lying in there right now?"

Mbali's mom fires

"We don't want to make assumptions until we certain with what is really wrong. I'm sorry but I have to go do my rounds. You can see her but you can't stay for long she needs rest"

The doctor says and walks away. I head back to Sebe and my parents.

"She's awake and the doctor would like to believe they fine"

I say

"And you believe otherwise?"

I shrug at dad's question.

"I should call Eric he must be dying with worry"

I say walking away from them to update him and the guy really is worried his voice tells me he's worried. When we done talking I walk up to Sebe and pulls me in for a hug. I break it after a minute

"I have to check on Mbali Ok? I'll see you after"

I say brushing her upper arms trying to dismiss her in a way

"Oh. So I should leave? Gugu I thought we were doing this together?"

She says sounding hurt

"We are but her parents don't feel comfortable having you here and I cannot stand them giving you those kind of looks. Look take my key and request an uber Ok? I'll meet you there and we'll talk properly"

I say handing her a key to the bnb we booked into I kiss her forehead and walk into Mbali's room. After everyone has left her she actually tells me the truth about what's really going on with her. Its more serious than I thought and chances are it could be worse.

"She's here"

I say after her attempt of dismissing me

"Here? Where?"

She asks I chuckle

"She was here in the hospital to support me"

I say she sighs

"Gugu you have to leave. Sort things out with Sebe me and Bambino will be fine"

She assures

"I'll have someone call you if anything happens Ok?"

She says touching my hand

"Fix things with her apologize and make things right"

She says and turns around to sleep. I walk out and drive to the bnb calling Sebe

"Cuddles where are you?"

I ask as soon as she answers

"I'm at a cafe down the road from the hospital"

She says I cringe but calm myself down

"I'm on my way please order me coffee"

I say and she says Ok and drops the call. I get to the café and sit opposite her.


I say she looks at me and then back at picking her muffin. I sigh

"You shouldn't have came here"

I say and she shoots me a look I try to touch her but she pulls away

"This is Jo'burg Sebentile and you not safe here I try to touch her but she pulls away

"This is Jo'burg Sebentile and you not safe here anything could happen to you here that's why I told you to go the bnb"

I say and she looks up at me again

"Fine I'll get on the first taxi out"

She says trying to get up but I pull her down not with enough pressure to hurt her though. My coffee comes and I take a sip then chuckle at its taste looking at Cuddles. She knows how I prefer my coffee but I have a feeling this is her way of punishing me

"Thank you"

I say dismissing the waiter

"Did you ask them to pour the whole jar of sugar in this?"

She shrugs. I sigh getting up

"Have you paid or?"

I ask taking out my wallet

"I've already paid"

She says. I hold out my hand to her but she doesn't give me the satisfaction. When we get to my car my phone rings and it's Eric.


I say

"What did her doctor say?"

He says with evident panic

"They suspect preeclampsia but they still need to run some tests"

He goes silent.

"Send me the hospital name and I'll be there later"

He says we say our goodbyes and end the call.

"Cuddles please send Eric the hospital name"

I say handing her my phone the attitude she's giving me is beyond me. We get to the bnb and go inside my room.

"Talk to me Sebentile. Whats going on?"

I ask settling on the bed next to her. She's sulking

"Mbali will always come first to you"

She says and I chuckle in disbelief she cannot be serious

"You cannot be serious. I'm here with you am I not? While Mbali fights for her life and our baby's life I am here with you"

I'm not yelling but my voice is stern enough

"I don't know what I have to say or do for you to understand and know that I love you Sebentile. I really don't know maybe you can tell me how you want me to show you love"

I say sounding defeated.

"Make love to me"

She whispers




Okay I regret coming here cause I feel like a third wheel I feel as if I don't belong. Ever been in a place where your presence make people feel uncomfortable? Well that's where I am right now Gugu's mom tried making it a little comfortable but still it wasn't. After Gugu told me to leave I felt my heart sinking to the bottom of my stomach if that even makes sense I felt heavy I bid farewell to Gugu's mother who said we should meet up sometime she wants us to get to know each other weird I know I wonder who or what made her change her mind but that's not of importance right now. 

Gugu is looking at me like a just said I killed someone 

"Cuddles are you sure?" 

He asks and I nod like a kid I don't know what made me say this

"You saying this out of emotion. I want you to be ready" 

He says and I feel my heart sink again. 

"What do you want from me Gugu? I'm trying!" 

I say with my voice breaking he takes my hand and I pull it away

"No Gugu what do you want? I offer you sex awuyifuni I support you you still push me away. Mine angisati" 

Tears decide to betray me

"I appreciate every effort you make but you saw how Mbali's parents were looking at you I didn't want you to feel anymore uncomfortable" 

I look at him

"Is it because you've slept with her? Okay come maybe after sleeping with me you'll jump for me like you do for her come!" 

I say taking off my jacket and top. He stops me when I try getting my track pant off

"Stop! Sebe just stop it!" 

He shouts and I sink to the floor crying

"What's wrong with you?" 

He says more calmly I look at him then back down. He crouches in front of me

"Look at me" 

He says and I shake my head

"Cuddles I said look at me" 

His voice is firm I wipe my tears and look at him

"I love you yes what we and Mbali have is something special but it's nothing compared to what we have. Things are still going to be uncomfortable with our encounters cause everything is still raw can you no can we be patient?" 

I nod 

"I feel so stupid right now" 

I say hiding my face with my hands he removes them

"Atleast I didn't have to say it" 

He says


I say and he laughs kissing my forehead 

"Get up" 

He says helping me up

"I'm sorry" 

I say after he hands me his hoodie

"It's okay I just need you to believe in us more and trust my love for you" 

I nod

"I love you" 

I say looking at me

"Well that's indisputable" 

I roll my eyes 

"I love you more cuddles with your crazy as well" 

He pulls me to him and indulges my lips his lips taste like my favorite coffee flavored ice-cream 

"I better get going" 

I say breaking the kiss

"To where?" 

I look at him

"Pretoria dummy" 

He frowns 

"Can't you stay and we'll leave together?" 

He asks

"So now you want me here?" 

I wiggle my eyebrow 

"Don't start" 

He says and I laugh

"I'm joking hawu but I don't want to be bored here while you go be with Mbali" 

He sighs

"How are you gonna get back?" 

"I'll call Lesh" 

I respond 

"You can't inconvenience him like that" 

He says and I chuckle 

"He's here" 

I whisper 

"I didn't get that" 

He's doing that on purpose 

"I said he's herec

I respond 

"Here where?" 

I roll my eyes 

"He's the one that brought me here" 

I say 

"You like taking advantage of the guy. Tell him he can come fetch you tomorrow" 

I nod

"Let me also text Bulo cause I promised her we'll go celebrate" 

I say looking for my phone I don't even know where I put it. Gugu gives it to me I smile at him 

"Celebrate what?" 

I chuckle 


I say

"I forgot they were coming out today? How did you do?" 

He asks I'm about to answer when he jumps in

"Don't answer that I don't date dummies so I know you did well" 

I laugh

"You so full of yourself yooh. I don't think our getaway will work" 

I say and he looks at me


He asks 

"One Mbali is in hospital and we don't know when she'll be discharged and two we are left with four days before they come get us" 

He sighs

"I think she'll be discharged in a day or two then we'll go" 

He says brushing my arm

"It's okay if we can't go Mbali and the baby need you" 

I say I don't want it to look like I'm keeping Gugu away from his child

"I'll make it up to you" 

He says and I smile 

"I know you will let me call lesh" 

His phone rings a few times before he answers 


I say

"Are you okay?" 

This is why I love him

"Yeah I'm with Gugu where are you?" 

I ask

"At some bnbhow did it go?" 

I knew he'd ask

"We'll talk about it tomorrow do you mind if we leave tomorrow?" 

I ask the last part in a whisper 

"Don't worry I already told Thando I'll be coming back tomorrow" 

I smile 

"I swear she'll start hating me one of these days" 

I say and he laughs

"She wouldn't say hi to Gugu and don't do anything I wouldn't do" 

I laugh 

"I can't promise anything" 

I say holding a laugh 

"Don't test me kid" 

He warns

"I love you too" 

I say

"I love you more" 

He says before hanging up at least he didn't just hang up. 

"He doesn't mind which means we have the whole night to ourselves" 

I say biting my lower lip

"I have a few ideas on what we could do" 

He says pulling me closer making me collide on his chest with my breath hitching


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