Love And War Season 2: Chapter 6


Church is always blissful. Sebe's friends are a little too much for me I am unable to can with them. After the service I offer to buy them lunch its a bribe to have Sebe to myself after. We haven't had time to ourselves this weekend yesterday I only saw her late at night.

"I have to ask"

Khumo starts and her tone scares me.

"Uhhm Ok?"

She smiles its not a genuine innocent smile

"You're a guy you used to sex. If you not getting it from Sebe then where are you getting it from?"

I literally choke on my drink and Bulo laughs while Sebe scowls at her friend

"Khumo seriously? Babe don't answer her"

Sebe says and I chuckle

"Mbali is glowing and heard pregnant women crave sex"

I don't even know how to respond to Bulo's statement cause its clear she's implying something.

"Mbali has a boyfriend. Secondly I'm too busy to think about sex Medicine is chowing me enough. Plus I don't mind waiting on Cuddles"

I say hitting her nose playfully with my finger and she smiles

"Lucky girl"

Khumo says shoving Sebe lightly who is blushing next to me

"My friend is happy with you. Probably happier than I've ever seen her but Gugu if you hurt her I swear to God I will make your life a living hell"

I chuckle a threat? Really? I see why Sakhile can't get over her. They made for each other.

"I should say the same with you and my cousin"

I say sipping on my drink and Sebe nudges me. Bulo shoots me a look and I send her a challenging one. After lunch I drop them off and Sebe and I head to my res to my room.

"I had this weird dream you were apologizing for some reason"

She starts of laying on my chest. I take a deep breath and let it out. One of the little things I've learnt by joining the gang is to control your heartbeat when you lie.

"If there's anything I'll be apologizing for Mahlubi it will be for breaking your virginity"

I say kissing her head and she giggles

"You such a dork"




I'm shiit scared of the results coming out today. Its June holidays and the link has been posted but I've been contemplating checking I know I passed but I'm scared anyway because Bcom Accounting is no joke. Also Gugu's parents are coming to pay for damages today. What could go wrong? My phone rings and its Eric I contemplate answering him but that idiot will call Thuso or Gugu... If how he has their numbers I also don't know. Well with Gugu I think its cause he helps him study every now and then it's weird if you ask me but whatever.


He says sounding really happy

"Eric hey"

I say

"So because they paying damages for you today my name stopped being baby or Snowy? Hay Mbali!"

I just laugh he's so dramatic

"I'm stressed babe. Results are out today"

He chuckles

"You 6 months pregnant you shouldn't he stressing like this. Besides you did well"

I stop to think and process what he just said

"What do you mean I did well?"

He chuckles

"I mean you aced everything! Got a distinction in all subjects"

He says and I laugh in disbelief

"Don't lie like that Eric Hezog!"

He laughs at me

"I wish I was lying but I'm dead serious. I'm so proud of you"

He says and the water works start.

"Don't tell me you crying"

I just sniff

"Snowflake you gonna make me fly there. Please don't cry"

I sniff trying to stop the tears

"I'm happy. I didn't think I'd pass with distinctions"

He let's out a breath

"I told you! Besides you worked hard for these results"

He encourages and he's right he was there through out. There were days where he worked a 20 hour shift and still stayed up to help me study

"Snowy thank you so much. I would have never done it without you"

He chuckles

"Let's not get all emo now. I enjoyed helping you study"

He's so modest. 

"I'll thank you proper when I'm back"

He clears his throat

"I'm at work don't give me ideas"

I laugh at him. Eric is the definition of perfection. There's a knock on my door

"Babe I have to go"

I say going to open

"We'll face time later. Bye Snowflake"

He says ending the call. I open and its mom.

"Have you showered?"

She asks and I nod

"Yes mom"

She sits on my bed and I join her

"Results are out today"

I start off

"And how did you do?"

I shrug

"Eric says I passed all subjects with distinctions"

I say and she pulls me in for a tight squeeze

"I'm proud of you honey. You did well. Wait who's Eric?"

She asks pulling away. I forgot she doesn't know about him

"He's my friend from school mah. Need help with anything?"

I ask hoping to dismiss the conversation and indeed we dismiss it and go to the kitchen to prepare. My parents are discreet they let their success speak.

The meeting happens and everything goes well or at least I think it does until I suddenly feel these intense cramps right as Gugu and his parents are about to leave. We just finished eating and were just chatting now. I try to get up but the cramp hits harder than the first 2 making me cry out in pain

"Mbali are you Ok?"

Gugu asks trying to hold me up. Maybe if he hasn't gotten to me sooner I'd be on the floor

"I have this cra.."

I don't even finish when another one hits hard its so painful I'm convinced I'm in labour. I cry I let the tears roll because wow! This pain I'm feeling. My fathers carries me to the car with everyone running behind him like a headless chicken.




I call Eric if why? I don't know he's a doctor and he might know what's going on. Mbali is in the car with her parents while I follow behind with my parents. My only prayer is that she does not give birth now a premature is too much work and Sebe and I have plans next week.


Eric says sounding shocked

"Its Mbali I don't know what happened. She just started crying out in pain"

I explain speaking really fast

"Where is she now?"

He asks sounding calm but I know he's worried. Eric looks like he loves he loves her his eyes give him away at the mention of Mbali's name. I'm glad she's found someone like him.

"We driving her to the hospital. I'm scared"

I admit really I am scared. For her and the baby

"Its Ok. Mbali won't lose the baby its probably stress. Hear what the doctor there says and keep me posted Ok?"

He says


I say and we end the call.

"She's a fighter"

Mom says but I'm not convinced. We get to the hospital and have her rushed in.

"You should call Sebe"

Mom says I shoot her a look. I'm so confused last time I checked she didn't like her. I've been rejecting her calls on the way here

"She deserves to know baby"

I shake my head

"At least answer her calls so she doesn't feel neglected"

I sigh

"Mbali and my child are in there fighting for their lives mom a.."

She cuts me off

"Sebe is your girlfriend. You cannot deal with this alone Gugulezwe!"

I sigh and walk away calling her


I say


She says coldly

"I understand you mad at me for rejecting your calls but Sebe uMbali has been admitted. We don't know how bad things are yet"

I explain and she goes silent. I also keep quiet cause really I don't know what else to say

"I'm sorry. I hope she and the baby make it out fine"

She says. I don't know what to make of her tone. She's still mad at me for rejecting her calls I guess.

"We'll talk later i'll pass by your place later"

I say


She says coldly

"Bye Cuddles. I love you"

"Bye Gugu"

She says dropping the call. I sigh. I don't need this. I return to where everyone else is they still haven't said anything that's never a good sign.




It's been quite a semester man I never thought my first few months would be like this heck I didn't think I'd be dating even. Bulo and I managed to convince the rents to let us stay a little longer told them we have to be here when results are being released and what not

it was a job and a half I tell you but it bought us a few days so I can go with Gugu to that little getaway he abated us to go.

"Results are out have you checked?"

Khumo says getting into my room

"No have you?"

She shakes her head no

"I'm nervous"

She's even biting her nails

"Okay let's do this I'll check your and you check mine"

She nods I turn the laptop to her with the link and she gives me hers. She screams first I tell her to hold herself cause I'm still waiting for hers to pop up she passed with two distinctions out of the five modules she's doing. I turn to her with a straight face

"Sebe no"

She says with a low voice

"I'm so sorry babe"

I say and I can see tears filling up her eyes

"It's fine you got distinctions for all your modules. Congratulations love"

Tears are already flowing down her face I pull her for a hug

"You passed with two distinctions"

I whisper in her ear she freezes for a moment then pulls away

"You lying"

She whispers I shake my head

"I'm serious"

She looks at me like she's reading me then takes her laptop

"You a horrible human being"

She says and I laugh

"You shouldn't have seen yourself"

I say in between the laughs she throws a pillow at me

"Mxm I hate you"

She says pouting

"I love you too"

Her phone rings and by the grin she has on like she wasn't sulking a minute ago I know it's Marvin


She answers and I push her out of my room need to call my man too. He rejects my calls a few times he ain't about to do me like that. Gugu always answers my calls what's so important that he can't even send a text that he'll call me back? I go make myself a cup of coffee while trying to call Bulo she picks up after a few rings

"My heart"

She says

"Njabulo yami"

I answer

"You sound down what's up?"

I sigh

"Gugu isn't answering my calls"

I say and she cracks up

"Sorry I didn't mean to laugh Mara I didn't think I'd live to see the day where you complain about Gugu"

She says still laughing

"Bulo maarn"

I groan

"Don't worry he's probably busy"

She says

"Busy with what that he can't say he'll call later?"

This is getting me more than I thought

"What if he's with Mbali?"

What if he's really with her and they hitting it up?

"Don't even think about Sebe don't. Gugu loves you he won't do you like that and you know it"

I don't say anything

"Your problem is Gugu spoiled you too much"

I giggle

"I'm not spoiled"

I defend

"Keep saying that"

I roll my eyes

"How do you go?"

I ask changing the subject

"Better than I thought"

She says

"We'll go celebrate later on"

I respond

"Alright I love you"

"I love you too" 

I say before hanging up my phone rings as I put it away. It's Gugu I think of not answering it but I find myself answering it. I won't lie I'm hurt that Gugu would do me like this cause of Mbali don't get me wrong I sympathize with her and do hope nothing happens to the baby but wasn't it Gugu who said we'll do this together kodvwa he doesn't even think of me when push comes to shove. I huff in frustration and leave my mug on the counter I don't even feel like coffee anymore. I decide to text Sam

"Skat I passed" 

I press send he calls soon after 

"That's how we do things now?" 

He doesn't even greet

"I thought you didn't check your messages" 

I say


He warns 

"What did we talk about?" 

He says before I think of an excuse 

"That we don't talk about serious matters by text" 

I say like a kid who's being reprimanded

"Then why?" 

I shrug my voice is failing me

"You can't talk now?" 

He asks instead of answering I cry I don't know why but they were so close I couldn't hold them back

"Chubby cheeks what's wrong?" 

He quickly changes from reprimanding Samkelo to concerned Samkelo

"Talk to me" 

He says

"I'm just happy about my marks" 

I say I can't really tell him that I'm crying because I realize that Mbali will always come first in Gugu's life that I'd always get dropped when she calls. I know she's happy with her man but still 

"I'm not two Sebe" 

He says and I sigh 

"It's nothing just that I tried calling Gugu earlier and he didn't pick up then he called me back telling me it's because Mbali is in hospital."

He keeps quiet 

"You so spoilt. The girl is carrying his baby Sebe" 

He says

"I know but he could've texted me that or something" 

I say

"He called you moc" 

He defends I sigh 

"But still..." 

He cuts me off

"No Sebe I know it hurts that he ignored your calls but he was probably driving which is why he couldn't take them and don't say but he always answers my calls when he's driving today was a different event." 

I sigh

"I hate how you always make sense" 

I say 

"I'm the older one I'm bound to make sense" 

I roll my eyes 

"You know what I think you should do?" 

He asks 


"Go support him I'll come pick up on a few and take you there" 

Why didn't I think of that? 

"But do you think it's a good idea?" 

Honestly I'm scared yes it would be great to show Gugu I'm here for him but what if Mbali doesn't want me there? 

"It doesn't matter text Gugu and ask him which hospital they at in the mean time" 

He doesn't wait for me to answer as always. I ask Gugu the name of the hospital he gives it to me asking why I want it I blue tick him. Soon Sam is here and we head to the hospital. 

"I'll wait here" 

He says after parking 

"Are you sure? I can Uber back" 

I reply 

"Yeah besides I don't think your head will function properly if things don't go as well" 

I look at him

"I'm not going in" 

I say closing the door as I was already getting out

"You crazy I'm just preparing for any outcome. Even if it all goes well I'll still be here" 

I nod then kiss his cheek before getting out. I call Gugu to come get me at reception. 


He says as soon as he sees me. I hug him

"How are you?" 

I ask he's still looking at me like he can't believe I'm here 

"Why are you here?" 

He asks I should be offended by the question but I'm not 

"I told you I'd be there for you when you need me. How are they?" 

He squeezes my hand

"We still waiting" 

He responds and I nod. He looks worried and I can only imagine how he feels I do hope it's nothing too big. The way Gugu is attached to that baby he'd die if something were to happen to her.


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