Love And War Season 2: Chapter 5


Its Friday and exams are starting soon feels like i haven't seen Eric in years yet I saw him yesterday and today when Gugu and I went for a check up don't ask cause I didn't tell him nor did I ask him to go with me. I call Eric I can't sleep after burying myself in books today after my check up. He answers after a while


I giggle I still don't get why I'm snowflake when he's lighter than I am

"Snowy how are you?"

He chuckles

"I'm drained I miss you"

He says sounding tired poor thing

"Your job is demanding you poor thing you still at work?"

He sighs

"Yep my shift ends in 2 hours or so. Can I come see you after? If you'll still be awake"

I smile to myself he's such a sweetheart. Falling for him feels right to me like it should have happened earlier or i should have met him earlier  in life. Don't get me wrong I loved Gugu and he meant a lot to me but I love my baby more. So much that I'm willing to move on with my love life and forget Gugu ever happened. 

"Call me and I'll wake up"

I say

"No Snowflake you need rest hence I said if you still awake and I'm not asking you to wait up"

I chuckle he's dramatic. I'm not that bad.

"Who said I'd wait up for you?"

He laughs

"I know you that well Snowflake. If you still awake. Text me Ok?"

He says sounding stern

"Yes dad"

I say rolling my eyes

"You so dramatic! Babe I have to get back to work. Call you later or tomorrow"

"Bye Snowy"

I say ending the call. After talking to him I'm all smiles and just happy. I go to the kitchen to get a snack and then go to bed to watch a movie. I should be studying but I'm lazy and besides I spent the day studying in the library. I don't know when I fell asleep but I wake up and check my phone its only been 2 hours. I text Eric and he calls.

"You still awake?"

I chuckle

"Nope just woke up actually"

He laughs

"I just left the hospital. Can you come sleep over?"

As if I'd say no. I love his cuddles that end with his tongue on my nookie.

"I'll pack a bag"

I say excitedly and he laughs

"See you in a bit"

He says

"But I still want to talk to you"

He chuckles

"Ok. Let's talk what's new?"

I should sulk cause he's playing me but I can't sulk not with him

"Babe you still there? Are you even packing?"

I'm brought back by his voice

"Actually let's talk when we see each other"

I say dismissing him

"Ok babe"

He says and we end the call. I fix a bag and my books and wait for him to call 20 minutes later my phone rings and its him saying he's outside. I get to him and he hugs me tight before letting me go he kisses my forehead

"You look adorable Snowflake"

Says the person who bough me a penguin onsie. Imagine!


I say unsure. I'm so crusty it's not funny.

"Where do you want to eat?"

He asks and I shrug

"I feel like KFC twister and hot wings"

He smiles opening my door . we drive off catching up.




Exams are upon us its been a hectic week but all is well I think either than my the warning my housemate gave. As I'm leaving after my last class Fridays my classes end early at 12 my phone rings and its mom. I sigh before answering her call was long overdue.


I say

"Hey baby how are you?"

I shrug to myself

"I'm Ok I guess you calling a couple of days after my roommate warned me about something is so convenient"

She chuckles

"Sadly I didn't even call you for that. You'll have to consult your uncle about what your roommate said. I've reached my end of the road with the Gugu and Sebe saga"

She explains but sounds like there's more than she's letting on but its whatever.

"I called you because Mbali has a doctors appointment today at 2"

I don't even know what to say. Mbali never mentioned anything to me and we were chatting on whatsapp about random stuff.

"Is she Ok? Is the baby Ok?"

She chuckles at my panicky voice

"She and Bambino are fine. Its just a regular check up that's all"

I breathe out of relief

"So I met her father and his fist"

She laughs imagine!

"She told me. How's your cheek?"

She asks and I touch my cheek remembering when I had a bruise

"For some reason its fine. I was already healed the day after which is strange"

She goes silent


"I'm still here. Its Sebe"

I'm stunned by her response

"What about Sebe?"

She heaves a deep sigh

"She's... What can I call her your strength I guess. She's the reason you heal quicker"

I think of my dreams and something her mother said upon meeting her

"So you've known about how Special Sebe is and you still didn't tell me?"

I ask sounding furious

"What difference would it had made? You were claimed for her from since you were in my tummy. There was nothing I could have done or said to change anything. Just continue praying and making things work with her"

I sigh

"She'll hate me when she learns the truth about her parents"

I say in distress

"I have to go neh. Go fetch Mbali"

She says dropping the call on me. I call Mbali and she just left campus and is going to her room.

I open the door for her and close it after her then get in my side.

"Who told you?"

She asks. I'm assuming she's talking about her appointment

"Does it matter? The real question here is why didn't you tell me?"

I fire back she let's out a sigh

"I saw the look Sebe gave me I make her uncomfortable and I don't want to do that to her and besides there's Eric"

I chuckle sarcastically

"Sebe understands you carrying my child"

She glares at me

"Can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that she's Ok with you taking me to my appointment right now?"

I shrug

"Exactly. You and Sebe have a good thing going don't ruin it by spending time with me. I'm still trying to get over you"

I try to touch her hand but she pulls away

"I understand you want to be involved in your child's life but be involved when he or she is born. May this be the last time you drive me to my appointment"

She says sounding emotional. It pains me to hear her speak like this.

"I understand but can I please have a copy of the sonar thingy"

She chuckles but stops midway touching her belly

"Are you Ok?"

I ask panicking

"Bambino just kicked. Here feel"

She says taking my hand and placing it on her tummy. My baby is kicking

"This is the first time he's ever kicked"

I chuckle cause he/she hasn't stopped.

"Wow. We have a soccer player here"

I say and she chuckles. We grab lunch before driving to the gynae. After her check up I drive her to res and then go up to Sebe.

"Mines come on don't be like that"

She says pouting and wrapping her arms around my neck. I look down at her cause she's short. She pulls me to her

"Kiss me"

She says I chuckle

"Your friends are waiting for you"

I say I'm not even sulking but its so fun having her like this

"Let them wait"

She says close enough to my lips. She takes the lead and I let her we kiss until I grow hard and I break it.

"Go watch your movie"

I say with my voice betraying me

"I'd rather disappear with you"


I warn. I'm so horny and so hard. Her voice is so sexy and seductive.

"Let's go finish this at your place"

I chuckle in disbelief

"And Nonjabulo? If we go to my place now you'll only be back here Monday morning"

I warn she sighs

"Go watch your movie with your friends Ok? I'll see you tomorrow"


Both Khumo and Bulo shout making us both laugh

"She'll back in 5 minutes ladies chill"

I say and giggles while the girls yell at both of us.

"Let's go fetch your things in the car"

I say she she smiles.




He takes my hand and we walk to the elevator to his car hand in hand I don't know why I'm so clingy these days. He takes out the plastic bags and gives it to me I sulk and he chuckles pulling me closer

"Bulo will kill you yaz" 

I frown 

"I'll see you then" 

He chuckles then lifts my head up to kiss him

"I love you and stop being such a cry baby" 

I roll my eyes

"I love you too" 

I kiss his cheek then head back inside 

"You should've stayed single" 

Bulo says the minute I get in

"Atleast then we didn't get ditched for dick" 

I laugh 

"Wow guys. Ya'll do know I'm still a virgin" 

Khumo gasps

"Moghel oawa" 

I look at her

"You mean to tell me that Gugu hasn't hit it yet?" 

I nod

"Damn that guy is patient" 

She adds

"Never mind patient he's actually better than I thought he was" 

Bulo adds


I ask Bulo 

"I thought he's still a jerk just because you forgave him for dating Mbali doesn't mean he's in my good books already."

She says and I look at Khumo

"Why haven't you let him hit it?" 

Khumo the straight talker I shrug 

"We never really talked about itlast we did he said he'll wait for me" 

Strange how Gugu and I never talk about actual sex


Bulo exclaims 

"For a guy who's been getting it for so long he sure is patient" 

Khumo says and I look at her

"What does that mean?" 

I hope she's not saying what I thinn she is 

"I'm just saying that he really loves you if he's willing to have blue balls for so long" 

She says and Bulo laughs 

"Blue balls?" 

I ask and they crack up more

"Bring those snacks it's time for sex talk for sebentile 101"

Bulo says 

"Don't look at me like that it was long overdue" 

I take the plastic and give it to them

"This needs a bed let's move to the bedroom" 

I roll my eyes

"It's bedroom talk can't have it in the lounge now can we?" 

Khumo asks. We pack up and head to my room. 

"How far have you and Gugu went?" 

Khumo asks 

"Are we really doing this?" 

I ask 

"Duh so?" 

These two are ganging up on me

"We've done oral" 

Their faces priceless 

"And I didn't know this how? I feel betrayed" 

Bulo says and I mouth sorry

"It's fine we'll talk how was it?" 

She asks

"Well I don't know much but that guy's face!" 

I say fanning myself and they scream 

"Our virgin marry" 

I hide my face

"You were going to tell me about blue balls" 

I say

"Ohh see that's what you doing to the poor guy by not giving it to him" 

Khumo says

"What she means is that it's when a guy often gets hard but can't get some" 

I nod

"But either way don't rush into it you'll know when you ready" 

I nod again 

"Play it safe I trust you" 

Bulo says

"Yes mom" 

We break into laughter 

"Let's go back to the movie" 

I take my laptop

"Don't forget to tell Gugu thank you for the snacks" 

I roll my eyes they finished them by the way. 

"MaHlubi I'm sorry I know I've said this before not once even but please belive me this time I mean it please forgive me sthandwa Sami" 

Gugu says with a bunch of flowers in his hand I look at them then back at him

"Ungibangela sicefe Gugulezwe" (You're being a nuisance Gugulezwe) 

I utter pissed

"Cuddles please" 

He begs 

"Gugu can you just leave me alone? And get out of here your presence suffocates me" 

I leave him in the kitchen and go to my room. 

"We'll be late for church at this rate" 

Says Bulo 


I say


She says throwing her hands in the air

"You not done getting dressed Sebentile" 

She says

"Sorry lemme quickly do" 

I stand up and put on the dress that was in my hand

"What's wrong with you? Seems like something is bothering you" 

She's concerned 

"Nothing don't worry" 

I say turning my back so she can zin up the dress

"Is it Gugu? If it's him I swear..."

I cut her off

"Don't it's not him can you give the guy break tu" 

I say 

"I'm just protecting you babes" 

She says 

"I know you mean well love Mara nawe tone it down a little yooh ungibalekisela umshado" 

I say laughing 

"The way he loves you nobe bekungafika Ramaphosa self bengeke" 

We have find Khumo waiting impatiently downstairs

"Sorry I say" 

She just strats to Gugu's car he's the one fetching us today. He kisses me immediately when I reach him 

"Eew guys it's Sunday" 

Khumo says getting into the car ohh did I mention I forced them to go to church with me that's why Khumo is so grumpy. 

"You look amazing my love" 

I blush

"Not so bad yourself" 

He kisses me again 

"We could just go back to our room and you guys continue making out" 

Gugu laughs breaking the kiss

"What's wrong with her?" 


I say and Gugu closes the door then go to his side we listening to some Ntokozo Mbamboyou know when they talk about anointed voices this woman has one. 


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