Love And War Season 2: Chapter 4


I appreciate that Sebe wants to go down on me but I need her to want to and not do it out of obligation or heat of the moment. We get into the car and drive to this other place that in Sebe's words "makes the best ice-cream ever"... I don't know it all tastes the same to me.

" after this we pulling an all nighter studying"

I say and she looks at me shocked

"You serious?"

I nod

"Yep! I'm not going to be the guy that distracts you from your books"

She giggles

"Thank you"

I smile and continue driving. We're in comfortable silence listening to Jhene Aiko. When you love a person their choice of music is the least of your worries and you end up liking some of it. I park and we get off hand in hand. She picks Vanilla... Imagine! We take a walk

"You were in the mood today"

I say nudging her she smiles shyly

"Why won't you let me?"

I chuckle she's too cute and too innocent

"I want you to give me head when you want to not by being caught up in the moment or excitement"

I explain but she doesn't look satisfied

"I understand you want to make me feel how I make you feel but babe but all in good time Ok? Plus making you cum multiple times is enough for me"

Its a lie I'm used to sex but I've already gone 4 or 5 months without it already I'll survive. I comfort myself by knowing that we have our whole lives to do as we please to each other.

"Ok Mines"

I chuckle and put my arm around her neck

"That's what you screamed out when I made you cum"

She giggles

"Shut up!"

She says pushing me

"We've come a long way. I'm glad you're this beautiful confident little sex freak of mine"

She hides her face

"I see she's still a little shy"

I kissing her hand that's covering her face

"Stop it"

She says giggling

"Not until you remove this hand"

She removes it laughing

"You such an idiot!"

I smirk

"I'm your idiot"

After our walk we drive back to campus and each go to our rooms to fetch our books. I'm about to walk out when my roommate walks out of his room startling me.


I say but I don't get a response

"She won't be happy with you when she finds out you knew all along and didn't tell her."

I sigh. Can't I have peace just once?

"So what? I'm supposed to tell her?"

He shakes his head no

"Its not your news to tell"

I roll my eyes

"A time will come where she will have to know and you won't like the outcomes of you keeping this from her"

With that he falls to the floor. I walk up to him and wake him up

"What happened?"

He asks

"You were sleep walking that's all. Will you be fine? I have to go study"

He nods getting up. I make my way to Sebe's res. I call her and then we go to the school library together. She sits in her own desk and I sit on my own and start studying.

3 hours later I feel Sebe standing behind me

"I'm ready to hit the sac"

She says yawning. I look at the time and its past 12 am

"30 more minutes and we'll leave. I promise"

I say kissing her hand


She says with a smile and sits opposite me. She's busy on her phone while I finish this chapter.

"30 minutes is up"

She says closing the text book I chuckle

"If I fail its on you"

She smiles

"And if you pass?"

She asks

"It's all on me"

I say as we walk out.




Gugu makes me happy there's no disputing that and I'm glad that he gives me space to be me and doesn't crowd me but my heart aches when he's not by my side. I'm happy that he also makes sure my studies don't suffer cause of him and trust me it's easier for me cause well I'm I love. It's Friday and I'm coming out of my last class I feel like I'm about die I'm exhausted and Bulo is spending the weekend with me. I'm on auto pilot as I go to my res

"You look like hell"

Khumo says laughing at me

"That's an understatement. I need a hot bath and sleep"

She continues laughing

"I'll make you hot coffee in the mean time"

I smile faintly then get into my room I immediately undress and take my toiletries my phone rings and by the ring tone I can tell it my man


I answer

"You don't sound okay what's up?"

Why does he have to know me this much

"Nothing much"

I say


He warns

"The course is chowing me"

I exclaim and he laughs. Why is everyone laughing at me? I hang up and he calls again


He sighs

"Sorry I didn't mean to laugh"

He says

"Yah it's okay I'm just in my emotions"

I feel like crying

"Don't stress too much cuddles it's not healthy" 

I heave a sigh

"I know I just can't help it you know I'm starting my exams in a week and.." 

He cuts me

"Cuddles Cuddles listen to me stop doing this to yourself. I'm coming over" 

"No no I'll be fine after a hot bath" 

I try to persuade him

"I don't care I'm coming" 

I chuckle 

"Bulo is coming over futsi" 

I do want him to come 

"I don't care I love you" 

He says

"I love you too" 

I take my phone with to listen to some music I love you" 

He says

"I love you too" 

I take my phone with to listen to some music it does wonder I tell you a hot bath plus music perfect combination. I hear a knock


Bulo shouts from the other side I'm about to answer when she barges in

"Don't hide anything there's nothing I haven't seen before" 

I just laugh 

"You one crazy person really" 

She's sitting on the toilet seat

"That's why you love me get out there's a lot to do" 

I groan 

"I'm still enjoying" 

She eyes

"I don't care" 

Okay why is everyone using that phrase on me? I get out dry wash the bath and head to my room. Bulo has already taken out my onesie this is why I love her. 

"That's why I missed you" 

I say pulling her for a hug

"Okay let go let's go we have movies waiting for us" 

She drags me outside Khumo is already snuggled up on the couch with pop corn and stuff winter is upon us. We are half through our second movie when Gugu texts saying he's outside I tell him to come cause the eyes I'm receiving from the girls it's deadly

"You not leaving" 

Bulo says when she hears a knock on the door I laugh going to the door and she runs going there first 


She answers blocking the door

"Nonjabulo how are you" 

Gugu says

"My best friend isn't going anywhere" 

She warns and Gugu just chuckles 

"I didn't say I'm taking her" 

He says with a smile

"You better" 

She says leaving and giving me dangers I laugh pulling Gugu into a hug. It feels like home the other home

"Someone missed me" 

He says chuckling I giggle hiding my face in his chest

"I just wanted to be in your arms" 

I say

"And she was saying I shouldn't come" 

I roll on eyes on his behalf 

"I know what I said" 

I smirk he pulls me for a kiss 

"Get a room you too" 

Khumo shouts thought they were watching a movie moc

"Let's go" 

I shake my head no

"I want to trust me but you know Bulo" 

He gives me puppy eyes

"I won't fall for that" 

 I say 

"Then I'll have the yoghurt and sour worms to myself goodnight cuddles" 

He kisses my forehead then turns to leave

"You wouldn't" 

I say and he looks at me

"I just wanted to see you okay and I see you are" 

He's sulking I know a sulking Gugu and he's a work and a half to deal with


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