Love And War Season 2: Chapter 3


Walking out I give Mbali that 'we need to talk look'. I hate leaving Sebe like this but Sakhile can be a real prick! I get outside and meet Ntombi good thing Sebe didn't see her properly.

"What are you doing here?"

I ask

"I just wanted to see her that's all"

I chuckle

"You had 17 years to want to see her but you didn't!"

I say angrily. Ntombi is supposed to stay away from her and the public eye for safety purposes. She her husband and I got off on the wrong foot. I don't like them for they put Sebe through.

"She's my daughter"

I chuckle

"I don't have time for this. Just stay away from her its for her own good!"

I say and get into my car calling Sakhile

"This better be important"

I say as soon as he answers

"Is catching Sabelo important enough?"

He asks sarcastically

"I thought the guy was out of town?"

I say clearly shocked

"Someone spotted him at the airport. Just get to the warehouse and leave your anger towards him outside"

He says before dropping the call on me. He's right I am angry at him for trying to kill me! I get to the warehouse and park next to Sakhile's car and then walk inside. Mbali's father and some of the crew are here. I walk up to them

"So you and Sebe finally got together after all? Is she as tight as I'd imagined her to be?"

Sabelo says with a chuckle. This nigga is making it hard to not kill him

"He's trying to make you lose your shiit"

Sakhile says holding me back. Sabelo laughs out loud

"Where is she? Does she even know who you are? How would she feel if she found out that you knew about her parents and yet you didn't tell her? I can't imagine she'd be happy with you"

He laughs again

"Let me go and Sebe doesn't find out about her parents or you"

He says calmly

"Or we can just kill you and send your body parts to your parents"

Mbali's dad says

"If anything happens to me then Sebe will pay for it with her life. I know people and people know me"

He says calmly only pissing me off

"Any you wouldn't want anything happening to your daughter and unborn grandchild now"

He says to Mbali's father

"You see I'm smarter than all of you combined. I know things about all of you that you wouldn't want your loved ones exposed to"

Mbali's father chuckles

"Let's see how your mother feels about you now with everything she's heard you say"

He says clicking a button on his laptop and the screen goes on. The look on Sabelo's face is priceless! His mother is sitting in a room looking at the screen

"Won't you say hi to your mother?"

Mbali's father asks

"Let her go"

Sabelo says trying to break free from the chair he's tied to

"Give us what we want and she'll be delivered home free and she won't remember what happened"

He looks at the General.


After everything we've managed to get from Sabelo the General erases his memory with some spray and he's dropped off at the airport. I drive to campus calling Mbali who answers after some time it's around 8pm already.


She says annoyed

"I'm coming to your res"

That's all I say and hang up after. I park my car at my res and walk to Mbali's. I get to her door and knock until Rato opens

"Mbali is sleeping"

She says annoyed

"It's Ok Rato I'm here"

She says walking into the kitchen. Pregnancy looks good on Mbali.


I look at her

"Can I get you anything to eat or drink?"

She asks yawning now I feel bad for waking her but I need answers.

"Anything to eat and drink will do"

I say sitting on the barstool

"Aren't you supposed to be with Sebe?"

I sigh

"I should be but you owe me the truth"

She turns a bit and back to the microwave

"What do you want to know?"

"You had me recruited"

She nods

"It was the only to guarantee your safety. The last thing I want is Bambino growing up without a father"

I chuckle

"So going behind my back was the way to go about it?"

She shrugs turning to me

"If I had suggested you join a gang and told you everything would you have?"

I shrug

"I thought so too. When do you plan on telling Sebe about her mother?"

She says handing me a plate and something to drink

"Its not my place"

I say she chuckles

"You cannot be serious Gugulezwe! She's your girlfriend! Hasn't she been through enough?"

I sigh

"Its not that simple. Its also not my news to tell"

She shakes her head

"Bullshit! Sebe is your girlfriend or have you forgotten?"

I run my hands on my hair

"I hate hiding things from her but I have to keep this from her"

She claps her hands once

"Imagine what will happen if she finds out? You don't want to keep this from her. It won't end well"

I shake my head no

"How much do you know?"

She shrugs

"That Sebe's parents are alive. Why"

I shrug

"Keep it to yourself ok? Nobody else should know! Thank you for this"

I say drinking juice

"There's more to this than you letting on. Gugu what is the story with these people?"

I shrug

"I can't tell you anything"

I defend she chuckles

"Then you shouldn't mind me telling her"

She says walking towards the door but I grab her arm.

"Fine. I'll tell you what I know but you cannot tell anyone!"

She looks at me suspiciously but she listens.

After dinner at Mbali's I call Sebe checking up on her and she tells me she's at her place

"Let's go get ice cream"

I know she never says no

"Where are you?"

She asks

"In the elevator to your place"

I say walking out of the elevator

"I just got out of the shower so Khumo will let you in"

I chuckle

"Are you trying to tempt me?"

She giggles

"Is it working?"

I chuckle knocking on the door

"Come open and see for yourself"

I say dropping the call. A second later she opens with a towel wrapped around her body. God the things I'd do to her if she let me

"Eyes up here"

She making me look at her face didn't even notice my eyes were on her boobs


I say and she giggles

"Let me get dressed real quick and then we can go"

She says planting a kiss on my lips and quickly breaks it. I chuckle following behind her. When we get to her room I pull her hand making her turn to me

"I missed you"

I say pulling her to me by her waist

"You ditched me"

She says pouting

"Let me apologize like a real gentleman then"

I say kissing her slowly and hungrily.


After getting ice-cream he drives to some park and we go play with swings.

"So what have I missed" 

I look at him 


I say trying to hold in a laugh 

"Haha very funny. I mean in your life" 

He says 

"Ohh that nothing much. It's not like we haven't talked" 

I say shrugging. We have talked on the phone a few times 

"Come on you know you can talk to me" 

I sigh 

"We've been happy man he tries and I'm grateful for everything" 

He nods

"He hasn't done anything to make you cry?" 

I look at him

"Tears of joy yeah almost everyday" 

He smiles like a retard 

"Then that's all I needed to hear" 

Isn't he sweet who knew having a big brother feels this way


I stand up to hug him but he runs away now I have to chase a grown ass man around the park imagine. He pulls me to him we laying on the grass looking up 

"I'm glad you happy but don't let your guard down" 

I try to look at him but he pulls me to him

"Don't stop praying no matter how good things look or seem" 

The spiritual big brother comes out

"I won't" 

I say

"I want you to promise me that you won't stop Sebentile" 

Ehh my name sounds weird from him 

"I promise dad" 

He chuckles then kisses me forehead. We stay in comfortable silence until my alarm rings 

"Ahh let's go" 

I say standing up

"Your man wants you already?" 

I help him up

"No that was my time to study alarm" 

He checks the time and nods

"Let's get going then" 

We walk to the car hand in hand him telling me about Thando and how much she annoys him at times but he's smitten. 

"He told me loves me" 

I squel. We outside my red 

"About time" 

He's keeping a straight face

"Mxm mood killer. Call when you arrive" 

I pull him in for a hug. 

"If I knew you getting with Gugu would make you so scarce I wouldn't have allowed it" 

Khumo says as she sees me going to bath and I laugh

"Ahh as if you didn't disappear on me at times" 

She rolls her eyes

"Fine but oawa I miss you" 

She says pouting 

"We'll catch up after my bath" 

She nods. It's official Gugu can't stay away from me I mean he just saw me 3 hours ago not that I'm complaining though. His kisses are my newest addiction within a few seconds my towel is already on the floor usually I'd be breaking the kiss trying to pick up the towel but not today and definitely not with Gugu he's contributed to me being comfortable naked around him. The kisses he leaves on my neck leave me breathless and wanting more I gasp when I feel his finger inside me I open my leg a little wider to give him access not breaking the kiss. He starts rubbing my clit in circles I can't keep up with the kissing and fingering one has to stop and it's the kissing I let out a moan and he kisses me before I get loud I wonder how it would be with the real thing inside of me


I moan feeling my body tense up and my toes curl. I hold on to him for balance and he picks me up I leave kisses on his neck. He places me on the bed and his eyes are much smaller and red and making me more wet. He goes down on me and after I release I flip us over and start leaving trails of kisses from his neck to his torso I try unbuckling his belt but he stops me and brings me up

"You don't have to" 

He says kissing me

"But I want to try" 

I don't know why I'm doing this 

"Not today cuddles a time will come" 

I sulk it doesn't happen voluntarily 

"Come here" 

He pulls me so I'm on top of him

"You don't have to go down on me cause I do it's not a must and definitely something you shouldn't feel obliged to do neh?" 

I nod like a kid

"I do it cause I like making you happy" 

He says with a smile 

"I also want to make you happy" 

I say pouting and he chuckles

"Trust me I'm happy" 

I lay my head on his chest it's so warm. I feel drowsy 

"No don't you dare fall asleep." 

Just as I was about to doze off

"Mara love" 

I mumble 

"I said I'm taking you out for ice cream" 

He knows I never say no to ice-cream 

"Can't we order it?" 

He shakes his head 

"Nope stop being lazy and get up we haven't had our night walks in a while" 

I groan getting up to dress and the idiot I call my boyfriend is laughing at me. 


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