Love And War Season 2: Chapter 2


"Sadly cuddles?"

I ask with a raised eyebrow

"Yes sadly"

She says with that smile of hers that sends me over the edge

"Think you've forgotten what these hands can do to you or you need me to remind you?"

I ask with a wink and she blushes same time. I love this version of Sebe she no longer feels weird about me getting touchy with her she actually begs me to touch her at times. I love how free she is and how comfortable she is I love how confident she's become with her body.

"I wouldn't mind a little reminder"

I chuckle and look at her giving me her 'I want you' look. To think she's still a virgin.

"Uyandweba ngoku"

I say with a chuckle and she just giggles like a little kid.

"June when are you leaving?"

I ask taking a sip of my drink she shrugs

"Straight after writing. Why?"

She asks eyeing me

"I wanna take you somewhere for a mini getaway."

She looks at me popping her eyes

"I wanna spend enough time with you that's all. Think about it Ok?"

She nods like a little kid

"Lesh called me today"

She says side-eyeing me. I don't know why she does that every time she brings up the guy. He's not a threat to me I'm glad she has him as a friend. I'm not a jealous guy by nature unless I feel like a guy will bring problems in my relationship plus I trust Sebe.

"Let me guess he misses you?"

She nods

"He says I don't spend time with him anymore"

I nod

"And why have you deserted your friend ke cuddles?"

She raises in an eyebrow shook

"Cause I don't want our friendship making you uncomfortable"

She says looking down

"Cuddles is my relationship with Mbali making you uncomfortable?"

She shrugs and then sighs

"It shouldn't but it does. She's carrying your child and she needs you but you and her were once in love and feelings don't just die"

I sigh and place a finger under her chin making her look up at me

"My relationship with Mbali is solely about Bambino either than that there's nothing at all. Plus she's dating some doctor"

She eyes me

"Please cuddles there's nothing going on between Mbali and myself"

She sighs

"Then what are you hiding from me? And don't say nothing cause I know there's something"

I let out a deep breath. I cup her cheek

"I don't hide things from you and if there's anything I'm hiding from you its probably for your own good but I can assure you I'm not hiding anything from you"




If your father is a leader of some mob or gang or whatever you bound to know a thing or two about them and I know that they are all about Loyalty and all that other crap. Now that my parents know things are a little rocky. I'm 5 months pregnant but the morning sicknesses are still there and that's one of the little things that made my mom suspect me. I told her everything and she was motherly about the whole situation she wasn't too hard on me but she mos def wasn't happy about it and she asked to meet Gugu and she actually liked him but she did throw in  couple of threats. Dad came back yesterday from his business trip and he wasn't happy about the tummy but its here.

Dr Eric and I have been on a lot of dates in these 3 months he's such an amazing person with a nice character you can't help but like him. We've kissed a couple of times but its never escalated to sex the one thing I actually need badly that Gugu even bought me a dildo told me shiit about how no nigga goin screw around with me while I'm pregnant with his child the way i was so mad and hurt I even cried. Didn't talk to him for two weeks even. 

"You planned this"

He says after Gugu has left I nod

"It was the only way I could guarantee his safety"

He sighs

"Seemingly you have some explaining to do"

He says talking about Gugu I nod with a heavy sigh

"He and I will talk later. Gugu's parents want to pay damages we were waiting for you to come back. I can give you their numbers"

He sighs

"I can't believe you pregnant"

The hurt in his voice is visible enough

"I'm sorry daddy"

He nods

"Is he good to you?"

I smile and nod

"And you love him?"

I shrug. I don't believe love just dies down like that

"He's not mine to love"

I say and he pulls me in for a hug

"I'm sorry my angel"

He says brushing my hair

"Its Ok I'm ok daddy"

I say and pull away from him.

"Someday i'll get over him completely"

He eyes me

"If you want to go study in another university that can be arranged princess"

I shake my head

"I can't deny him this"

I say brushing my tummy he looks at my hand and nods

"You too good"

He says patting my shoulder. 

"Cirha there's a r...."

A woman says walking in but trails off.

"I didn't know you were with someone. I'm sorry"

Dad just nods

"This is my daughter Asisipho. Princess this is an old friend Ntombi"

He says Ntombi holds out her hand and I shake it. She looks just like Sebe! 

"Nice to meet you"

She says

"Like wise"

I say

"I will come back later"

She says walking away more like running

"Dad who is Ntombi?"

He frowns

"A good old friend. Why?"

I look at him suspiciously

"Why did she run out of here then?"

He chuckles

"You seeing things Mbali"

I shake my head

"You and I both know I'm not. Who is she?"

He sighs

"I don't know what other answer you looking for"

I nod

"Then you won't mind me asking mom about her"

I ask taking my phone out. Dad respects mom way too much to mess around. I know he's not cheating but I just want him to speak and this is the only way.

"She's Sebentile Phetsile Dlamini's mother"

He says and I clasp my mouth

"But Sebe is and orphan? How? Does she know?"

I ask all at once trying to wrap my head around all this

"You cannot tell her!"

He says quickly and sternly

"But d.."

He cuts me off

"Sebe cannot find out! At least not now princess. Now let's keep this between us!"

He says I nod slowly

"Do Sakhile and Gugu know?"

He nods

"She's a splitting image of Sebentile"

He says rolling his eyes. How am I supposed to keep this from Sebe? We not friends or anything but I'd want to know my mother especially after everything she's been through. Dad drives me to school over light conversation telling me he'll be going home to mom. My mind is on Ntombi. Soon as i get to campus Eric calls asking to take me to this other burger place I like so much and who am I to say no? He parks in front of the gate dad just left now


I say getting in his car he chuckles

"Yes I am I track your phone"

We both laugh. We share a hug and a kiss

"I missed you Snowflake"

He's had a very busy week and so have I

"I missed you more"

I say pouting.

"Let's go eat"

I nod instantly. When we walk in I spot Gugu and Sebe. Eric knows almost everything that's happened with me.

"Baby daddy alert"

I chuckle and shove him lightly

"You such an idiot"

He laughs

"I'm your idiot. Let's go say hi"

He doesn't even give me the chance to at least protest. I follow behind him as he pulls my hand.

"Hey guys"

I greet and they look up at me


They both say

"You remember Eric right?"

I say to Gugu and he shakes Eric's hand

"Babe this is Gugu's girlfriend Sebe"

He shakes her hand

"Nice to meet you Sebe"




I look at him and he sounds genuine so I have no reason to doubt him I just shrug then nod

"I love you"

He's saying that for the second time now and I feel my cheeks getting pink

"Kakhulu okudlula okukhulu"

He smiles at me I don't know where that came from but with Gugu it all comes natural some of the things that I say I don't have to think about them I just find myself saying them.

"Excuse me"

The waiter says giving us two lime shakes

"Sorry but we didn't order this"

I say surprised looking at Gugu

"Ohh I know you didn't but that lady sitting outside ordered them for you. Said I should tell you that don't let go"

Gugu and I both look at this woman and we've never met her before but that lady sitting outside ordered them for you. Said I should tell you that don't let go"

Gugu and I both look at this woman and we've never met her before I wave and she waves back smiling

"Tell her we said thank you"

Gugu said and the waiter nods leaving us

"Our lives don't stop getting weird neh"

I say laughing

"Tell me about it"

She looks like a mother a classy one at that

"If dating you gets me free milkshakes I'm all for it"

Gugu says and I frown at him


He laughs and I join him too his laugh is so contagious. We continue talking until I spot Mbali with some dude getting in

"Here's Mbali don't look"

I say as he's about to turn

"And she's with some guy they coming over here"

I never thought we'd bump into Mbali I know it's unrealistic but I just don't have a plan on how it'll go

"Nice to meet you Eric" 

I say to the fine specimen who just shook my hand

"You guys can join us" 

I say trying to not sound awkward and the way Mbali is looking at me is creepy

"No it's okay another time?" 

Eric says and Mbali is still looking at me she's starting to look creepy 

"It was nice seeing you again Eric" 

Gugu says and Eric nods before elbowing Gugu

"Babe let's go" 

He says looking at her 

"Bye guys" 

She says after clearing her throat. I sigh heavily after they leave and Gugu looks at me

"I was dreading this day" 

I say honestly 


I look at him he can be slow sometimes 

"I still don't know how to act around her and I wasn't ready for it" 

I don't know if I'm making sense

"It was bound to happen sooner or later babe. Just be glad it happened now" 

I nod

"You do know that you guys will be co-parenting soon right?" 

I sigh did he really gave to remind me? 

"I know and I'm not ready" 

He holds my hand

"Don't rush it it'll happen naturally" 

I nod looking at her and the guy she looks happy and she's glowing don't know if it's the baby or the guy but pregnancy does look good on her. Gugu's phone rings


He answers

"Okay I'm on may way" 

He hangs up and looks at me 

"Sorry I have to cut our lunch short. I have to rush somewhere" 

He says packing up

"Is Sakhile okay?" 

He looks panickly 

"Yes let's go" 

I shake my head 

"I'll call Lesh to come get me" 

He looks at me

"Are you sure?" 

I nod 

"Might as well use the time?" 

I smile

"Okay I love you and I'll call you later" 

He says kissing me and it lasts for a few seconds

"Be safe" 

He blows me a kiss and I'm left smiling like a retard. What did this guy do to me? A moment away from him feels like a decade he completes me in a way I can't explain though there's a piece of the puzzle I feel it's still missing but I'm happy with the puzzle now. I take my phone and call Sam he doesn't answer texts not until after a century. 

"He ditched you already?" 

He says as soon as he answers and I laugh

"You wish come fetch me I'm in Sunnyside" 

I say

"Ohh lord so he takes you here and dumps you in the most dangerous place in Pretoria. Skat what did you see in this fool?" 

He's being dramatic

"Are you coming or should I request an Uber?" 

I say trying to sound serious 

"You rich now" 

He says sarcastically 

"Nice you paying for it akere I'm coming to your house" 

I smirk

"No no don't I'm with my woman and we about to hit it" 

He says the last part whispering I laugh so hard everyone looks at me

"So you are the one ditching me now for pussy even? It's fine Samkelo I'll just walk back to Hatfield probably get mugged and raped on my way there but it's fine cause someone who I thought cared is ditching me for pussy" 

I say then hang up he calls me and I don't pick up 3 times then sends a message

"Skat I was joking. Send me your location" 

I read then don't reply

"Location please" 

He sends it again 

"I'm sorry skat please tell me where you are and if you're safe cause I'm getting worried" 

I read again and think of not replying but I do

"One and only burger Sunnyside" 

I send. I don't know why I'm being so dramatic. I'm busy abusing the Wi-Fi when someone embraces me 

"Someone definitely missed me" 

I say wiggling myself out his arms

"Don't ever do that do you know how worried I was" 

I shrug 

"This is Sunnyside skat it's not as safe as Hatfield is you could've just answered your call" 

He sounds concerned 

"I'm sorry for making you worry I'll make it up to you" 

I say pouting 


I take my bag and we head for the door 

"Isn't that your man's baby mama?" 

He says after we passed Mbali and Eric saying bye 

"It's the mother of his unborn child I hate the baby mama name" 

I defend 

"Okay wuu shoot me already. You owe me ice-cream" 

He says after we get into his car 

"Me again? Come on dude last I paid now its your turn" 

I say 

"You owe me for making me worry" 

He defends

"You also owe me for saying you'll ditch me for pussy" 

And then we argue about who owes who. I missed this crazy head 


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