Love And War Season 2: Chapter 10


Leaving at a time like this is the last thing i want to do right now but after what Eric has said it really is the best thing to do for Mbali and Bambi. I like seeing mom bond with Sebe but I'm forced to cut their session short thinking about time and everything. I sit beside mom while she brushes Sebe's hair singing to her.

"I'm sorry to break this up but Sebe and I need to leave"

I say and they both stop looking at me Sebe is even sitting up.


They both ask shook

"I know that its wrong leaving at a time like this but I trust you'll keep me posted with how the operation goes mom"

I say placing a hand on her knee she eyes me for a bit before nodding

"Ok travel safe and don't bring us another grandchild yet"

Mom says and Sebe blushes looking down while I laugh. I know mom knows we did it.

"You making Cuddles shy"

I say and mom chuckles pulling Sebe to her for a hug

"Take care of each other Ok. I know he can be difficult but he really loves you and whatever he will do or has done has been done out of love and protection"

She says breaking the hug and pulling her for a kiss on the cheek.

"You kids enjoy your holiday"

Mom says and then pulls me in for a hug

"Its not your news to share. For now just focus on building your relationship with her and God"

She whispers softly so Sebe doesn't hear. After our moment we say our goodbye to my father Eric and Mbali's parents. Mom will explain to them herself.

"Mine we can't leave now..."

She says as soon as we get inside the car but I cut her off

"Yes we can its for the best"

She sighs

"Gugu your child is in there fighting for his or her life. Our holiday can wait"

She says in a pleading tone. I start the car

"Eric and I had an interesting chat"

I start I know she thinks I'm avoiding her she huffs in frustration


I chuckle and then breathe out

"Eric mentioned something about my presence being the reason Mbali's pressure is not dropping"

I catch her eyeing me with so much scrutiny and shock

"He's not saying its my fault but maybe if I'd been a little considerate of her feelings then she wouldn't be here. While I was hospitalized she had to deal with me being stabbed and needing an organ she offered herself only to find out she is pregnant and had to choose between us and the baby"

She doesn't respond I sigh

"Eric tells me that Mbali needs to see someone to deal with the emotional stress and pressure. That us being together so very quickly has affected her harder than we thought."

I park in front of my room in the bnb. I turn to her after switching the engine off

"I had no idea us being together would affect her like that. Mbali forced me to be with you she encouraged me even"

I shrug

"That's the kind of person she is Cuddles. She hides behind her smile. This is why its best we leave mom will keep us posted and we can have a nice baecation"

She shakes her head

"This feels wrong. You should be there for them"

I sigh

"What good am I if I keep sending her into surgery? She deserves a break from me"

I pull her hand to me

"Mbali is surrounded by love and everyone that is there will do anything for her. What good will my presence do? Especially if all I'll be thinking are ways I could be making you cum"

I say that whispering in her ear the kissing her neck


She let's out a moan I chuckle

"So much for being sore"

She smacks my arm and I laugh

"Shut up! Its still painful"

She says pouting looking extra cute

"Ok sorry. Come I'll kiss it better"

I say and I swear she's turned on right now with how tightly closed her legs are

"Let's just go"

She says opening her door. I chuckle to myself and get out from my side too following behind her.

"You Ok cuddles?"

I ask stifling a laugh she nods

"Can't talk?"

She gives me that 'shut up' look. I chuckle

"If you don't talk to me I'll have to find other ways to make you talk"

I say that kneeling in front of her parting her legs

"I thought we were leaving"

She finally says but her voice is deeper than usual. I chuckle to myself

"I said I'd kiss you better. Now please let me"

I say that placing a finger on her lips she always has something to say this one. I help her take her jeans off and then her underwear then eat her up.




Ever been addicted to someone? Not something but someone? That's me right now I'm so addicted to Gugu is crazy his mere touch makes me long for more. I know I've been a bit insecure about him and Mbali which of course normal but right now in this moment I know he still cares for Mbali and wants her to be safe I'm not threatened by that cause I now know he loves me. We in the shower after the session we had I know I said I'm sore but I don't know what happened and I found myself screaming his name judging by the conversation we having right now I won't hear the end of it.

"Mine stop it"

I giggle hitting him playfully

"Okay sorry but I did say you'll be begging me for it"

He says with a smirk and I wish I could wipe it out we were busy with oral sex and him teasing me here and there and I couldn't take the torture any longer so it ended with me begging him to fuck me imagine.

"Let's go get dressed"

I say getting out the shower to dry myself and he follows me after I wrap a towel around my body and he grabs

"Gugu!Bring that back" 

I say

"You don't need it" 

He replies throwing it in the towel basket

"Says who? I can't walk around naked" 

I complain and he shakes his head

"From today onwards no towel wearing when we are together. I want to admire your nakedness your beauty you without disturbances from a towel" 

I smile at him

"You do know that we not in the garden of Eden?" 

I say and he frowns at me then smiles

"I'm Adam and you Eve perfect example love" 

He says pulling me closer mind you we still naked

"You do know she made Adam defy God" 

I say looking up at him

"For you I would too" 

He says kissing my forehead and I lay my head on his chest did I say how homely it feels? Well until I felt something poking me

"Really Mine?" 

I say pulling away and he laughs 

"Cuddles it's not my fault you this hot" 

I swear my face just turned pink how does he manage to do that? Utter compliments so effortlessly? 

“Stop it"

I say

"What? Telling me how beautiful you are?" 

I nod

"You going to get used to it Cuddles cause you are beautiful inside out and you deserve all the good in this world I promise to try my best to give it to you" 

I'm not going to cry I walk to him since his on the other side of the the bed and kiss him 

"I love you" 

I say after breaking the kiss

"I love you more cuddles more than I thought I'll ever will and trust me when I say it grows every second I'm with you seeing how you have such a good heart and still with me after everything" 

I touch his forehead 

"Are you okay? Mine are you sick or something?" 

I say still feeling his temperature he removes my hand and kisses it

"You stuck with love I ain't going anywhere" 

I smile at him then peck his lips thank you to whoever is in charge of the forces for choosing him for me. 

"Apparently I don't have anything to wear" 

I say to him since my stay was longer than expected 


He chuckles 

"You have drama cuddles wear my track pants and this t-shirt." 

He says handing them to me I get dressed and so does he in a few minutes we on our way back to Pretoria I can't wait to see my best friend and tell her everything. 

"Can please call my mom" 

He says looking at me briefly before focusing on the road again. I take his phone and dial his mom it's connected to the car soon her voice fills up the car

"Baby have you arrived yet?" 

She says the minute she answers 

"We almost there mom" 

We are approaching my res

"Okay baby how is Sebe?" 

Gugu looks at me

"I'm still okay mama" 

I replied 

"How are they?" 

Gugu intersects I hear her sigh

"They'll be fine baby stop worrying I told you we'll let you know when there's new developments." 

She says

"But ma.." 

She cuts him

"Ayy Gugulezwe spend time with your woman and make her happy" 

He doesn't respond 

"Sebe tell him to stop calling me" 

I laugh 

"I'm serious. Bye kids I love you" 

She says before hanging up what's with people and hanging up as if they the ones who called? 

"You'll soon grow grey hair with this stressing" 

I say and he faintly smiles at me

"Mine it's all going to be fine stop doing this to yourself" 

He nods squeezing my hand

"Go pack we leaving in 2 hours" 

He say smiling 

"Where are we going?" 

I ask

"You'll find out when we get there just pack a combination of warm and cool clothes" 

I roll my eyes

"I know how to pack" 

He pinches my cheeks 

"I know now go" 

He says getting out to open the door for me

"You chasing me out of your car?" 

I say

"No but you know you take forever when you do things so the sooner you start the better so we won't be late" 

I roll my eyes

"One day they'll fall out I swear You own my heart MaHlubi" 

He says how many times has he told me this today? 

"If I knew I'd be a showed so much life I would have long agreed to this" 

I say kissing him he breaks it 

"You tempting me cuddles" 

I smile take my things and head inside. 


I say when I get in Bulo lives here now not officially but you know how it is 

"You look happy" 

Khumo says 

"And cute too" 

Bulo adds

"Thank you" 

I reply sitting between them 

"She smells like a man our kids lord!" 

Bulo exclaims and I laugh man I missed her

"How is Mbali?" 

Khumo asks 

"We haven't heard anything yet but I'm sure she'll be fine" 

I say and they both nod

"Who did you come back with?" 

Bulo asks


I reply 

"He's here?" 

She asks surprised and I nod

"He left Mbali and his child in hospital just to bring you here?" 

Khumo asks 

"Not for that only we going on that baecation" 

I add and they both turn to me 


I roll my eyes 

"No I mean I thought it's canceled" 

Bulo says 

"We not anymore" 

I can't hold back my smile I've never been to a baecation before and I'm excited 

"What are you not telling us mosadi?" 

Khumo asks looking at me straight in the eyes 

"Nothing hawu" 

I reply 


She says and I laugh 

"Let me go pack" 

I stand up 

"Yewena Sebentile!" 

They shout running after me 

"Spill the beans" 

Bulo says being serious I look at them for a while then a smile involuntary creeps

"We did it" 

They look confused 

"Did what?" 

Khumo asks I huff they can be slow sometimes. It's after a few seconds that it sinks in they scream now we are all jumping around screaming 

"Moghele finally. So how was it?" 

I sit on the bed

"Where do I even begin?" 

I say looking at them and they have goofy smiles on their faces 

"The beginning is always the best and please don't leave anything out" 

Bulo says joining me

"It was magical painful but worth it" 

I say and the events of last night and today start playing in my head. 


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