Love And War Season 2: Chapter 1



"Daddy stop!"

Mbali pleads after her father has thrown a punch at me on my cheek

"Is this why your cousin brought you aboard? So that I wouldn't kill you?"

Mbali is standing between us as her father looks at me like he's already killed me a million times

"I suggested that Sakhile recruit him. It was the only way"

She pleads and both her father and I are as shook


I manage to utter she looks at me and back at her father

"It was the only way dad. You guys are sworn to loyalty and protection. Gugu is part of your gang and he took the very same oath you did so you cannot kill him or punish him unless he betrays you guys and he hasn't"

She states he chuckles in disbelief

"You pregnant his child. How is that not betrayal?"

He fires back glaring at me

"A mistake happened dad and now we both paying for it ok! Please just accept him as the father of my child."

She pleads and her dad seems to soften up


He yells at me and I don't argue any further but I'm worried about Mbali she's 5 months pregnant to be dealing with this man

"Will you be fine?"

I ask her and her father chuckles

"He's my father he'd never hurt me"

She says confidently. I nod and leave calling Sebe. Within these 3 months I've gotten my licence and my parents got me a car as a gift for passing my matric the way I did. Things between Sebe and I have never been better. Its safe to say I've fallen in love with her we never miss a Sunday in church. Its not easy keeping her parents from her but I have no choice but to do so until they are ready to meet her. I don't like lying to her but she's better off not knowing what I do on the side for her own safety.

She answers after a while


That's what she decided to call me laying a claim on me and I don't want to lie to you its sexy and a major turn on.

"Hey cuddles where are you?"

I ask getting in my car its nothing fancy. Its a gti it was  actually my father's pick for some reason.

"I just got out of class where are you?"

She asks

"I'm on my way back to campus. Let's go for lunch"

I suggest

"Ok cool then"

She says

"I love you"

I hear her giggle I think it's my first time actually telling her

"I love you too"

She says I smile and we say our goodbyes. I drive to campus to pick her up. Her expression changes as soon as she notices me. Ok? I'm about to hug her when her hand touches my cheek

"Gugu what happened to your cheek?"

There's worry on her face and in her voice

"Babe I'm fine"

I try to assure her but not my Sebe

"No Gugu you not fine!"

I sigh

"Can I get my hug and kiss first?"

I ask opening my arms for her she looks at me suspiciously before hugging me tightly.

"How are you? How was your day?"

I ask but she pulls away from me

"Gugu who did this to you?"

I chuckle

"Mbali's father"

I say

"Now can we go?"

She eyes me while I hold the door open for her. She gets in and I go enter the other side and start the car

"Why would he punch you?"

I chuckle is she serious?

"I made his daughter pregnant Cuddles I think he reacted rationally"

I say but she's not convinced at all. Girls!




Wow when everyone kept on telling me to pray and that all will work in I seriously thought they are wasting my time but here I am and I'm happy genuinely so the happiest I've been in a while and it's thanks to a certain Ncenjane boy. Bulo has accepted our relationship seeing that Gugu hasn't messed up since and I'm happy she knows that you do not deny your best friend a chance at happiness. She's happy with Sakhile and why can't I be with Gugu? My friend is one hard headed person we had to literally beg her to give Gugu a chance. We didn't go home for Easter

we had to literally beg her to give Gugu a chance. We didn't go home for Easter we were way too busy and they only gave us a week for recess either way it was useless to go home Bulo's mom has been on our necks about that the Radebe's too. They are even fetching us after we done writing we told them we'll come on our own and they said they trusted us to come on our own during Easter and we didn't come so they fetch us. Gugu has been busy these last few months I wonder with what but he still makes time for me so I won't complain.

"I love you too"

I say before hanging up Khumo and Bulo are already all smiles

"I still can't get used to you being in love"

Khumo says

"Being in a relationship even."

Bulo jumps in

"I was dating Sabelo moc"

I defend

"No love he was dating you not the other way around"

Bulo says and we crack up

"Serious. You weren't glowing like you are now you never did you even tell the poor guy you love him aboGugu they get abo 'I love you too'"

She says the last part imitating my voice and laugh

"It never came to that"

I say and they both eye me. My phone rings it's Samkelo


I answer

"O sharp?(Are you okay?)

He doesn't even say hi

" Yah"

I reply

"Let's go for lunch"

He knows my timetable don't ask me how

"Iesh that won't work"

He doesn't say anything so I reckon he's waiting for me to carry on

"I'm going out with Gugu he's coming to fetch me"

I hear him sigh

"This guy has replaced me I'm hurt"

I chuckle

"Don't be dramatic"

I say holding a laugh

"Let's be honest ever since ya'll made it official how many times have we went out together? Don't say church cause that doesn't count"

Okay he's serious

"Why can't church count?"

I ask

"Cause you not there for me but God"

He's right

"I'm sorry"

Genuinely so

"Don't do that I never put you out after dating Thando and I don't expect you to do the opposite"

Samkelo the big brother

"Really I am sorry I promise to make it up to you neh"

 I plead

"You better we'll talk later my wife is calling"

He says


I say

"Don't start I love you"

Isn't he sweet

"I love you too"

He hangs up

"Today you dishing out the I love you's neh"

Bulo jokes and I laugh

"I'm loved. Speaking of love let me love and leave you"

I say giving the hugs then walk to the entrance I wait for a few minutes before Gugu arrives. His presence only makes me melt and I can't help but smile but seeing his face like this worries me there's more to the story than he let's on. I keep on stealing glances at him his cheek looks bad

"If you don't stop looking at me like that we'll have an accident"

And that's all he's worried about?

"Gugu is there something you not telling me?"

He looks at me then back at the road


The rest of the ride is quiet he takes us to Sunnyside at burger joint called The one and only their burgers are to die for. As soon as we sit down he takes my hand

"Cuddles stop worrying Mbali's dad did what any parent would do and I know if I made you pregnant your dad would react in the same way"

He explains

"My dad?"

Did I hear him correctly

"Yah.. Uhm..I mean Bulo's dad. He's your dad too right"

I look at him

"Yah. We should get ice on that"

It seriously worries me Gugu is light skinned so his cheek looks bad

"You can kiss it better"

He pouts man my man is hot

"Stop being corny"

I ask the waiter for some ice for his cheek

"I'm waiting"

He grins I get up to kiss him

"You stupid"

I say then take the ice from the waiter thanking him

"But you still love me"

He smirks 



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