Love And War Season 1: Chapter 8


If aunty thinks let alone believes that I will let Sebe go she's got another thing coming. There's this thing about her she's got this welcoming presence about her but she's not into me. I kind of picked that up from her attitude towards me we need to change that.

I need to get information about her. Facebook details instagram and stuff. A beauty like that has to be on instagram! 

My phone rings and it's my mom


I say answering she giggles

"Hey honey. Unjani?"(how are you?"

"I'm good mama ninjani nina? Uphi utata?" (How are you? Where's dad?)

She chuckles I think its the part where I ask about dad that tickles her

"We good too baby thank you. Your father is in the room. So tell me about her"

She demands sounding all excited

"About who now?"

I ask confused

"Don't act smart. You know exactly who I'm talking about"

I chuckle

"Let's just say I might be going to church this coming Sunday"

Mom laughs

"Oh is it now? That cute huh?"

She asks

"You know she is mom. Yoh umhle mama. Qah akandifuni" (she's very pretty except she wants nothing to do with me)

I say with a little disappointment at the thought of her attitude towards me today. I kind of got the feeling that she doesn't really like me much and I can't argue with that. I get that I haven't given her reason to like me considering the way we met but come on can't she give a guy a chance?

"Its Gods plan baby. Its about to get really bumpy from hereon"

She warns I'm astonished

"What do you mean mom?"

I ask I'm really confused right now. She sighs

"Gugu there's a war coming your way. Getting with this girl won't be easy my baby"

She says sounding a little down

"What are you talking about mom she's saved mos"

I ask I'm unsure though but I think she might be. I mean she was in church the other day

"Look going to church doesn't automatically mean you saved honey. Look I don't know her personally but you Gugu need to change your ways before they catch up with you and harm her"

She warns I don't know what to say. What's mom talking about?

"Mom what are you talking about?"

I ask

"Goodbye baby. Talk tomorrow"

She says and ends the call without even waiting for me to say goodbye. I try calling her again but reach her voicemail mom and these tendencies of her. I mentally bang my head against my hand. Wow!

Sakhile walks in

"Let's go to the park the squad is there having a couple of drinks"

He says I don't know about getting drunk here.

"I don't know and come home drunk? You know how your mother can get. She'll wake us up with prayer saying we demon possessed and that we disrespectful we're a disgrace to the church"

He starts laughing as I continue

"Mom can be extra but come on dude"

He says still in stitches. We both know how dramatic his mom can get

"You need a drink and Sabelo said he managed to convince Bulo and Sebe to join us"

He says the minute I hear her name my heart skips a bit and I get a little excited

"Sebe's coming?"

I ask he chuckles

"Yes she's coming. So we getting drunk right?"

He asks all excited

"She's worth it"

I say Sebe is worth getting in trouble for. We walk to the lounge and join uncle and aunt uncle is getting ready to go to a meeting with the leaders of the church


I greet

"Baba what time you coming back?"

Sakhile asks

"You want to get up to no good as usual"

His dad says

"Well... I've been well behaved this whole year and I have no doubt that I'll pass my matric dad"

He defends

"Fine. Don't come back late though. Take a key with you and don't bring any girls in my house!"

He warns I laugh 

"We won't do anything we should dad"

I say assuring my uncle with that charming smile. Aunt laughs

"I believe you"

She says walking out.

We go to the rooms to prepare I take a quick shower and fix myself for Sebe. I just hope this time around she'll be a little welcoming than earlier. All I need is her number so that we can take it from there.

We start at tops to stock up a little and then drive to the park. The guys are already there including Sabelo I look around but I don't see Sebe or Bulo around but there's some girls here with the guys

"Sho gents"

We greet and they respond. We sit down and play some music loudly I sit on the open boot 


Sabelo says holding a bottle of liquor sitting next to me


I say

"Sorry about punching you"

I say again

"Why'd you do it? I mean I don't know you you don't know me"

I shrug

"I don't know what got over me man. I thought that maybe you were hurting her or something"

I say in my defence. She shakes his head

"I'm not stupid. I saw how you looked at Sebe stay away from her. She's mine"

I chuckle at this

"Don't tell me you feel threatened by a Xhosa boy from the Eastern Cape Mthatha even"

I say sipping on my bottle he chuckles

"You don't scare me. Just stay away from Sebe. You don't know her and she doesn't know you"

I laugh at him this time

"I'll let her tell me she's not interested"

I say and then get up leaving him to sit on the crate with the guys. They fixing fire to braai meat. I see Bulo and Sebe walk in together hand in hand. She's so cute wearing a denim dungaree and a yellow long sleeve tee underneath with a white shoe. She's so beautiful I can't even hear the rest of the guys speak.


My cousin says nudging me


I say startled

"Your phone dude!"

He says I check my phone and its my friend Kwanele. I decline his call waiting on the girls to reach us but Sabelo walks up to them before they even get to us I'm annoyed immediately! 


Sakhile says

I chuckle

"Don't what?"

I ask with a smirk


He says with a chuckle

"Damn right its nothing."

I say as they approach us

"Guys this is my girl Sebentile Phetsile Dlamini and this is her friend Nonjabulo. Babe these are my friends Sakhile this is his cousin Gugulezwe this is Thuso Stix and Chad"

Sabelo says. We all greet at the same time.

Sabelo stands with Sebe opposite me and whispers something in her ear then they chuckle together. Sakhile offers Bulo something to drink

"Can I get you a drink?"

He offers and Bulo smiles

"I don't know you like that Sakhile"

She says he turns to me

"At least she knows my name"

He says all smiles

"I'm Sakhile Maseko son of Pastors Doris and Isaiah Maseko. What do you drink Miss?"

He asks

"Wine will do sweet wine"

She says with a smile. He takes a cup and pours Bulo wine Sabelo walks away to answer his phone Sakhile nudges me. I walk over to Sebe.

"Miss Dlamini"

I say standing next to her. She rolls her eyes looking really annoyed.


She says coldly

"Name is Gugulezwe Ncenjane I'm 18 from Mthatha Eastern Cape"

I say with my hand held out she looks at it

"You already know my name"

She says with a bit of attitude

"You don't even know me but for some reason you can't even stand me"

I point out. She chuckles

"You don't even know me yet you had the nerve to 'defend me' by punching Sabelo"

She also points out with air quotes on the word 'defend'

"I didn't meet you by chance Sebentile Dlamini. Life has better plans for you for us"

I say and then walk back to where I was standing leaving her confused as Sabelo walks back to her




"So what are you doing for Christmas?"

Bulo asks as we are laying on top of my bed

"You know what I do it's the same thing that I do every year"

I say changing my position to look at her


That's all she says then keeps quiet 

"Hawu that's what you wanted to ask?"

She also changes her position to look at me

"I'm still lost on what happen at that tuckshop"

She says

"Nami I'm still lost I really don't get what happened"

It's frustrating 

"It think we should ask Gogo Mabuza maybe she knows something "

She says

"Something like what?"

I ask she's lost me how does me getting angry involve Gogo Mabuza?

"Don't get me wrong maybe her half told stories have to do with this"

She says making some sort of sense

"I don't know babe"

"It won't hurt to talk to her"

"Okay let me take a nap"

"Let's take a nap don't talk as if you are alone"

She says and I laugh pulling her closer to cuddle that's what we always do when we sleep together. My phone rings

"Whoever that person is has no timing disturbing such peace"

I say as Bulo passes me my phone I check the caller ID and it's Sabelo

"Sabelo "

I say answering 

"We haven't reached the hey babe stage yet?"

He asks and I can't help but laugh

"Too early"

I say and he groans 

"You breaking my heart sweetheart"

"If I don't who will?"

I say and he chuckles 

"Only you manage to do that"

"I'm glad I hold the title. How's your nose?"

I ask

"It's okay don't worry about me "

"I'm not worried about you"

"Keep telling yourself that. Listen let's go to the park later on "

He says

"No can do last I went with you sibuye ekuseni and I'm still tired "

I say and my statement catches Bulo's attention making her to snatch the phone away from me

"Sbari" (Brother in-law)

She says and I roll my eyes 

"Put the phone on speaker"

I whsiper and she does that 

"Bulo talk to your friend tu"

"About what?"

"Ngitsi kuye asiyeni ephaki akafuni"(I asked her to come to the park with me and she doesn't want to)

Sabelo says and Bulo looks at me like she wants to smack me

"Nawe ungeta Bulo if that will make her agree"(You can also come Bulo)

He sounds desperate and makes my heart ache I've never heard him being so sincere and vulnerable his ego is always getting in the way. Bulo looks at me as if she wants me to say something and I just shrug 

"Will that cute friend of yours be there?"

He chuckles

"Yah he'll be there"

"Well asikho is'dzingo sekuthi singeti ke"(There's no reason for us not to come)

Bulo says

"Thanks can you give my girl the phone?"

He says and my heart melts no one has ever called me their girl before so please allow me

"Babe "

He says and I can't help but blush 


"I'll see you later okay?"

"Who says I'll be there?"

I ask

"Inhlitiyo yami isho njalo"(My heart says so"

"Bye Sabelo "

I hear him laugh as I hang up

"You starting to like him neh?"

Bulo asks 

"Says who?"

"It's all over your face and there's nothing wrong if you do"

I sigh 

"I know but Mr Radebe doesn't like him"

"Loyo angayotiwisa eweni"(That one can go jump off the nearest cliff)

She still doesn't like him she thinks he's got some hidden agenda 

"That's cruel"

"The world is cruel my dear friend"

She says and I can't help but laugh at the accent she makes. We get ready to go to the park and Bulo calls her mom to tell her where we'll be going and oh Lord the speech we get is enough to last us a lifetime but at the end of everything she gives us a go ahead with a be safe note.

By the time we get to the park it's packed as usual the music blasting loud I can already smell the meat and I can't wait to get my hands on it. We spot Sabelo and we walk up to him and he meets us half way he hugs me and Bulo then holds my hand and we walk to the others and I notice the puncher is here as well Sabelo feels me tense up and holds my hand tightly.

"Guys this is my girl Sebentile Phetsile Dlamini and this is her friend Nonjabulo. Babe these are my friends Sakhilethis is his cousin Gugulezwethis is Thuso Stix and Chad"

He says introducing his friends and I just smile acknowledging everyone

"You look really beautiful" 

Sabelo whispers to me and I giggle blushing he's slowly winning me over 

"You didn't tell me he'll be here"

I say to Sabelo and I know he knows who I'm talking about 

"He's a cousin of a friend love and besides he did apologise"

He said shrugging and his phone rings 

"Just a minute neh babes "

He says then walks away giving the puncher a chance to come to me I already know his name but I'll still call him the puncher 

"Miss Dlamini"

My surname sounds sexy coming from him but I'm still rather annoyed by his presence 


I reply

"My name is Gugulezwe Ncenjane I'm 18 from Mthatha Eastern Cape."

He says holding out his hand and I just look at it then back to his face

"You already know my name"

I say 

"You don't even know me but for some reason you can't even stand me"

I chuckle 

"You don't even know me yet you had the nerve to 'defend me' by punching Sabelo"

I say making air quotes he looks at me for a while

"I didn't meet you by chance Sebentile Dlamini life has better plans for youfor us"

He says then leaves he's talking about plans and I'm somehow wondering if they aren't related to the ones Gogo Mabuza was talking about maybe Bulo was right I have to ask her about my anger towards this 'puncher' Gugu. Sabelo touches my shoulders making me look up at him 

"Ohh sobuyile"(You back)

I say

"Yes and I was talking to myself all along "


I genuinely say

"It's okay what did that boy want?"

He asks turning me around so I can be between his legs since he's sitting on the open boot of who's ever this car is 

"Bekatongicasula nje "(To annoy me)

"Ungamunaki kakhulu love angifuni kuphindzeke lokwasemini neh?"(Don't pay attention to him I don't want a repeat of earlier"

I nod and he kisses my cheek then he reaches out to the cooler box to get me a bottle of Appletizer atleast he's starting to understand me.


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