Love And War Season 1: Chapter 7


Sakhile gets inside the car furious

"I hope you happy"

He says starting his polo vivo. I chuckle

"So here in your town you guys let niggas harass girls?"

I ask with my arms folded

"That's his girl idiot! That's the Sabelo I told you about but you don't care"

He says hitting the steering wheel in frustration he's a little dramatic

"I don't even get why you acting up"

I say

"That girl that was with Sebe is the girl I told you about. Bulo. The most beautiful girl in town. Now you just ruined all chances I possibly had with her"

He says starting the car

"You can't just go around hitting people Gugulezwe. People around here don't respond well to such"

He wants I shrug

"You need to apologize!"

I chuckle

"Over my dead body. She should be thanking me for saving her from him"

I say super chilled. In all honesty I don't know what came over me I don't know why I'd just jump on a stranger and punch em for no reason. I need to keep my anger in check.

"Fine. I'll apologize"

I say with a shrug

"Clearly it means everything to you"

I say sarcastically

"Let's get this bread and go"

He pulls over at a spaza shop and he gets off

He decides to mingle while I chill in the car texting some of my school mates. I don't do friends.. I spot that pretty chick with her friend and Sabelo. I get out of the car and walk towards them my heart is beating so hard almost as though its going to beat out of my chest.


I say she gives me that cold look giving me the impression that she's not so happy about what I did. He friend greets


She gives her friend this look. If only she knew how cute she looks angry

"Listen dude I'm sorry for punching you. I thought you were harassing her I thought I was being a gentleman and stuff. Sorry bruh"

I say. He looks at me the guy was holding his nose with a toilet paper I must have done a number on him

"I'm Gugulezwe. I'm Sakhile's cousin visiting from Mthatha"

I say with my hand held out to Sabelo he looks at it before taking it into his to shake it


He says. We let go of each other an then I look at the girls

"I'm Bulo and this is my friend Sebe"

Her friend says pointing at the angel. I thought Philasande was a beauty but good God Sebe is a goddess! Her beauty is not of this world.

Sebe looks at me and clicks her tongue then turns to her friend and says

"Who does this guy think he is huh? Coming here with his fancy English and stuff"

She says all this in Swati. I chuckle because she must think I don't hear her language.

"I'm sorry for having offended you and your friends. It won't happen again"

I say then walk back to the car Sakhile is back.

"And that?"

He asks and I shrug

"I just made a fool of myself. That Sebe chick is mad at me"

I say sulking. She's so pretty you guys have no idea. I love how simple she looks and how calming her presence is. There's something inviting about her makes you want to sit and stare all day.

He looks at me and laughs as in that annoying laugh that makes you want to punch his teeth out.

"You like her"

He says and laughs again. Oh my God. Kill me now!

"No I don't!"

I defend. He just laughs

"You like her cousin and you can't like her because that's Sabelo's turf"

He says driving inside the yard I chuckle

"As long as theres no ring on her finger then she's single"

I say getting out of the car he laughs so hard

"You finna start a war man. Don't do it Sabelo's liked that girl for a very long time now. Everyone in the area knows better than to play anywhere near Sebe"

He says as we walk inside the house

I chuckle as if I'll stay away from a girl because some guy's claiming her. May the best man win.

"What else is there to know about her?"

I ask putting the bread on the counter

"Well she just completed her matric her grandma died so she pretty much lives alone the chick she was with is her best friend she goes to dad's church and she works at the supermarket we drove past"

I smile

"I know that smile

what are you thinking?"

I shrug

"Nothing. Is she working tomorrow?"

He shrugs

"I don't know its Christmas eve tomorrow dude"

I nod

"And what about the park? Doesn't she hang out there?"

I ask I'm interested Ok! Shoot me!

"You really like this girl!"

He says I chuckle at how he says it

"What girl?"

Aunt asks walking in we look at each other

"Sebe the girl from your church"

Says my cousin. Wow this guy can't shut up!

"No I just think she's cute"

I defend aunty smiles

"She's very pretty and innocent. Stay away from her Gugu."

She says pointing at me with her index finger

"Come on mom don't be like that"

Sakhile says

"He likes her let the poor guy have a young December romance"

I just laugh leaving them together. He is mad and Aunt won't dictate who I'm allowed to date and who not to




"Uyamati lomfana?"(Do you know that guy?)

Bulo asks we are walking after I've put tissue in Sabelo's nose

"Ayy angimati"(No I don't)

I say and Bulo rolls her eyes 

"I was taking to Sabelo"

I pout and Sabelo chuckles 

"I don't know the one who pucnched me but the other one is my friend"

"How come I don't know him?"

I say

"How would you when you want nothing to do with me?"

Sabelo says and somehow his words hurt me

"I went out with you"

"Not because you wanted to"

I open my mouth to talk but Bulo quickly jumps in

"So the guy's friend lo othi uyamati ngubani ligama lakhe?"(the one you know what's his name?)

I look at Bulo


Sabelo says

"And why are you asking his name?"

I asked curious

"I just want to know"

She says shrugging 

"Not that you want him?"

Sabelo asks and Bulo laughs yey I know that laugh she's about to lie

"No not at all"

I squint my eyes at her 

"Don't look at me like that Sebe"

"Like what?

"Like that squinting your eyes and stuff"

"What does squinting her eyes mean?"

Sabelo asks cutting in

"That you'll find out"

Bulo says

"I hope so"

He says looking at me and I half smile

"Ngihalele maG.S eBQ"(I'm craving barbeque flavored G.S)

I say and Sabelo laughs at me


I ask

"Nothing I'm surprised you eat that shit"

"Ayy baba don't say that it's not shit"

I say 

"Clearly you have never tasted them wena Sabelo"

Bulo cuts in

"And I never want to"

He says

"Hard luck ke cause we going to buy them"

I say pulling him towards the tuckshop

"Ahh this is abuse"

He says and we laugh him which is short lived when this fucker from earlier comes up to us only then do I notice the car from earlier my anger instantly rises up and I feel like there's not enough air for all of us to breathe right now 


He says and I feel my armpits itching 


Bulo replies I look at her what the hell is she doing greeting this fucker?

"Listen dude I'm sorry for punching for you. I thought you were harassing her I thought I was being a gentleman and stuff. Sorry bruh"

He says and we all keep quiet thinking he's leaving but nop he starts talking again

"I'm Gugulezwe. I'm Sakhile's cousin visiting from Mthatha"

He says holding his hand out to Sabelo for a shake I'm mentally telling Sabelo not to shake his hand but he shakes it mxm.


He introduces himself to the fucker who then looks at us I keep my face straight 

"Bulo and this is my friend Sebe"

I feel like choking her why are they entertaining this guy kant? I didn't realise I clicked my tongue until Bulo looked at me shocked 

"Kucabanga kutsi kuyini loku kuta la ngalesingisi sakhe sasebelungini?"( Who does thi guy think he is huh? Coming here with his fancy English and stuff?)

I hear him chuckle and my anger builds up I don't know why

"I'm sorry for having offended you and your friends. I won't happen again "

He says then walk back to the car and they drive away with driver hooting and Sabelo waved. 

"Sebe what's wrong?"

Bulo says rushing to me since she was on the other side


I don't even finish my sentence cause I feel like if I say one more thing I'll die eveb breathing is a struggle each time I breath out I feel a hole opening up in my chest.

"Breath love breath..look at me"

Sabelo says holding my shoulders I pop my eyes out I'm dying. Ohh Lord do I have to day today of all days

"In.... out yes that's it. Landza manti Bulo "(Get water Bulo)

"Drink "

Bulo says giving me water after drinking it I feel alot better  

"What's wrong Sebe?"

Sabelo asks with his voice full of concern I look up at him and shrug. Honestly I don't know what happened I've never been this angry before I don't know what's it with this guy and getting me worked up like this it's not like I'm even dating Sabelo to be this angry.

"We'll see you later neh"

Bulo says making me stand up

"Let me walk you guys home"

Sabelo says

"No it's okay we'll call you nasifika"(when we arrive)

He nods kisses my check and watches us leave. We walk in silence for a while and knowing Bulo it won't last

"What happened back there?"

As I was saying she never keeps quiet this one ayy

"Angati"(I don't know)

All in honesty 

"Hhay Sebe lengikubone laphaya akusilutho"(What I saw back there was not nothing "

I sigh

"Angati Bulo kutsi nje lomfana uvele wangikwatisa nje "(I don't know Bulo the guy just made me so angry)

I say

"But you never get angry"

She's right I don't get angry it's just the way I am it's weird I know but I guess I wasn't born with an angry bone in me 


Gogo Mabuza says as we enter my gate

"Yebo ma kunjani "

"Akufani umusa nje sesi "(It's all grace my child)

"Sijabula kukubona ma"( it's great seeing you ma)

She smiles and we walk to the house 


She shouts 

"Go?"(Yes ma?)

"Konkhe kuluhlelo sesi"(It's all His plan)

I look her

"Askies ma?"

"Sitobonana"(We'll see each other)

She says walking away she has started with her one sided talks

"And that?" 

Bulo asks and I shrug what plan is this and what is part of this plan?


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