Love And War Season 1: Chapter 6


Mom left me super confused with our last conversation. What starts? Why? I don't know really.

Its already dark outside and my aunt and husband are back already.

I walk out the room and head out to where the noise is coming from they sitting in the lounge

"Hey guys how was church?"

I ask settling on the couch

"It was a good service"

Aunt's husband says

"When are you joining us for real?"

He asks I'm confused by this question

"I meant when are you joining us?"

He asks and I shrug

"Maybe on Sunday I don't know"

I say

"Yazi the service was so powerful. You missed out"

My aunt says

"I doubt he did"

He says side-eyeing me. Ok what's my uncle up to?

"Sakhile's not back yet?"

I ask

"No that boy comes home when he feels like it"

His mother says

"Dabs when last did you speak to mom? I tried calling her but couldn't get through"

I ask

"They are fine. Your mother said you should have fun and enjoy your holiday. When something comes up she will call"

She says getting up leaving me with her husband.



I respond

"I felt your presence in church today"

He says my eyes pop out of their socket. How?


I say astonished

"You heard me. I saw you look at her. I felt you. Son I'm not like these other pastors out there. The lord speaks to me every now and then. I am the Lord's servant. And as much as I'm no prophet I can still feel these things. The lord speaks to me And he spoke to me today. He alerted me of your presence"

He says I can't even hide my shock.

The next morning my cousin and I decide to cruise around his area he's offered to show me around and who am I to say no? If I stay inside then I'll get these dreams and from there onwards I'll just go crazy so its best I be around him and his crew.

He takes me to meet his crew its an old abandoned house.

"Guys this is my cousin"

He introduces me in Swati now as much as I can't speak it I can understand it and hear it very well.


One of the guys says. I chuckle

"Cheeseboy nguNyoko kwekwe"

I say. Which can be loosely translated as "cheeseboy is your mother boy". I hate the term shoot me!

"I'll beat the fuck out of you Xhosa boy"

He says and shocking enough his English is good

"I'd love to see you try! Ndzok'gwaza unye mna sani! Ungandiqheli"(I'll stab the shiit of you boy. Don't test me)

I threaten that time I've never stabbed anyone in my life before but Xhosa makes you sound badass when you in another city. Its got that thing goin on. 

"Now that that's out of the way. This is my good friend best friend Thuso that's Stix Chad and don't ask what we doing with a colored"

We all laugh and Chad punches him playfully

"Sabelo is not here at the moment you'd like him. He's another cheeseboy like you"

Says Thuso trying to poke me

"Thuso cut it. Don't tell me he's busy with that chick again?"

Says Sakhile annoyed

"Muhle uSebe"

Says Chad accompanying his compliment with a whistle

"Body for days. Don't even get me started on that ass my bruh. I'd like to tap that. If you saw her bruh you'd understand"

He says the last part patting me. I highly doubt I'd be that interested in her but I put up a smile anyway

"She must be flames then"

I say

"I still want that fly friend of her's Bulo is the ish bruh!"

Says my cousin

"Except you freeze every time you have to speak to her. Remember that day at the supermarket? Uhhh-iiiiiii--"

Chad says imitating Sakhile's stutter making all of us crack up

"I'll blow your brains out wena colored"

He says pissed.

"You'll the rest of the squad later today Ok?"

Sakhile says patting my shoulder I just smile and nod. We drive to town we get to Sportscene where one of the guys in their squad works the till. Apparently he helps with the card fraud and they have 2 more at G-Star Raw and Fabiani.

"So Thaphelo makes the cards but we can only use them for a certain period of time before the owner notices"

Thaphelo is the one at Fabiani

"And you guys don't get caught?"

I ask as we drive out of the mall

"Nope. You gotta be smart about this. We don't buy here around Mpumalanga we go elsewhere to get the cops off our asses"

He says and all I can do is nod. We drive around town before heading back to his neighborhood. Just as we are driving in we pass by the closed supermarket

"So what now?"

I ask since his mother sent us bread

"There's a shop around here. We'll get it there"

He says starting the car. I spot this Angel. I say angel because she shouldn't exist! She's FINE AF! She's walking with her friend and there's this guy that's trying to hala at her but homie ain't paying no mind to him. I don't even wait for Sakhile to stop before getting off the car and walking up to punch him in the face and back to the car that's now not moving

"The fuck was that?"

Sakhile asks getting off the car to attend the guy I punched




I hate to admit it but I had fun noSabelo though he still annoys me. That day we went to the quiet part of the park and sat on one of the benches and talked just as I was sure we going to the right direction he wanted to get lucky unfortunately for him I'm not that kind of a girl. We ended up joining whatever was going on and it was lit I still don't drink I've tatsed alcohol once and trust me I don't see what the fuss is really about that shit ain't even nice it's bitter. We came back around 5 and by 6:30 I had to be at work since it's close to Christmas the supermarket gets busy so we open up early and close late the Radebe's make alot of money during this time of the year since people are out to impress with food and alcohol it was clever of them to sell alcohol here so it's just a one stop shop nje you buy groceries nalokubandzako all in one go.

"Hawu Sebe"

Someone said startling me if was already up the ladder ngabe ngiwile (I would have fallen)

"Ayy marn Buhle don't do that"

She laughed at me

"Ngabe angikwenti kodvwa angitsi ulele emsebentini" ( I wouldn't have to if you weren't sleeping on the job)

I yawned 

"Dankie the big boss didn't see me?"

I ask a little bit nervous phela if they saw me I'm fired

"Lucky for you he hasn't come out of his office yet but I'm pretty sure he's looking at us through the monitors awusho kwentenjani?(tell mewhat's going on?)


"You never sleep at work and you look like you haven't slept in days"

That's the thing with me when I don't get enough sleepcry or if I'm worried about something my face gives me up my eyes become baggy and I look like I've been hit by a truck.

"Iesh I went out with Sabelo yesterday and we came back this morming"

She squealed 

"Finally I thought you'd never give the guy a chance"

Well she's one of Sabelo's fans who have been pestering me to give him a chance

"We just went out nje we not dating yet"

I say

"That's how it starts"

I was about to answer her when I heard my name on the intercom

"Looks like you needed"

I sighed 

"I hope I'm not in trouble"

"You wouldn't get into trouble even if you wanted to"

I smiled walking to the office I knocked once then got in

"You called for me?"

I said after closing the door he was standing with his back facing me when he turned I could see he was fuming

"Yini lengingakwenteli yona Sebentile?"( What is it that I don't do for you Sebentile?)

We all know when an elder calls you by your full name that you in trouble 


I said in a low voice looking down

"Angikuva!"(I can't hear you)

I cleared my throat I was on the verge of crying I hate being shouted at


"Then wentani nalomfana wakaMavuso?"(What are you doing with the Mavuso boy?"

That's Sabelo

"Lutfo babe"(Nothing dad)

They said I should call them mom and dad actually it was Mrs Radebe's idea and well it wouldn't hurt

"You call parading with him at the park for everyone to see nothing!?"

I looked down and kept quiet his voice was rising bit by bit

"Sebe I'm talking to you!"

"Hhay Radebe that's no way to talk to the child"

Mrs Radebe says getting in and Rabede huffs

"Ngishilo kutsi sitokhuluma naye sobabili" (I told you we'll talk to her together)

Radebe looks at her then at me

"Talk to her" 

He says then walks out

"Don't mind him he's just being himself sit down "

We sit on the couch that's in the room

"We heard you were out with Sabelo"

"Angijoli naye ma"(I'm not dating him ma)

I say quickly and she holds my hand

"I know but I wouldn't have been a problem either way don't feel bad for growing up neh?"

I nod 

"Just play it safe you have to make it out of here neh nana?"

I nod

"Go back to work"

She says smiling and I smile back leaving. Now that is not how I imagined my day being like


She says as I close the door to leave 


"You can knock off"

"But it's just before 12"

I say

"I know but you need to rest see you tomorrow"

"Thanks ma I'll see you tomorrow"

She just saved me I didn't feel like being here anymore I took my bag saying bye to everyone and found Bulo at the tills paying 

"Muntu wami"

I say hugging her

"You look like shitwait were you crying?"

I look at her blankly 

"No I'm just tired"

She looked at me then payed and we left

"We not in front of people nyalo khuluma"(right now talk)

I sighed

"Radebe freaked cause I went out with Sabelo "

She frowned


"Angaz but his wife assured me he's just looking out for me"

"I hope that's the only thing"

She says catching my attention and I stop on my tracks

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Nothing I'm just saying"


I say and we continue walking eating the apple munches she bought 

"So tell me about last night?"

She was in some guy's arms and they looked cosy

"Well it's nothing really "

I roll my eyes

"Babe I know what nothing is and that is me and Sabelo not what I saw"

I look at her and her eyes have popped out I look behind me and it's Sabelo I don't feel bad

"So last night was nothing to you?"

I sigh what does he want me to say ngoba uvile ( because he heard me) I try to walk away he quickly grabs my arm and just then a guy came out of a moving car and punched Sabelo making him fall and walked back to the car without saying anything now that's fucked up. I kneel to check the damage kodvwa there was something about the guy I don't what Sabelo's face isn't that bad just a bleeding nose.

"The fuck was that?"

The guy's friend asks getting out of the car coming to us but this fucker doesn't reply just gets into the car.

"Are you okay dude?"

The friend asks 

"What doyou think?"

I say furiously 

"Ncesi mfetfu"

He says looking at Sabelo who just nods then back at me

"Keep your friend in order" 

I say and he nods going back to the car after looking at Bulo for a while as much as Sabelo annoys me what this fucker just did is really out of line.


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