Love And War Season 1: Chapter 5


We are only two days away from Christmas and I can't say I'm excited well I know we are celebrating Christ's birthday and all plus I'm christian thing is it's during this time that all my memories with Twana come back it was her favourite month of the year and we'd go to the homes where children are all alone with no parents and offer food my old clothes and just support nje and the feeling I always got was priceless now I find it hard to survive this season without her Bulo and her family have always tried to make it enjoy but eyy it's hard the void is still there but I'm moving on trying to make her proud. That day church was awesome it was out of this world Preacher Maseko touched some important aspects that make you look at yourself and think am I really living right? Is this how God really wants me to live? Are the things I'm doing in line with me being a Christian? Kodvwa ke overall I'm glad I went and Gogo Mabuza said something to me as we were leaving church she said "Your destiny is close" and left me hanging like that she always does it tells you something but doesn't really clarify it and you'll be left cracking your head trying to figure it out. 

Well I finally decided to go with that jerk Sabelo to that date he's been harassing me about ai phela I could no longer breathe he was always up in my face with that 1400 even Mr Radebe was getting irritated by him always coming to the shop. Bulo was so happy when I told her I'm going to this ridiculous date with Sabelo we can't deny the fact that he's handsome and well built plus his height doesn't disappoint I love tall guys there's just something about them marn. I've just finished bathing when my phone rings and it's Sabelo I roll my eyes as I answer it


I say

"Hawu I was expecting a hey babe"

"Don't push it"

"Okay sorry you haven't forgotten about our date right?"

He says and I feel like smacking my head

"How could I when you remind me every second"

I say annoyed

"I'll be there in 15 minutes "

"Okay but don't come with your dad's car"

I hear him sigh 


"I just want us to walk"

"This is a first" he mumbles thinking I can't hear him 


"No it's nothing"

He says and I chuckle

"Okay sharp"

I don't wait for him to say anything but hang up and throw the phone on the bed. Well Sabelo is used to these girls going head over hills with him driving that 1400 he sure feels like the president in it. Anyway I get dressed in a red floral tiny straps above the knee dress with sandals I have braids on thanks to Bulo so I tied them up neatly then put vaseline on my lips. I take the water basin to throw out the water and I see Sabelo approaching I quickly rinse the basin then rush inside to puff some perfume and take my bagphone and keys I lock then half run to him. 

"You look beautiful" 

He says looking at my thighs they are not that visible excpet when I walk the dress goes up and they are exposed. I roll my eyes then smile 


"Aren't you going to say I look good too?"

He says looking at himself and I laugh

"Well I'd be lying to you"

He touches his chest dramatically 

"Wow I'm hurt"

"Well my grandma taught me to be honest"

I say half smiling 

"Ayy you know how to bruise a guy's ego"

He says pulling me in for a side hug and I oblige damn he smell great or and he's dressed we too in a black chino white golf t-shirt and black shoes cliché yes but he looks good. We walk to the park which is like 10 minutes away from my house talking about random stuff nje. As we areapproaching the park I see that it's packed I slower my pace all those that grew up before us and made it out come back at this time of the year and throw parties at the park I don't know how it slipped my mind I wouldn't have came.

"What's wrong?"

Sabelo asks when he sees I'm reluctant

"I can't... I can't go in"

He frowns his eyebrows 


I look down

"It's packed "


I quickly look up to him did he just say that? I say nothing but turn to walk away he quickly grabs my arm

"Khuluma Sebe" (Talk Sebe)

"I can't stand crowded places especially of people I don't know"

I say

"But you were at the after party"

"I was doing that for Bulo and besides bekunabantfu lengibatiko" (there were people I know)

He sighs then pulls me closer

"Listen I got you neh? You'll be by my side this whole time and besides we not here for the party"

I look at him thinking about it


Someone shouts in the crowd and I think it's Bulo but she's not here


They shout again but this time they much closer I turn and it's really her

"Yewena what are you doing here?"

I say and she laughs

"I'm here to get down and you look hot by the way"

I smile

"Who did you come here with?

"Someone come let's go"

She says grabbing my hand and I resist


She asks

"I'm here with Sabelo"

Only then does she notice him

"Ayy you clean up really well I didn't see you"

Sabelo just smiles

"Okay you'll find me by the red car neh? Don't do anything I wouldn't do"

She winks leaving us laughing 

"Ngisatibuta kutsi how come you two are friends " (I'm still asking myself)

I smile

"I'm still asking myself also"




Although I made it here alive and well still doesn't change the fact that we had an accident on the road we hit a cow but wasn't that bad except having to wait for another bus in the middle of no where. I'm drained to say the very least I slept for like 5 hours before my cousin came in and woke me up. I don't know why I'm up but he says we should go out and play with other kids and maybe screw around a bit.

"Let me shower first and then we'll do whatever you want"

I say getting up from the bed

"Make it snappy or I'm leaving your ass!"

He says as I walk out of the room with my toiletry bag and towel. I take a quick bath

I slept for like 5 hours before my cousin came in and woke me up. I don't know why I'm up but he says we should go out and play with other kids and maybe screw around a bit.

"Let me shower first and then we'll do whatever you want"

I say getting up from the bed

"Make it snappy or I'm leaving your ass!"

He says as I walk out of the room with my toiletry bag and towel. I take a quick bath brush my teeth and be on my way. I walk in and lotion my body then get dressed. I head out to the lounge and his parents are sitting there talking

"Dabs Tamnci"

I say greeting both

"Hey baby. Glad you here"

She says hugging me again as if she wasn't there when her and her husband fetched me from the bus station this morning.

"Yah son"

The husband says I settle on the couch

"There's food in the microwave"

Says my aunt

"We going to church there's a meeting and a prayer later on we will see you guys later. Sakhile behave and don't get into any kind of trouble!"

Says my aunts husband Sakhile smiles innocently

"Like I ever do anything"

He says in a tone that makes all of us laugh. This guy. We all know he's mischievous

I get up to fetch my food as I walk in the lounge they are walking out. I settle on a single couch

"Eat up so we can leave there's a couple of people I want to introduce you to"

He says as I take the first spoon to my mouth. Well he's a little impatient

"Yah I need to call mom first and tell her I'm safe"

I say swallowing the last contents of my food

"You can always send a message aunty won't mind. We meeting the guys in like 10 minutes at the park. Finna show you how things are done this side"

He says sounding beyond excited. I have nothing against my cousin I'm just not used to him like that

"Sakhile go on without me today I need the rest bruh"

I plead

"Nigga what's your problem? You been blowing me off since before you came here"

He says with a not so happy tone. I sigh

"Firstly I'm tired. Secondly I can't be disrespecting aunty like that or else my father will kill me with his bare hands and lastly I don't know you like that so excuse me if I'm not so friendly"

He chuckles sarcastically

"You cute!"

He says his tone doesn't scream compliment if you ask me

"My parents are chilled. What happens here stays here"

I let out a chuckle. My mom has some supernatural power that allows her to see things without her being physically there so what are the chances really?


I shake my head

"Nothing. I just need rest that's all. I say getting up and going to the kitchen. I wash my plate and put it on the dish rack then make my way to bed. 

I look around and I'm in church. I don't know how I ended up here but I look around me and I see the girl I fought for in my last dream. She's with her friend singing harmonic praises to the good lord while my aunt sits in the front row with her husband. What's going on here? How am I in church?

My uncle walks up to the pulpit and soon after people are quiet and waiting on him to speak. He welcomes everyone to the service and begins to deliver his message of the day. As he is preaching he turns to me looking at me dead in the eye I'm conflicted. Can he see me? His eyes move from me all the way to the mysterious girl sitting with her grandma and friend then he smiles. I'm confused. I'm literally dumbfounded what is going on here?

"Turn to your neighbor and tell them something good is coming their way"

People in the service turn to each other and murmur what the pastor has said

"Tell your neighbor that its no mistake that they are in this place right now"

He says and like compelled servants they turn to their neighbor and say what he said. 

I am woken up by my phone ringing. I jump out of bed in shock and I'm sweating profusely. I check my phone and its mom


I say answering the phone

"Hey baby how are you?"

Her voice so angelic I suddenly miss her

"I'm good Mah and how are you?"

I ask sitting on the edge of the bed

"I'm also good thank you. It all starts now baby"

She says confusing me for days

"What does mom?"

The beeping sounds of a cut call warn me that the call has been ended. I try calling her but reach her voicemail instead. I try dad and the same goes for him. Ok. What's going on?


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