Love And War Season 1: Chapter 4



I pretend not hear him I have my earphones on moc so nawe he probably thinks I can't hear him


He shouts I can hear he's close he takes of one of my earphones I look at him

"I've been calling you"

He says flashing a smile why is he smiling?


I say then back to my phone texting Bulo 

"Hhaybo Sebe"

I look at him 

"Yini?" (What?)

He frowns 

"I said I'll take you to the park angithi that's why I'm here"

"Did I say we'll go?"

He scratches his head

"Well not exactly "

"Exactly "

I say and he sighs

"Hi hi"

It's Bulo and I can't help but scream phela I haven't seen her for decades so excuse us

"I missed you" 

She says breaking the hug

"I missed you more"

"Well I see what's been keeping you from seeing me"

She says looking at Sabelo I thought he left 

"Hhay no no I've been busy with work"

She smirks

"I believe you my friend "

She says winking and I can't help but laugh 

"Let's go"

I say putting my phone away

"And him?"

She says pointing Sabelo with her head 

"Ngaworry ngam Sebe I'll see you around neh"

I just nod and he walks away

"You didn't have to be that cold"

Bulo says as we look at Sabelo driving away

"Why do I have to entertain him?"

She rolls her eyes 

"Isn't it obvious? The hottest guy at school wants you friend and he's the first guy to ever ask you out and trust me you very lucky that a guy like him is asking you out"

I look at her

"What do you mean I'm lucky?"

She laughs 

"Don't be so defensive remember the first guy to ask me out?"

Instead of answering her I laugh yooh the guy was a nyaope boy not that I'm judging him but I remember how annoyed Bulo would be whenever we bump into him not bump but he'd wait for us by the gate everyday after school just to walk Bulo home it was cute but hilarious at the same time.

"You see my point?"

I nod

"Yeah I get you but that doesn't mean I'll give him a chance"

"Hhayvo Sebe I thought we were making progress"

I laugh 

"Have you forgotten that he used to bully me?"

"Maybe he's trying to make amends"

"Either way I'm not interested"

She shrugs 

"I tried" 

I laugh 

"Don't worry one day I'll date"

She says nothing but just smiles 

"Sanibonani mantfombatane"(Hi girls)

Gogo Mabuza who stays next to my house says as we pass her

"Yebo gogo"

Bulo and I say in unison 

"Sebe sesi usayikhumbula lenkonto bengitsite siye kuyo lamuhla?"(Sebe dear do you still remember the church service I said we should go to tonight?)

"Yebo ma"

"Sitohamba nyalo nga6 nawe Nonjabulo ungeta"(We'll leave around 6 Nonjabulo you can also come)

"Sitota"(We'll come)

Nonjabulo says and we get in since she has clothes here we both get dressed in dresses and she calls her mom to tell her we going to church and she has no problem. Just to be on the safe side we make brown bread and eggs with juice to make sure we don't starve by the time we done Gogo Mabuza is at our door to fetch us that woman takes church really serious she just reminds me of Gogo Twana we never missed a service even when I was sick she'll ask "what difference will staying home make?" so we'll go church and I'd be prayed for. I'm really grateful to have had her in my life to say she was a blessing would be an understatement. She'd be disappointed if she would hear when last I went to church even I am ashamed to say not that I haven't been praying I have. We walk to church with Gogo Mabuza asking me about work and how the Radebe's are treating me we get to church and we can hear the worship all the from the gate and it's really powerful.

"Sengilucalil' uhambo lwakho

Olungicondzisako luvela ezulwini

Sengehlukene neve lokona

Ngobeketela Jeso ngobeketela!!"

Bulo and I walk to the youth while Gogo goes to the elders.

"Amen angati nome nani nijabule njengami na kube la. Ngitocela ingoma sisukumise Preacher Maseko osiphetsele umlayeto amen." (AmenI don't know if you all are excited like me to be here. Can I have a song as Preacher Maseko comes forth for a message Amen).

Says the programme director Nqobile who's also the Bishop's daughter. As requested the choir leader starts a song

"Bayedze Nkhosi 

Ogama linguJesu

Bayedze Nkhosi 

Ogama linguJesu

Letsani umqhele wobukhosi

Simthwese wona 

Sitsi uyiNkhosi yakho konkhe

Siyakhotshama embi kwakho

Sitsi akekho onje ngawe

'Tolo lamhla naphakadze

Likufanele Nkhosi udvumo"


Dad knows I'm smart he just doesn't know how smart I am or can be. I don't give anything away especially now with the life I lead. I call up Dylan to find out whether or not they went ahead guess what? They did despite what I told them and one of them got arrested. I'm about to leave the house its the following day mom walks in

"Where are you going?"

She asks

"To meet a friend"

I say walking to the door

"Anything you'd like to tell me maybe?"

She asks with a raised eyebrow I'm confused AF!

I shake my head

"None that I know of"

I say

"Something about a strange dream?"

She hints and it then hits me like a wave pouring me onto the shore.

Last night I had this weird strange dream. I was with my cousin Sakhile we were cruising in his neighborhood when we drove past this girl walking with her friend. For a second my world literally stopped and everything was in slow motion we were cruising in his neighborhood when we drove past this girl walking with her friend. For a second my world literally stopped and everything was in slow motion that's how drawn I was to her. As I was busy admiring some dude I don't know his name walked up to her and the friend. You could tell she and the guy weren't the best of friends but they spoke. Here comes the weird part about my dream I haven't paid attention to girls since Phila so its shocking for me to get angry and open a car door of a moving car with hopes to punch the guy in the face. If why I'd do such I also don't know. As if that's not all I walk back to the car without saying a single word to her or her friend. How fucked up can a person be?

"She's the one baby"

Mom says I'm confused

"The one who what?"

I ask you need to understand that I can be slow at times

"You'll understand with time. Go have fun with your friends"

She says dismissing me. What just happened? Why is she being weird?

I walk out and meet the guys on my way Dylan throws a punch at me I even taste blood

"Nigga what the fuck?!"

I say feeling my jaw where he punched me

"I should fucking shove a knife up in your balls"

He says pissed a punch pisses anyone off. Firstly you off guard and secondly you don't know why!

"The fuvks your problem huh? A punch? Really D?"

He takes out a knife and points it at me

"I will sculpt out those tiny eyes you hear boy?"

I shove him. Of all things never call me a boy!

"Don't fuck with me Dylan! I'm not a boy!"

I say fuming the nerve of this idiot!

"You need me not the other way round!"

I say then walk away. Just as I'm walking something tells me to turn Dylan is mad pink coming at me with his knife. I manage to push him to the floor then get on top of him pulling his knife out of his hand

"You don't want to do this bruh"

I warn as he curses at me telling me to get off of him

"Calm down or this will get messy"

I say with his hands held down

"Gugu zishapi?"

Asks Khuselo my good old friend


I say looking up at him. He pulls me up from Dylan and pushes me aside

"Go! You don't belong here"

He says to Dylan

"We not done"

He says picking his knife up. He walks away leaving me to explain

"And that?"

Khuselo asks pissed 

"That is none of you business"

I say walking away from him

"It is if you hanging out with the wrong crowd. Is this why you distanced yourself from me? So you'd fight coloureds and become a certified thief?"

He asks catching up to me I stop and chuckle sarcastically

"Whatever man"

I say and resume walking he grabs my arm

"Nigga what's the deal with you huh? We friends. There's nothing you cannot tell me"

He pleads I'm tempted to talk but the other part of me tells me to pull my arm away from him and head home once and that's exactly what I do. Head home and by Gods grace he let's me be

"You leaving. Today"

Dad says the minute I walk in

"Excuse me?"

I say. I must have heard him wrong

"You going to my sister today. Your mother has already packed for you the things you'll need"

He says and walks out

"Dad I can't. That's not fair"

I say pleading

"I wasn't asking you Gugulezwe. I am telling you. No son of mine is going to die because he can't choose his friends. Go wash up so I can drive you to the bus station"

He says. I'm dumbstruck why all of a sudden?


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