Love And War Season 1: Chapter 3


"Honey I'm your mother there's nothing you do that I don't know off. 

I know things about you even your best friend doesn't know"

She starts and best believe she has all of my attention

"I love you baby and it pains me that you went through losing a baby alone without us"

She says and I'm shook she knows that

"Yes I know. But Gugu you should have told one of us you should have never went through that alone"

I chuckle in disbelief

"How do you know all of this mom?"

I ask 

"Gugu there's a few of us like this in this world. I'm not a prophet I don't get premonitions or whatever but I am a normal human who is able to see things that my loved ones see and sometimes I see beyond things I should be seeing like seeing into the future or the past of a person if I look deep enough."

Mom says and I'm in awe of all this that she is telling me

"This was a gift my greater grandmother had its passed on"

She says

"Does this mean I'm gonna be like you?"

She shrugs her shoulders

"I don't know maybe some day or never"

She says

"I really hope you never get this it's a gift and a curse. For me it started when I was 10 I saw my parents death before they even died. It doesn't come as a dream I just zone out and the next thing I am seeing what the person is seeing. Mostly I see things that warn me of a danger that is going to happen and if I'm really connected to that person I am able to manipulate their thinking or doing or whatever just so that they are safe"

She says and all I can do is swallow hard because wow this is a lot to take in

"So what would have happened if I went to the mission?"

I ask and she chuckles sarcastically

"You would have probably died or ended up in prison"

She says unbothered

"But you know exactly what would have happened"

I say and she nods

"I'm not saying continue with this gangster thing because I would hate to have to bury you just yet. You smart Gugu you deserve to go to university and work towards that dream instead of giving it all away. Also stay away from your dead girlfriend's best friend. She is a parasite she is evil she is the reason your mission was going to fail"

She says draining the pot of water by the sink


I ask I'm curious. Shoot me

"She has the power to sleep with you and be able to use you for her own benefit"

She says

"So me washing cleansed me of whatever she infected me?"

I ask and she shakes her head

"Only one person can rid you of whatever it is she infected you with"

Mom says and now I'm confused

"You will know when you meet her udabs wakho ukucelile uyotyela I new year pha kwakhe"

(Your aunt asked you to go spend the new year with them)

I scratch my head dad's sister can be strict. She's nothing like my parents. She's married to a priest and their son is the complete opposite he does all these bad things I have no idea how many times he's landed in prison but he always gets out. His sisters and married to church boys and they live in PE with their husbands. I look at mom and laugh

"I'm not going there. That woman is fake mom"

I say shaking my head

"Honey you can't say such. She's a pastor"

Mom says calmly

"You and I both know she's as fake as they come"

I say and she chuckles

"Don't let your father hear you say that. Anyway you going and its not open for discussion"

She says taking off her apron

"You leave on the 26th"

She says. I have no argument left in me. I walk to my room and chat to a couple of friends 

I get a call from my cousin his name is Sakhile he's the jailbird. Same age as I am different birthdays. I answer

"Exe Gupta"

He says making me laugh

"Exe Sakza. Zishap?"

(Hey what's up?)

I say

"Heard you pulling through for the new year"

He says laughing

"I don't have a choice here"

I say annoyed and sounding it

"Heard you no longer a goody two shoes

pull through and we'll get up to no good together. I've been praying for this day you know"

He's excited rejoicing in my misery.

"Ay whatever man. I'll be there"

I say dismissing him

"I cannot wait!"

He says all excited

"Bye tour uncle is calling me"

I say ending the call to go eat. 

"So what do you plan on doing in Varsity?"

Dad asks the minute I settle down

"I don't know whichever course they accept me for"

I say with a shrug

"You need to be serious about your life Gugulezwe! Have you received any responses from any university?"

I nod


I say shoving a spoon in my mouth

"Well where?"

He asks sitting up

"UCT UP UKZN WITS UWC and a couple of others"

I say dad's astonished


I say with a smug




It's been a week since I started working at the supermarket and I must say I'm loving it atleast I won't end up selling my body to these thirsty old village perverts who think they own woman just to make ends meet. Mr Radebe might be one of those thirsty old men but thing is he's not old but I see him becoming one when he's old trust me I've heard rumors that he's dating a student from Grade10 who's on his class and they've been keeping it discrete but there's nothing you can hide from school kids you see when they suspect something especially a romantic relationship between a teacher and a student they are the best investigators a week is enough for them to collect evidence and present it I tell you. It's Friday my pay day well since I'm not a permanent worker here I get paid weekly instead of monthly. " Yati wena akukho lokungakufaneli"(There's nothing that doesn't suit you) I turn to look at who this is and I'm not surprised it's this annoying spoilt brat I don't entertain him but continue packing the baby formulas. "Utokwenta ngatsi awungivanga vele?"( So you'll act like you didn't hear me?) I sigh then turn around "What do you want?" He smirks "Nothing really" I huff did he really have to waste lemme see 45 seconds of my time? Do you know the things I could've had done in those seconds? "Nxxx" He laughs "So princess here can get angry?" He says folding his arms with a huge smirk on his face "Sabelo I'm busy if ungati kutsi ufunani ngicela kusebenta in peace"(if you don't know what you want can I please work in peace) He says nothing then I bend picking up the empty boxes he grabs them quickly. Oh Jesus I'm being tested. "Let me help you" "Did I say I want help?" He shakes his head. "No but I'm a gentleman it would be wrong to let you carry them by yourself " I fake a smile then take the boxes "Thank you " I get into the storeroom and leave him there saying whatever and quite frankly I don't care what he wants to say. I put the empty boxes with the rest then take the one with sweets in themthinking this is the last box I have to unpack today gives me joy I push the box out using my feet. "You still here?" I say as I see Sabelo standing by the door "We haven't talked?" "In case you haven't noticed I'm working and I've been asking you what is it that you want and you've said nothingso please" I push him aside walking away and he follows me "Okay fine ngicela siphume siye epark"(Can we go to the park) I laugh well I didn't mean to but it just happened and trust me you too would laugh if the guy who hadd bullied you all your highschool life has just asked you out imagine. "I'm busy" I said then walked away I just can't believe a guy asked me out Sabelo even my inner woman was doing some happy dance and I couldn't help but smile to myself guys this is an achievement. "That smile can only mean one thing" I almost dropped the sweets "Mrs Radebe" I said keeping composure did I mention that Mr Radebe is married? Well he is and apparently has 3 kids that we have never seen. "It's because of that boy neh?" I cleared my throat "Not really" She raised her eyebrows "Okay nawucedza lapho come to the office" "Sengicedzile"(I'm done) I say then pick up the box we walk to the office in silence and to my surprise we find Mr Radebe there I didn't know he was here I greet then he tells me to sit down and his wife leaves. "Here is your money " He says giving me an envelope I open it then start counting this can't be right "Uhm sir I think this is too much" I say then look at the money then back to him "No it's not it's exactly what you should be getting" I shake my head I swear even the permanent workers don't get this much "Sir it's R2000 isn't it suppose to be R1000?" He smiles "No that's what you'll be getting until you decide to stop working here that's it for the day see you Monday" Ohh I don't work weekends I reluctantly stand up then my phone rings its Bulo. "Babe " I say and the look Radebe gives me yey "Where are you?" "Ngiphuma emsebentini nyalo indzaba?"( I just knocked off why?) "Bengitsi ngiyakuhlangabeta I miss you" I haven't seen her since Wednesday and trust me it feels like two weeks. "I miss you tooita I'll wait for you outside" I say she agrees then hangs up I go get my bag say goodbye to everyone walking out and Sabelo is outside leaning against his father's 1400 Toyota I act like I don't see him and put on my earphones focusing on nothing on my phone. "Sebe" He says Lord take me now!


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