Love And War Season 1: Chapter 2


" Have fun tonight " I nod then open the door. "Sebe!" He shouts as I am about to close the door from outside. "Yes sir?" I ask peeping my head in he's already on his feet. "About tonight do you have clothes or money?" He asks getting closer my eyes can't help but see how big he is I swallow hard. "Uhm... No sir angiyi (I'm not going". "Why not?". "I just don't feel like it". "Go I insist" he takes out his wallet and gives me R1000. "No sir I can't take this ". He shakes his head "I want you to be like other kids" I look at the money and I know Bulo would be happy if ngihamba naye plus I have never went out partying so might as well tonight's our pens down and everyone is going excpet me. " Thank you sir " I say putting the money into my backpack. "Till we meet again" he says as I close the door and I say nothing. 

"I was sure you guys were having sex" Bulo says as I reach her and I laugh. "Uyahlanya"(you are crazy). "Benentani vele?"(what were you guys doing?). "Nothing that concerns that you I'm joking he gave me money to go to the pens down". She screamed so loud jumping up and down and she started planning what we are going to wear she was so happy and that made me happy too.

"Well don't you girls look proper?" Bulo's mother asks as she gets into Bulo's room. Well Nonjabulo has both parents and they love all of them to bits she's the middle one and the only girl there's an elder brother Sihle who's working in living in his own house Bulo then Mthokoziso who's 9 years. They all have been supportive and had my back since and I'm grateful we decided to get dressed at her house since it's more decent and stuff. "Please be safe and call Sihle atonilandza(to fetch you)". We both nod in agreement "Okay have fun". She hugs us and gives us kisses on our cheecks then walks out. "Your mom is the best yati" I say to Bulo and she smiles "She's your mom too you know?". "Ngiyati"(I know). "Let's go knock them out ". We take a few pictures with her phone she has a Samsung grand prime and I have a mobicel which takes pictures as if you were painted. I'm in a floral loose short sleeveless jumpsuit that Bulo chose with sandals and she tied my hair into a bun well forced it into a bun and I must say I look good with my brown lipstick on Bulo yena was in a jeanblack loose vest and black kicks. We might live in a rural area but every place has a tarven and that's where our pens down was by the time we got there it was packed already. "I don't know about this" I say to Bulo who looks at me as if I'm crazy. "It's too crowded in here I can't plus this thing is too short angeke". I turn back and walk away Bulo runs after me screaming I should stop and I bump into someone. "Ncesi" (Sorry) I say without looking when I look up it's Sabelo our annoying school president with his crew besides him I turn to the other direction he grabs my arm "Where are you going sweets?" I look at him then my arm. "Ngicela ungiyeke". He let's go "Iyakufanela lentfo loyigcokile"(This thing you wearing suits you) I feel violated by his statement that I say nothing but walk away and Bulo follows me. "Singahamba nawufuna"(We can go if you want). The first thing that comes to mind is yes let's go but I can't do that to her she has bent over backwards for me more times than I can remember it'll be cruel of me not to do this for her ke. "It's fine we can stay" Her face lights up "Really?". "Yes" She hugs me "Thank you Thank you!". She takes my hand then we walk back getting inside this time. That's what friends do for each other right? They get comfortable in uncomfortable positions for their friends ones who have had their backs since a few hours won't hurt.




I head out to meet the guys as my parents drive in


Mom shouts out the window

"Mom I can't stay

a few hours won't hurt.




I head out to meet the guys as my parents drive in


Mom shouts out the window

"Mom I can't stay I'll be back later"

I say walking away

"If you do this mission you will end up in prison"

Mom says I stop in my tracks. She gets out of the car

"I know what you've been up to and so far you've been playing safe until you let that child inside my house. Call the mission off!"

Mom warns I don't know how she knows what she knows but she knows.

"Mom I don't know what you talking about"

I say with a chuckle

"So you know nothing about the possibility of a robbery tonight at China Mall? I mean you won't mind staying home tonight and cooking right?"

She says with her arms folded how do I get out of this again? How does she even know all of this?

"Mom I have plans tonight"

I say scratching my head trying to find a way out

"Gugu I know you. You my son"

She says I sigh

"If you go on with tonight you will end up in prison and I would like for my son to go somewhere with his life meet the woman of his life and just be"

She says guilt washes over me. I love this woman with my all the last thing I want is to disappoint her.


I start off but she cuts me off

"I love you but if you go on with this you on your own!"

She says and then walks inside the house. I take out my phone and dial Dylan's number


I say after he answers

"Ekse my broer"

He says

"I hope you ready for tonight"

He says sounding really excited

"Listen shiit came up"

"Nie man nie!"

He says 

"Mom's is sick dude and dad is in the rurals. Let's do this another day"

I say and I hear him cursing he's pissed

"We can do this without you broer"

He threatens

"You can try but we both know you'll lose! Shut it down"

I say then end the call. I walk inside and mom is in the kitchen chopping stuff.

"Need help?"

I ask

"Shower first and then we'll talk"

She says. How does my mother know all these things? I head to my room to bath. When I'm done I go to the kitchen to help out dad is pretty scarce.


I say sitting on the high chair

"What do you want to know?"

She asks unbothered

"How do you know what you know?"


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