Love And War Season 1: Chapter 1


Its November and I'm done with exams. Thank God! I quit my job at Spar I think I've saved up enough for the festive. Philasande? Let's not even talk about her. We buried her and she's in a much better place.

We were too late she had lost too much blood and she got some womb infection which took her life quicker than it should have. That day I not only lost my first child my first love but I also lost myself and my life was never the same again.

I started distancing myself from my friends and started associating myself with your not so good people. Grief can do that to you but whatever happened I never lost sight of what's important and that's school.

I make my way to Hillcrest Township where my friends reside(new friends) and meet up with one of our members on my way there.

"Ekse Dylan sup?"

I say doing our secret handshake. He's coloured and the craziest in the squad and also the most dangerous

"Ya bruh what kind?"

He responds

"I was coming to check you guys what's new there?"

I ask turning around with him he puts his arm around me

"Nie maan. Daar's a bitch ek kan seen daar by Ncambedlana. Biae lekker by die eye"(theres this girl that stays in ncabedlana not bad to look at)

He says and I can't help but laugh at his broken Afrikaans he's badly trying to speak

"Stick to English and Xhosa fam you don't want to scare her away"

I say still laughing at him he laughs too

"Yah you right. Tonight we hitting that shop on the third street. Heard that one makes over a R1000 a day"

He says

"Why don't we hit the Chinese? I mean they make way more money and I've managed to hack into their security system and trust me its weak!"

I say with a shrug he looks at me and smiles

"You see why I like you prettyboi"

That's what he calls me I used to hate it but now I'm Ok with it.

"You up for a smoke?"

He asks taking out his cigarette and a lighter I nod. Yah I smoke now


He takes out another and gives it to me we light them up and start puffing over light conversation about tonight. 

Eventually we go separate and I go to the squad and we all greet each other.

Tino is like the second in command been in and out of juvie a couple of times doesn't really like me much as he believes I'm here to take his place and am nothing like them. Not that I have anything to him.

Daniel is the one you go to for weapons and anything that can inflict pain on the next person. There's nothing he doesn't have

Lukhanyo can still any car anywhere at anytime and til date he's never made any mistake of getting caught.

And then there's me the self taught IT guy. I can't really say I'm adding much value in the squad but hey they seem to believe they need my brains and who am I to argue right? As long as my work doesn't go to waste.

We chill in the corner and I update them on the plan

"Does Dylan approve?"

Tino asks while biting on a match stick I nod

"Met him on the way here. He's down for it"

I say proudly

"Plan sounds lekker and the money we'll be walking away with"

Says Luks all excited

"Do you even have a plan of how to do this? That place has cameras alarm we could get caught"

Says Tino

"Listen I've planned everything out got all the things we need. We good don't worry"

I say patting his shoulder I know how much he hates that

"So what's the plan?"

Asks Danny. I fill them in on how to go about it and soon they all excited except Tino. I leave and head home its empty. Just as I'm about to sit down there's a knock on the door. I open and its Thuthula she looks fine AF!


She says with a smile

"What are you doing here?"

I ask and she smiles

"I'm here to see you"

She says pushing me aside and letting herself in


I ask with a raised eyebrow


She says walking towards me. She tries to kiss me stupid ass me doesn't stop her. I know its wrong but nigga's been starving Ok! I push her to the couch and get on top of her while kissing her one thing leads to another and soon we both naked. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. We kiss while I take her to the bedroom. We fuck

until we both orgasm and then I tell her to dress up and leave. I'm a jerk whatever!




"Alright candidates pens down" says our Chief Invigilator Mr Radebe. I put my pen down and gather all my papers and put them in order as I wait for the invigilators to come collect the papers cause I honestly can't wait to be out of here. My paper is collected by Mr Radebe I roll my eyes as he comes to my side to collect my paper he looks at me and smiles honestly I want to puke right now. " This is it Sebe" I smile and nod my head. "I can't wait to get out of here " I say and force a smile hoping he gets this message. "And is every student in here please come see me after this" he says then walks away and I feel like the ground could open up and swallow me the looks I'm getting from everyone are enough to kill me might as well get buried. See everyone in this school including the teachersthe principal even thinks I'm dating Radebe cause I'm always in his office he even takes me home sometimes and even gives me money for lunch sometimes I won't lie I'm grateful he made my high school life atleast bearable but the downside is people think he's my blesser and he isn't not that he hasn't tried getting into my pants he has but I turned him down and made it completely clear that I'm not that kind of girl and he got the message and continued doing whatever he's doing for me without expecting that I open my legs for him. "Before you all leave I'd like to say a few words" Mrs Nkosi our principal says and everyone grumbles and she laughs. " I understand you no longer want to be here" everyone screams yes. "Well I won't be long I just want to wish you all well in becoming adults. I hope you all make the right choices for your lives so you don't end up in the streets nisitela maR2. Make us proud your parents proud and most of all yourself proud. Candidates we'll meet in January for your statements Farewell!". We all scream and clap hands as we stand to leave I scan my eyes around to find Bulo and she comes running to me like a child. "Finally we done with school I was seriously suffocating" she says fanning her face dramatically and I laugh. "I don't want to see myself in this uniform ever again." She rolls her eyes "You do know that you'll be wearing for June 16 soon moc?" I laugh " Wuuu never friend that trend long went to China so no."

"Asambe"(let's go)she says taking out her shades and putting them on. "Ngilindze Radebe utsite ufuna kungibona"(I'm waiting for Mr Radebe he said he wants to see me) I say and she rolls her eyes " Bengitsi sesiyicedzile indzaba yaloyo"(I thought we done with him). "Me too but I have to know what he wants". Bulo takes off her shades "Okay let's go wait for him but both of you owe me now I have to stop slaying it's not fair" I laugh and hug her "I love you ". "There's no way you wouldn't" she says sticking her tongue out we both laugh then hold hands walking to Radebe's office to wait for him there he never locks it I don't know why and surprisingly nothing ever gets stolen not that I'm saying kids from here are thieves but who can trust a bunch of high school kids?. Mr Radebe comes in after 20 minutes "Girls" he says sitting down after putting his jacket in the hanger and the suit really looks good on him infact everything looks good on him. Let me tell you more about Radebe here he's tall dark and handsome that's the basic he's muscular you can clearly see kutsi uyawati umnyango wegym (that he knows where the gym is) he has great taste in clothes always bald and has an o shaped beared and a voice that demands respect. "Sir" Bulo and I say in unison. "Bulo can I talk to Sebe in private please?" Bulo looks at me and I nod." You'll find me by the benches" she says standing up we wait for her to close the door then I turn my attention to Radebe he clears his throat. "Where to from here?" He says "I don't know ngitofuna umsebenti maybe angati " I say honestly cause I really don't know where to vele I don't even know what I'll wake up tomorrow and eat or even do. "Have you applied though?" I nod "Yes I applied at Wits UKZNUCT AND UP". "There'll be begging you to be at their universities don't worry Sebe you are a very good student. Any bursaries?" He asks and I'm starting to get annoyed ngifuna kuphuma la (I want to get out of here). "Yes sir NSFAS only." He nods "I called you here to offer you a job at my supermarket" oh I forgot to add business man to his description he owns a few supermarkets around and he's loadedtrust me anyone who owns a supermarket in the rural areas is loaded. "Really sir? Ngiyabonga sir " I say unable to hide the excitement this means I'll be able to get clothes for christmas and food. "Yebo utocala (you'll start) whenever you are ready" he says smiling "Even today?" He laughs "Today you go celabrate even the whole week you need to relax it's been a long year. You can start next week Monday." I smile "Thank you so much I won't disappoint you I swear". "I know you won't" I smile then stand up. "Usalekahle (goodbye)".


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