It Was Never Love

Author : Sandisiwe Gxaba

Genre :Fiction

Description :

PROLOGUE-OLUNJEEveryone is different from the next person. Sadly, I had to accept that at a somewhat later stage in my life. Growing up I always thought myself to be normal and nothing less. I never noticed anything wrong with my behaviour until I was forced into a mental institution where I was diagnosed with Bipolar. Now the minute we hear the word Bipolar we bound to think “Crazy” but that’s not me. I’m not crazy or at least I don’t believe I am. Why would I be crazy anyway?I grew up with my grandmother, she’s always been a strict woman but she’s very sweet, loving and caring. My grandmother goes to the ends of the world for me and has lived her life for me and me only. My mother is married to a thug or at least that’s what everyone calls him around the neighbourhood. She and I don’t have much of a relationship because my grandmother refuses to be associated with such as it will taint her reputation in church… her words not mine. You see grandma and mom had a great relationship, they were the best of friends until mom met Sabelo and then married him within 3 months of being together. Granny was livid, she threw her out, cursed her and called her all sorts of names and told her never to set foot in her house again and that’s what she did, she never set foot again and ended up disowning me in the process. As for my father, grandma tells me that he was a bad man who did bad things to good people, I think there’s more to the story than she lets on but I was taught to never question my elders as it is a sign of disrespect. I don’t have many friends, it’s not that I don’t want friends but I can’t handle friends. It’s not easy for me to be around a group of people and sit and socialise with them because I find some of the things they talk about useless and stupid if I may say. I don’t like how they speak about the girls in school, I hate how they speak about Anam Ndamase in particular. Anam is a catch and every guy in the school wants a chance with her but none of them have had the courage to approach her because they are scared of her friends. Like any normal guy in school, I’ve had a thing for her from since we were kids but I don’t think she sees me the way I see her. She’s an amazing girl with a big heart and everyone around here loves her for the person she is. She is the kind of girl any mother would be proud of to have as a daughter and the kind of girl I would want to make my wife someday. I used to have a huge crush on her which then developed into feelings for her and I haven’t had the courage or the guts to approach and try pursue a relationship with her because I am terrified of what she may say to me. I’m afraid of rejection, after having lost my mother I was never the same again. It was like she sparked something out of me and turned me into somebody else until I met Anam. She gave me sanity, a piece of mind. She taught me a lot of things and all those things were the reasons I fell in love with her and got to a point where I was obsessed and possessive of her but that’s a story of another day.Life in Tshani is not easy. It’s a small place where everyone knows everyone’s business, news around here travel faster than lightening because there’s not much to do either than to sit all day and gossip. Mthatha is like +-2 hours away and that’s the closest place where one can shop and buy groceries and other things… either than Ngqeleni of cause which is not a big place with many places to buy anything really. We mostly have your typical Chinese clothing shops and Boxer and Spar for groceries so we opt for going to Mthatha instead. That’s just a bit about where I come from but now things are different, Anam is no longer in my life, she has a life she is living in the states with her boyfriend Marcel and as for me? I live in East London and life in East London is amazing. Here I’m normal, here nobody holds the stuff I did to Anam against me as a matter of fact I got a chance to start over and just forget everything that happened. I am doing my third year in Analytical Chemistry Walter Sisulu University Potsdam campus and my life is ok, I haven’t met a girl who brought out the side of me Anam did until now. I am Olunje and if you have read The Sands of Tshani you will get a bit of who I am and the kind of person I was and I am now 21 years old and this is my story

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