It Was Never Love Chapter 5



She side eyes me “what do you mean first real kiss?”

I shrug “I’ve never had a boyfriend before and I’m still a virgin mom what do you think?” I say

She laughs her ass off not that she didn’t know but I think she always thought I was joking around when I told her all these things in the past “you serious?” I nod “wow. I never thought you were I thought you didn’t want me to know your business I always thought you were making stuff up”

I shake my head no “besides it’s pointless getting into a relationship when I have the father I have”

She frowns “why?”

I shrug my shoulders “we both know dad already has someone he wants me to marry” I say

She shakes her head “that doesn’t mean you not allowed to have some fun here and there so what if your father has someone for you? you’re in university you should be having the time of your life and not feeling trapped or whatever” she says and sigh “just have fun with a contraceptive method” she says

I can’t help but laugh my mother is too much! “I am giving you up for adoption. No mother should be this open” I say

She chuckles “am I so wrong for a wanting a relationship with my daughter?” I shake my head “exactly so tell me about this boy I want to know everything” she says


“uhhm he’s older than me”

“obviously” she disturbs

“wow whatever mom. Anyway he’s from a village in Ngqeleni called Tshani he’s doing his last year in my course. I met him looking for my first class and yeah” I say

“what’s his surname?”

I try to think “he never told me”

She looks at me by now we driving past Hemmingways mall “so you two kissed but you don’t even know his surname? What if he’s my distant nephew or something?”

I chuckle “is that a trick question? You were the only child and dad may have not been the only child but I think I’d know if he and I were related mom”

She side eyes me “if you say so. So keep talking”

“uhhhm I don’t know what else to share. He was raised by his grandmother; his mother is in his life but not the way you are involved in mine. They cool with each other I guess. Uhhm I don’t know what else to tell you about him” I say

“what about his father?” she asks

I shrug “he doesn’t talk about him; I guess they don’t have a relationship”

She nods “I see. Whatever you do don’t get attached” she says

I look at her “why?”

“because baby he is meant to be a distraction when school gets too much. your life is already planned out for you” she says placing her hand on my knee

“I just need to follow the script right? ok mom” I say sulking

“honey I have tried talking to your father but everything he does is for you to have the future you want and not have to be dependent on a man who can never give you all the things you want” she says

“what about the things I need mom?” I ask

She shrugs and parks the car in front of the house “look we all have needs but sometimes we need to compromise. You’re the daughter of a multibillionaire you can’t just marry anyone” she says “you didn’t study all these years to settle for one car and a basic salary that can barely afford your lifestyle” she says opening her car door and getting out of her RR


If she and dad didn’t love each other the way they do I’d say she married him for the money but then again mom had her own money before dad came into the picture imagine two rich kids with their egos and everything because despite everything mom was and still is a spoilt brat but for some reason dad is able to get her to submit to him I guess its money and power and status


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