It Was Never Love Chapter 4


After the kiss with Chulu I headed back to my room Anda was the one who suggested that I give her something to think about when she’s home but looking back I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have what if I scared her off? I sit on the bed contemplating texting and finally I think against it and find myself cyberstalking Anam Ndamase Norris. Yep they married. It sucks but what can I do? Her baby is beautiful.


Who is Anam Ndamase?

Anam Ndamase is my first crush ever you can even go as far as saying she’s my first love. I never even loved anyone the way I loved Anam and that excludes my grandmother. Nam and I grew up together I’m talking best friend vibes. Things between her and I were good for 15 years or rather I was fine with being her friend as long as she didn’t get with any guy. I think I fell for her when I saw her at the beach changing into a bikini ok that’s a lie I fell for her long before but seeing her beautiful body in that way it made me look at her differently and from there onwards I just couldn’t stop thinking about her sexually.


You’d think that her getting rapped was going to be a turn off but I think her being broken and being the way she was got me attracted to her even more. I tried telling her how I felt but that obviously didn’t work in my favour because look at us today. She started dating Marcel Norris a rich kid from the states who has a home in Tshani and ever since he came into the picture things between us changed and we started drifting apart slowly until we were just people who know each other. Arguments and fights broke out and soon things between us were just dead.


The last fight that broke out led to me being banned in my village because I had stabbed someone and because of me stabbing him I had to run for my life or else they were going to hit me and stuff. I met Anam again in Ngqeleni well that’s a lie. I was following her and keeping tabs on her until I captured her I thought I was saving her to get her to fall in love with me or something at least but I guess that was wrong too. I held her captive for like a day or two before she was found. Through her captivity I stabbed my mother’s friend to death because she tried to return Anam to her own mother. I didn’t want that yes it was wrong of me but I wanted her to fall in love with me. I needed her to fall in love with me and as much as I tried it just didn’t work. That whole ordeal led to me being shot and from there I landed up in a mental institution and without the girl. That’s the story of my life I guess that’s how I ended up in a mental institution for loving a girl.


Now she’s married to a guy named Marcel and they have a daughter together. That’s life I guess well she had blocked me on every social media because of the incident but I have my ways of finding her and keeping up with her life and she seems happy seems like Marcel is keeping her happy and I’m happy that she’s happy but Anam will always be mine. I decide to take my burner phone and call her and the she answers after a while

“Anam Ndamase Norris speaking” she says

Her voice hasn’t changed it’s as innocent as I remember. So sweet and so cute like a sweet calm melody on a summers day. I breathe in and out taking her voice in. Yes I have an untraceable burner phone.

“Hello?” she says again

I can’t say anything I call her to just hear her sweet voice and now that I’ve heard it it’s safe to end the call. Grandma would kill me if she knew what I was doing. I go back on insta and I see her last post was a picture of her and Marcel and for some reason I want to smash my phone against the wall. I decide to dress up for the gym to distract myself from thinking about her. As I throw punches on the punching bag I keep telling myself that “God’s given me a second chance with Chulu. I need to make up for messing things with Anam and I need to do things differently with this one” I say with every punch and I can feel the anger subside slowly. I’m getting there. When I feel like I’ve done enough I wipe off the sweat and then head back to my room I take my clothes off there’s a knock on the door and before I can even respond the door swings open its Qhama a girl I used to screw back then whom I still screw every now and then but then again we haven’t had any since Chulu came into the picture

“Ever heard of knocking?” I say wrapping a towel around my naked lower body

“don’t stop on my account” she says smirking she bites her lower lip sexily and I can’t help but react.

Qhama is the definition of sexy I’m talking airhead kind of beauty. I don’t even know how she’s still in school considering the amount of times she’s gotten G7 in the university.

“what can I help you with?” I ask closing my wardrobe door

She smiles “I miss your dick. I miss riding you and feeling you cum inside of me”

Something about how slowly and seductively she says everything makes my dick go hard same time. I can’t help it it’s the effect she has on me

“the face you make when fill me up” she says pulling my towel down and it falls exposing my very hard dick with veins popping she swallows hard in appreciation

“wow” the word rolls out of my mouth unexpectedly as she grips my dick

She falls to her knees and takes me into her warm mouth she hasn’t even started doing anything and already I can feel myself wanting to cum it’s been so long ok? yes a week is too long for me. she starts stroking and sucking me

“FUCK!” I groan in my head I’m imagining Anam do all of this to me. The love I have for her goes deep. She keeps on sucking and rolling her tongue around my tip taking me to a whole new world. A world I haven’t been in in such a long time. I push her head deep grabbing her weave making her gag in between but she doesn’t stop me. she takes almost all of me in until I am ready to release. I pull her up and she stands up and I make her bend holding onto the bed I rip her lace underwear and push myself in without warning making her scream my name. I balance with my one hand slamming into her deep and she takes the other and starts sucking my finger taking it in and out of her mouth. Qhama could be a pornstar if she wanted to. starting to think this school thing was never meant for her because she does me good all the time. My room is filled with our moans and groans and we don’t care who’s listening to us as long as we are both pleasured in the end of it all. We screw until we cum but even so I haven’t had enough. I flip her around and pick her up placing her on the bed. I open her legs wide enough placing her legs on my shoulders and start going in and out while playing with her clit her insides are trembling her legs are shaking she’s going insane as I slam into her hard. She crying out my name begging me to go slower but I can’t. I need to have her how I want her until I’ve had enough. I cum inside of her and collapse ontop of her.

We both trying to catch our breath’s but it’s not easy this was one hot session from the last time we saw each other

“I don’t think I can walk” she finally says after a few deep breaths in and out

I chuckle “nothing wrong with that” I say


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