It Was Never Love Chapter 3


Olu is a nice guy but with the way he reacted to me going home ay mina I don’t know. I don’t understand why he would react the way he did but argh whatever. What’s with the second name anyway? I pack my things to their respective places and wait for mom to call and just as I’m done there’s a knock on my door I go open and it Olu the minute the door swings open he attacks me with a kiss I’m conflicted. I don’t think I know how to kiss it’s shocking but it feels good his lips feel good on mine and who am I to stop him? He breaks the kiss and leaves me hungry for me

“Enjoy your weekend Chulu” he says and then leaves me stunned by my door.

The way I’m so confused I don’t even know whether to run after him or let him be God men are frustrating I’m startled by my phone ringing and I’m pretty sure it’s my mother I grab it on the bed and answer it

“mom” I say

“hey baby I’m here second gate” she says

“coming now mommy” I say before dropping the call

I grab my purse and then head out locking my room. I get to her car and we share a hug and I kiss her cheek

“how are you beautiful?” she asks as she starts the car

“I’m ok mom thank you and how are you?” I ask “you glowing” I say

She giggles “its work”

I shoot her a look “really now?”

She shrugs “I don’t know what else you expect of me my angel I’m happy I’m having a weekend with my daughters we going to bond and just be” she says looking straight ahead

My mother is an effortless beauty I’m talking Kim K vibes in a more reserved manner and less dramatic. She’s just beautiful and has a body to die for sometimes I’m even jealous of her. for a 40-something year old she sure stays in shape… but then again when you married to a person who lives to make money you bound to my father is SA’s Gideon Cross or Christian Grey… business-wise I don’t know how he is behind the suits and the image he lives to uphold. He’s not a bad father we just don’t have a relationship that’s all.

“what’s your husband done now?” I ask rolling my eyes because I am certain it has something to do with him

“he’s retiring” she finally says sounding all excited

“he’s only turning 50” I say

She nods “I know but him retiring means we have more time to do everything we’ve always wanted to do”

I look at her “what about the string of companies?” I ask

“that’s covered already your sister will take over with the help of her future husband and it’s not like your father won’t be available to oversee his businesses every now and then” she says

“wow. that’s big I never thought he’d retire this early” I say

She shrugs “when you go into business with the Besses you bound to baby” she says

I nod “cool I guess but I still don’t understand why you are so excited the glow and everything else” I say side eyeing her

“had the best orgasm before coming here” she says unbothered by what she just said

“MOM!” I scold

She chuckles “oh please baby don’t act like you don’t know that we have sex”

I look at her with furrowed eyebrows “I know but I don’t want to have such images in my head the last time I couldn’t sleep for a week” I say


This one-time school had come out early and so I took a taxi home only to find my mom and dad busy having sex in the lounge it was the most disturbing thing I’d ever seen and ever since I call before coming home just in case I walk in on them again. It was so awkward at home dad could barely look me in the eye and as for mom she sat me down and told me to understand that her husband was leaving and she needed some before he left for his trip. IMAGINE!


She laughs “that was the best sex though!” she compliments with a smile on her face

“MOM!” I say “can we talk about something else”

She shrugs “you asked why I was glowing and I answered you mos” she says super chilled


“so how’s school? Any boyfriend?” she asks and I immediately smile thinking about the kiss with Olu “I take it there is” she says bringing me back

I chuckle “this guy who is our tutor kissed me today” I say

She smiles “how was it?”

I chuckle “I don’t know; it was my first real kiss mom”


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