It Was Never Love Chapter 2



People may look alike I mean mother and daughter may look alike even twins but for two complete strangers to look like twins separated at birth that’s scary. Chulu looks every bit of the Anam I’ve tried so hard to forget over the years. Its wrong. Taking her to class I keep stealing glances at her she’s so beautiful so innocent. I’m screwed!

“Thank you”

She says I just nod even her voices sound’s like Anam’s

“I’m sorry for being creepy but you relly look like someone I know”

I explain and she giggles

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you”

I nod. Its so strange I cant even keep my eyes off of her the way she’s so beautiful. I sigh at my thoughts of her and having called Anam upon seeing her for the first time.

“Is it the Anam you called me?”

She asks and I nod its no use lying if she heard me

“Here you go Miss Ngcobo”

I say stopping in front of her class and she smiles at me shyly

“Thank you”

She says and then walks in. I head to my classmates I’m not of a person with friends with my mental health on edge friends are the last thing on my mind.

“So who was she?”

Asks Lindo

“No-one you should know”

I say in a very protective tone she chuckles

“Whats up with you? She’s new and you don’t even know her”

He says and I feel anger boil up in me

“stay away from her ok. She’s mine”

"sans-serif"">“stay away from her ok. She’s mine”

The guys look at me surprised by my sudden tone

“geeez bruh relax we were just joking”

Says Khangelani I calm myself down. The last thing I need is going off at someone here in school and losing my cool. I’m not trying to go back to that place and seemingly Chulu might just be the reason I go back.


The next couple of days we spent them together and now its Friday ive asked to chill with her for lunch and she said yes.

“So today I’m going home”

She starts off I turn to her and stop eating. Ive been enjoying her company all week and seeing her face is everything


I ask unable to control my tone she looks at me surprised by my not so happy tone

“because I miss my sisters and parents”

She says slowly as if trying to understand my sudden reaction I chuckle

“Sorry for my reaction I just didn’t think I’d lose you so soon”

I explain and she doesn’t seem to buy it

“lose me?”

She asks and I realize my choice of words was not the right one

“you know what I mean I mean I enjoy your company”

I say jokingly but she’s still not convinced. I sigh

“So what time you leaving?”

She shrugs

“after my last class”

She says looking at her watch

“speaking of which I should go and attend now”

She says and she’s right its time for her next class. I walk her to class over light silly meaningless conversations


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