It Was Never Love Chapter 1


I am new yeah you don’t know me nor have you heard of me. Oh right I am a first year student at Walter Sisulu University and I will be doing Analytical Chemistry. Apparently it’s a difficult subject but I’m a proud person and I have never failed a day in my life so I’m pretty confident that I’ll pass.

My name is Chulumanco but my friends call me Chulu. I am a good girl that went to those “East London” schools why the quotes? Cause it’s those “white people” schools so yeah. Uhhm I am like an onion there’s many layers to me and I don’t like to reveal everything at once so hence you know me as we go along.

I come from a well-established family my life after university is already planned out for me where I’ll work who I’ll marry and just everything that sucks. I’ve always been a humble child and I respect my parents or rather I don’t have the guts to speak up to them and that’s ok its normal right?

Anyway because my life was planned out for me I have never dated in my life I am a virgin never kissed a boy or did anything that normal people my age should have done by the way I am turning 17 in a few days’ time. I have two other siblings an older sister and a younger sister who is now doing grade 11 and she and I are the best of friends. Actually my siblings are my best friends squad goals type of thing. Anyway you will get to know more of me as we go along.

“CHULUMANCO NGCOBO WE GOING TO BE LATE” shouts my older sister from the kitchen

I’m in the passage admiring myself making sure that I look good and I have everything I’ll need

“coming sis” I say running to the kitchen

“no running” she half shouts as I almost bump into the kitchen counter

“sorry” I apologize

if why I also don’t know because I’m the one who almost got hurt and not her

“excited?” she asks as we settle in the car

I shrug I really have no idea how to feel about starting my life because hello! Varsity is where it all goes down

I really have no idea how to feel about starting my life because hello! Varsity is where it all goes down

“I don’t know” I say playing with my hands

My heart is beating so fast from the running and the nerves it’s the first day of classes and I have no idea what to expect and as if that’s not bad enough I am moving into my room at res my things are already there.

“Chulu this is your chance to do everything people your age are doing embrace varsity and make the most of it because soon after you done you’ll be in prison. Here you are supposed to find yourself and just live ok?” says my sister

I nod “I will Litha don’t worry”

She smiles “how can I not my baby is going to varsity” she squirms excitedly

I look at her and laugh. Lilitha is the crazy sister we all love and is very rebellious while I am the angel and obey everything and as for Banele I don’t even know how I could describe her because it’s like she took both Litha’s and I’s personality. We are weird children because none of us are like our parents.

We drive to Potsdam bumping Taylor Swift over light conversations while I text my friends who are scattered all over South Africa. She drops me off at the gate and says her goodbyes. I am here now and I have no idea what to expect and I have no idea where to go. I walk in after showing my student card. I have no idea who to talk to I look like a lost puppy. I gather the guts to walk up to a security guard as it seems wise. I greet her and ask her the science department and she tries to direct me and for a second I think I got the directions or I’m too shy and scared to actually ask her to repeat them. I walk by the parking lot headed to the library I stand there frustrated as I don’t know whether to continue walking past the resource or to go down towards the classes I’m ready to cry even but I tell myself that I am going to be a big girl and not cry just this once

“Anam?” says a bold husky voice behind me I want to turn but I am shiit scared

“huh?” I say confused and not turning to him

“I’m sorry I meant is everything ok Olunje” he says coming around to the front. He’s wearing a lab coat and for a second my heart is at ease because then at least he knows where the department I am looking for is

“Chulumanco Ngcobo” I say looking up at him

Is it allowed for a guy to look this yummy? He’s not dark nor is he light skinned his skin is fair and for a second I am lost in his good looks I can barely utter anything until he clears his throat

“Sorry” I manage to say embarrassed

He chuckles “you seem lost” he says and seemingly he is unable to take his eyes off of me judging by how he is starring it’s even making me a little uncomfortable but I’m desperate

I shrug “I’m looking for AC department or rather where I’m supposed to have my first class” I say looking down

He places a finger under my chin and makes me look up at him “How am I supposed to direct you with you looking down?” he asks and for a second I feel stupid. First day on campus and already I’m an idiot “come I’ll take you to your class” he says


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