Chapter 9


We got done around 12 and Damon was already waiting for us in his car. We got in

Him: took you long enough. Who's the fine miss?

Siya: I’m Siyanda but everyone calls me Siya

Jen: and she's single too

Siya: geez Jen

Him: nice to know. You guys are done right?

Me: yes.

Him: so what is Siya going to be studying?

Siya: law

Him: great choice. I like this one already

Why was he going on and on about my friend? Wait why am I even bothered? I have a boyfriend and I’m happy… I tend to have conversations with myself in my head a lot.

Siya: what you also a law student?

Him: was baby girl. I finished last year. This year I’m a candidate attorney

Siya: wow so I can come to you whenever I need help?

Him: pretty much yeah. But I’ll also be tutoring here so you in safe hands

Siya: I feel safe already

Him: Jen where did you get this one from?

Jen: ask Mahle

Me: We go way back. Been friends since I was 8 and she was 9

Him: wow some people know how to keep friends. Siya how are you friends with her? You so chilled and she's so...

Siya: uptight?

Him: exactly

Siya: she's a great person when you get to know her. She's the sweetest thing ever

I smiled

Him: She's rude

Siya: you must have been an ass because she is never rude to anyone

Me: he's a rich jerk who throws his money around and goes around calling me typical and stubborn

Jen: that’s how you two know each other. So you the chick he bumped into?

Me: yeah pretty much

Him: the stubborn rude girl

Me: oh shut up

Him: let me drive you guys to your place I need a nap and some food

Siya: come have lunch at Mahle's place

Him: so she can spike my food and kill me? no thanks

Me: if I wanted to kill you I’m pretty sure you would be dead by now

Him: see what I mean

Siya: she's joking. She's harmless

Him: I’m not taking any chances

Me: suit yourself. Jen you joining us right?

Her: sadly nope. I'm going out with Jo

Damon dropped Siya and I at my place and he left. We got inside and Sage and Aya weren’t back yet. So I decided we just buy bread and chips from BP garage down the road. We came back to the flat and they were back luckily we bought large. But turns out Sage and Aya also bought the same stuff and dare I say BP makes the best fries I’ve ever tasted before! We managed to finish both and when we were done around 2 or so I accompanied Siya to her flat next to Davenport and I went back to my place. I decided to nap a bit. Around 5 Damon called me asking me to open for him.




I was standing waiting for Mahle. She opened looking super cute with her messy hair and bunny sleepers.

Her: what do you want???

Me: can I at least come in first?

She stood aside and let me in.

Me: thanks.

She led the way to a room opposite a bathroom. The room had 3 couches 2 singles and 1 double with a small glass table in the middle. There was a flat screen a dvd player and some speakers. It was pretty cosy girly and homely. She sat on a single couch and I sat on the double.

Her: why are you here?

Me: Because I can’t sleep at the flat 

Her: how’s that my problem?

Me: Jen and Meg aren’t home

Her: so you came here instead

Me: please can I crash here for a few hours?

Her: what about your girlfriend’s place?

Me: she's at work and she's not answering her phone

Her: fine. But 8pm you need to leave!

Me: fine.

The mini lounge and her bedroom were divided by a small double door. in the room was a double bed covered in white and purple linen with 2 pillows and a big teddy bear laying on the bed there was a mini purple throw on the bed her curtains were just like her linen and there was a table covered in a white cloth with a picture collage in the corner with what looked like a jewellery box and other girly stuff there was a long mirror next to it. The room was cute and girly but also with a woman’s touch (I suck with descriptions but I hope you get the picture). I was looking around the room

Her: You can sleep here

Me: thanks

I took my shoes off and got in bed. She took her teddy bear. I slept like a baby.




I decided to start on dinner while everyone was sleeping. Siya was going to come over around 7pm. I was going to make Bolognaise Mashed potato Green Salad and baby carrots. Sage walked in with the ingredients laid out on the table.

Her: need help?

Me: you can chop the onion and make the green salad for me please

Her: who are you trying to impress

Me: nobody I just woke feeling for a meal like this one

Her: I hear you. Siya seems like a cool chick I like her. When is she coming over again?

Me: she likes you too ey. She's coming over around 7

Her: awesome stuff

Me: so tell me I like her. When is she coming over again?

Me: she likes you too ey. She's coming over around 7

Her: awesome stuff

Me: so tell me Where’s your boyfriend?

Her: I don’t have one

Me: what???

Her: My last one turned out to be gay

Me: how did you find out?

Her: Well I can’t say the signs weren’t there but you know how we girls can be at times

Me: we always want to see good in people

Her: exactly. This one day he and I were at this club and I saw him flirting with the bartender

Me: you lie

Her: I wish. I ignored it and minutes later I found them kissing outside the club

Me: shame mahn.

Her: I was hurt but I was also glad at the same time because I just wasn’t in love with him anymore

Me: geeez why didn’t you just dump his ass?

Her: I don’t know. I guess I was scared to break his heart

she bit her lower lip

Me: oh come on! Seriously Sage

Her: Hey don’t judge ok.

We continued chatting and cooking. By half 7 we were done.

Sage: ok where's Siya?

Me: I have no idea. This girl and time don’t get along

She chuckled

Me: lemme call her.

I dialled her number and she answered after sometime.




I woke up around 6:40pm and fixed myself preparing to go to Ama's place. As I was walking out I saw a car that looked like my brother's but it couldn’t be his because he is in Joburg. I looked at the number plate and yep it was his. The car was playing music loudly it parked across the flat and I ran to the car. He came out of the passenger seat I screamed so loud in excitement.

Him: whoa hold your horses.

I jumped on him and he spun me around

Me: what are you doing here?

Him: I missed my twin.

Me: it hasn’t even been a week or a month

Him: so I should leave

Me: fuck no!

Sands: can I get my hug too?

We broke the hug.

Sbu: jelly makes you nasty

I went to hug Sands. He also spun me around then he put me down.

Sbu: where were you off to twinny?

My phone rang it was Mahle

Me: Mahle. I have to take this

I answered and told her I was on my way. Knowing her she was probably asking herself where I was. My friend is too damn punctual for my liking

Me: guys on the real why you here?

Sands: to visit you and my girlfriend

Sbu: and some Durban babes.... E.g. your flatmate

Me: forget it! She hasn’t arrived yet. Let’s go Amahle is waiting for me already!

We got in the car and headed over to Mahle's place.

Me: turn the music down the whites here are all about silence 

Sbu: fine

We got to the flat and I called Aya to come open because I didn’t want to ruin Ama's surprise. Aya came and she was also excited to see these two idiots. She opened for us and we headed to their flat they lived in the last floor flat 15. We got in and the kitchen was empty so we went to her room and I knocked.

Her: come in

I opened.

Her: was about freakn time you came yuh!

The guys came in and she jumped on her boyfriend. I went to sit next to Sage.

Me: That’s thee famous Sandiso and that’s my sexy ass twin

Her: well he really is a hottie.

They were all so excited hugging each other and stuff. Her room doors opened and Yummy Damon came out looking like he had just woken up. Damon was just a yummy you guys.

Me: I didn’t know you were here

Sands: babe who's this?

Mahle: Damon. He's our friend

Damon: hi I'm Damon. You must be Sandiso

Sands: uhhm yes. I'm Amahle's boyfriend

Me: can we all sit and eat please

Damon: Boobie thanks for letting me crash. I'll see you around

Damon has a nick name for Amahle?

Her: Stay for dinner

Sands gave her that "What the hell look"

Him: I wouldn’t want to impose. Maybe some other time. Bye guys Boobie please come open for me

Me: I’ll do it 

Mahle: thanks babe. Here’s the key.

Damon: thanks again Mahle. Bye.

The more Damon called her Boobie the more Sands cringed. It’s funny how jealous he was but it was also cute. We got out before trouble irrupted because Damon is trouble. We walked out

Him: you know I wanted Mahle to accompany me right

Me: I'm not about to let you ruin my friend’s relationship

Him: ouch! why would you think that?

Me: because I think we both know you interested in my friend and you will stop at nothing to get her. I know men like you

Him: oh is it

Me: you like a challenge and Mahle is a challenge for you

Him: you right I love a challenge but Mahle will fall for me on her own time. Wait and see

Me: Why her?

Him: why not her?

Me: Because she is not into you and she's innocent

Him: just my type

Me: please Damon. Leave her alone

He just winked at me and got in his car




Meanwhile in my room. Damon and Siya were already gone out.

Sage: So you the famous Sandiso?

Sands: the one and only

Sbu: and who's the lady?

Me: Sage. Back off Sbu she's not available

Sbu: why do you make me out to be a vulture?

Aya: because you are. Sage don’t listen to this one. He's a playa

Sage: I know how to handle those all too well

Sbu: she's perfect for me.

Me: Babe lets go get you guys something to eat.

I could tell he was uneasy about the Damon thing and I didn’t blame him. I'd also be mad to find a girl in his room a very hot one too. Like that Entle chick. We went to the kitchen He leaned on the counter and I went to stand in front of him.

Him: a friend? He calls you Boobie.

Me: he does? I didn’t notice

Him: Amahle!

Me: He took us to registration today and he needed to crash

Him: because he doesn’t have a place to stay?

Me: no because in his flat his housemates were making noise so I let him crash here instead. I figured I owed him for taking us to registration when he was supposed to be chilling today

Him: so he's not a student?

Me: he just finished law and now he's an attorney

Him: oh?

Me: there’s nothing between him and I. I swear

Him: I believe you babe but I don’t trust him.

Me: you trust me right?

Him: of cause

Me: that’s all you need. I'll never do anything to ruin this

He held my face and pulled me in for a kiss. It was just perfect. We kissed until we heard the front door open. It was Siya

Her: ncooooh my favorite couple

Him: shut up

Her: boner alert

I looked down and really he had a boner. I giggled.

Me: get out of here

She laughed and went to my room

Him: look what you done

Me: sorry

Him: you not sleeping tonight

Me: I am

Him: ha.a girl I’m not going to get a boner and then you tell me shiit

Me: we'll just have to see about that.

I dished up 2 plates for him and Sbu while he was telling me about registration and stuff and I told him about how my registration went I was also telling him about Jen and how crazy she was.


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