Chapter 8


I woke up as early as 6am and I had a thousand missed calls from Sandiso and Sbu. I called Sbu he answered after some time.

//Me: hey

Him: yah

Me: Sbusiso!

Him: what? I’m up!

Me: you called

Him: seriously? You woke me up to tell me I called you Amahle

Me: you left too many missed calls hello!

Him: hold up let me sit up

Me: fine

Him: ok I’m good we can talk. What’s up?

Me: I should be asking you that. You the one that called

Him: oh right. Sands is depressed. Says you not taking his calls

Me: what’s that got to do with you?

Him: see he's my brother and I don’t like seeing him like that

Me: where are you going with this?

Him: he fucked up and he knows it. As of today he will never see Sisanda again and that’s a promise

Me: except you the one making all these promises Sbu and not him

Him: so it would be better coming from him rather than me?

Me: yeah obviously. Look I’m not mad he's hanging with Sisanda; I’m mad he didn’t answer his phone

Him: does he at least know that?

Me: I didn’t give him the chance to explain

Him: maybe you should!

Me: fine. Thanks

Him: pleasure//

I must say talking to Sbu made me feel a little less mad. Maybe I overreacted. I decided to call him and he answered after sometime.




I received a call and I answered without looking at the screen.

//Me: hello?

Person: Sandiso

It was Bae. I sat up.

Me: hey you

Her: did I wake you?

Me: I was already up. How are you?

Her: I’m fine thanks and how are you?

Me: I’m good too thanks babe. I'm sorry about last night

Her: did anything happen between you two?

-I was hoping she wouldn’t ask me that. This is my chance to come clean. -

Me: promise me you won’t be mad?

Her: about?

Me: promise me first.

Her: fine I promise

Me: pinkie swear

Her: seriously Sandiso. Fine pinkie swear

Me: Sisanda attempted to kiss me but I swear to the good Lord we didn’t do anything. I threw her out of my car before she could even do anything.

Her: .....

Me: babe you still there?

Her: yes

Me: you mad aren’t you?

Her: you sure nothing happened?

Me: I swear on my life nothing happened between her and I

Her: ok fine

Me: huh?

Her: its ok. I believe you

Me: you mean that?

Her: yes I do. You would tell me if more happened right?

I swallowed hard.

Me: yes I would babe. There’s nothing between Sisanda and I and there never will be.

Her: ok great. So I saw your performance with Entle I love it

Me: you do?

Her: yes. You forgiven. It’s too cute and sweet to not forgive you!

Me: I love you Always

Her: And Forever

Her: Babe I have to shower ok

Me: geez you such a mood killer

Her: hahaha I have to go Rider. argh bye already

Me: i'll call you later ok

Her: Ok. Bye now//

Now all I need to do is delete Sisa everywhere in order to make my relationship work. I heard a knock 

Me: come in

Sbu entered with a towel wrapped around his waist

Him: judging by that smile Ama forgave you?

Me: yep. Now all that’s left is for me to delete Sisa's number and focus on my lady

Him: good boy! When we done registering lets go to Durban

Me: what are you crazy?

Him: I miss my twin and you miss your girl. Let’s go man

Me: you right thou. Let’s go and stay for a week

Him: cool stuff. Let me go get ready

Me: ayt

He left my room and I made the bed then went to shower. When I was done I did the necessary and wore black jeans black t-shirt and a black snap back worn backwards and put on some shades and red sneakers. I don’t know if you've noticed but I love black! I went to join my nigga in the kitchen who was eating a cereal. 




When I was done washing I opted for black shorts black loose vest and all maroon vans. I made my bed then took my stuff and went to the kitchen Aya was wearing a blue summer dress and a sandal.

Me: hey you

Her: morning babe. There’s milk on the stove if you want cereal

Me: thanks honey

Sage walked in wearing navy high waist shorts white crop top and white chucks.

Sage: Morning beautiful ladies

Us: morning

Me: love your shorts

Her: thanks babe. I love ya'lls outfits

Us: thanks boo.

Her: Aya you done?

Aya: yeah we can go babe

Me: already? what’s the time?

Sage: 7:40

Me: shiiiit! Where's my phone?

Aya: right next to you. What’s up?

Me: Damon's fetching Jen and I.

I dialled Jen and she answered immediately

//Her: morning

Me: hey you done?

Her: I’m still picking out an outfit. Come help me please

Me: Jen we late

Her: argh relax. Damon will be here at 8:20

Me: what? why?

Her: because he knows I take my precious time with everything.

Sage and Aya waved bye to me and I waved back.

Her: relax would you. I have someone holding the line for us

Me: really?

Her: yeah. I know people ok.

Me: fine

Her: finish eating and come over

Me: whatever//

I finished eating then went to her place. I knocked and she came to open with a towel wrapped around her body.

Me: you still naked?

Her: I don’t know what to wear. You look hot by the way

Me: thanks. Does that mean you also don’t know which bra and underwear to wear?

We were now in her room and she took the towel off.

Her: strapless babe

Me: I see. So what are your options?

Her: a short dress or shorts

Me: dress

Her: wedge or sandal?

Me: sandal

Her: wedge it is

Me: and the long lines?

Her: honey I don’t do modelling and get paid for it for fun

Me: you model?

Her: yeah I do runway for fashion shows

Me: well you're a busy one

Her: anything to spite my folks

Me: and why would you do that?

Her: it those rich parents that want to control you with their money so I’m tryna show them I can take care of myself

Me: wow.

Her: yep

She was now wearing her heels. 

Her: now make up

Me: who are you trying to impress?

Her: there might be some hot guys there so I need to look the part

Me: you already have a boyfriend

Her: there'll be days when he won’t be able to come and fetch me and I have to be at a photoshoot on time. HELLO!

Me: wow.

Her: yep. Damon is taken by you

Me: meaning?

Her: he has a thing for you!

Me: he has a super-hot girlfriend

Her: That b*tch 

Me: why would you call her that?

Her: because she is. She's slept with my boyfriend and brother while dating Damon

Me: and Damon knows?

Her: yeah

Me: and he's still with her?

Her: He says he wants to make her pay properly

Me: wow. 

Her: ok Done. Please text Damon and tell him he can come

I took her phone and texted Damon on WhatsApp telling him to come over and he said he was already downstairs.

Me: he says he's already downstairs

Her: please take my stuff and head down i'll be there in 5

Me: ok fine

I didn’t want to be alone in the car with him because he is very intimidating but what choice did I have and what reason was I going to give to Jen id I don’t go? I went down and went to the Aston Martin I had seen yesterday. I got in at the back.

Me: hi

Him: yah

Me: speak much?

Him: shut up much?

Me: oh

Him: sorry I have a splitting headache

He was so rude as he was not the person I was talking to at the beach just yesterday. I didn’t respond

Him: Amahle is it? I'm sorry I didn’t mean to be rude

Me: whatever Damon

Him: so where’s Jen?

Me: oh there she is

Jen was approaching the car.

Her: Dae

Him: Take the wheel

Her: Hangover?

Him: you have no idea.

Her: wow you trust me with her

Him: only cause I’m hungover

Her: mh. Buckle up everybody

Him: keep it down

She switched the radio on and played Taylor Swift's album RED

Him: Seriously?

Her: you know I love her

Him: I so hate you right now

Her: I know




I'm Damon Bess and I’m a law graduate at UKZN. I'm 22 this year. My girlfriend is Jade but she's a b*tch and I’m plotting just how i'll make her pay. I first met Amahle last December and then I met her again last week Friday and I must say she took my breath away but she's your typical stubborn Xhosa chick so I don’t know where exactly she and I stand because in all honestly I am taken by her and I don’t care who says what but she is mos def. going to be mine someday. I checked her out on Facebook and I found that there's this guy she's dating but the dude is in JHB and this nigga seems to be head over heels in love with her because he's forever declaring his love to her on her wall ok maybe not always but nigga has a lot of pictures of her on his Facebook its actually creepy. And judging by her responses on those pictures she loves him too. Argh puppy love. So cute. I turned to look at her and she was singing along looking super cute in her shades and all black attire. I turned the volume down a bit.

Me: do you even know where you going Jen?

Her: chill I was here just last week with Jo. Where is he anyway?

Me: He's passed out at the flat with your brother

Her: what about work?

Me: well your brother is the boss’s son after all

Her: dad is so going to kill him

Me: oh well I enter no where

Her: where's Jade?

I know she didn’t care about Jades whereabouts but she was asking for the sake of making conversation... Trust Jen to be like that. She's been nagging me about dumping her but I need it to be perfect so that when I’m done with her she loses everything and everyone. I know I’m heartless but she deserves it. She broke my heart and she needs to pay!

Me: she's at work. Mahle do you have a boyfriend?

Ama: yeah

Me: where is he?

Her: Joburg

Me: and you trust him?

Jen: not all guys are pigs like you assholes

Me: shut up I wasn’t talking to you

Ama: yes I trust him

Me: oh lucky him

Her: what’s that supposed to mean?

Me: a guy is guy ok. No guy would refuse free pussy all in the name of love and free pussy is EVERYWHERE in joburg Boobie

I call her that because she has cute perky breasts. I noticed the time I saw her at the club last December

Her: well he can

Me: whatever makes you sleep at night

Jen punched me

Me: what the f*ck?!

Jen: Mahle don’t mind him

Her: don’t worry I wasn’t paying attention to him

Jen: good or else you'll sleep with a broken heart because of this one

Me: Sorry Amahle

Her: whatever

Me: you really are a typical Xhosa

Her: excuse me?

Jen: and we here.

She said Parking.

Jen: let’s go babe

We all got out and they headed their own way while I went to sign up. I felt bad for behaving like a jerk to her but I couldn’t play Mr nice guy. I needed her to hate me in order for me to not pursue her she's too much of a good girl for an asshole like me. I needed to get over her before I fall for her hard. if she didn’t feel the same about me then I had nothing to worry about.


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