Chapter 6


My phone beeped indicating a WhatsApp message and it was a video from Sbu. I opened the video and it was Sands singing with this girl "When i first saw you". By the time the video was over I was in tears. The performance was just perfect 

Sage: are you ok?

Me: yeah it’s this

I gave her my phone and she watched it using earphones. When she was done she gave me my phone back

Her: who are they?

Me: my boyfriend and some chick they probably met at the club

Her: wow. He dedicated the performance to you. They have amazing voices 

Me: I know right.

Her: so??? Call him and thank him

Me: I will do just that relax.

Her: here you go

She said handing me a plate and we headed to the lounge in my room. my room was big but not that big and so were the rest. Aya came to join us and she sat on a single couch while Sage and I were on a double couch. I texted Sbu on WhatsApp

*/Me: thank you

Him: he made me record it for you

Me: thanks a lot. Who's the girl?

Him: She stays in the same building as us. Name is Mbalentle

Me: oh do thank her for me

Him: will do/*

I decided to call him. His phone rang but unanswered. I called him again and still nothing so I called Sbu. I went into my room and stood by the window. Sbu told me that he was driving Sisanda to her place un Braam or whatever. I was mad. what was Sisanda even doing in JHB? You see the problem here is that the minute I Sbu mentioned the two of them together I was reminded of what she once said about how Sandiso will never change. I searched for Sisanda's contact and I called her same time




Sisa and I were chatting while her phone was navigating the way to her flat. Her phone rang

Her: It’s your girlfriend

Me: answer it and put it on speaker

Her: ok

//Sisa: to what do I owe this unpleasant call?

Ama: where’s Sandiso?

Her: how should I know?

Ama: Sbu told me he drove you home. Now where is he?

Her: he's busy. Try calling him on his phone

I parked on the side and grabbed the phone and put it on hand held.

Me: Beautiful

Her: seriously Sandiso

Me: babe we met at the Café and it was too late for her to catch a taxi home

Her: I know JHB has cabs!

Me: they expensive

Her: you could have loaned her cash if you care so much

Me: babe come on relax. There’s nothing between Sisa and I ok

Her: I never said there was 

Me: except you implied it babe. Relax ok

Her: wow

Me: I’m sorry me driving a friend home upsets you

Her: oh she's your friend?

Me: come on Muhle you know what I mean

Her: no its fine. Take your friend home Sandiso and be busy together

Me: seriously Amahle?! There is nothing between us!

Her: why didn’t you answer your phone when I called you?

Me: it was in my pocket on silent

Her: I’m supposed to buy that right

Me: I wasn’t selling it

Her: OH!

Her: Fine Sandiso//

Me: Amahle?

I checked the screen and it said call ended. -Dammit! - I took out my phone and dialled her number

Sisa: I’m sorry

Me: just don’t ok!

It rang and she didn’t answer. I tried 5 more times and still nothing. I put my phone back in my pocket and gave Sisa hers and started the car

Sisa: I really am

Me: you just had to Sisanda

Her: I didn’t know little missy couldn’t take a joke

Me: you don’t make such lame jokes to someone you once dated their boyfriend

Her: we were friends before you two even dated Sands. I thought she and I were cool

Me: just drop it ok

Her: no how about we talk about it Sands. You loved me. What happened?

Me: you slept with my best friend

Her: unintentionally

Me: a dick does not enter a vagina unintentionally Sisanda! 

She looked down.

Me: how was it?

Her: does it matter?

Me: How was it?

Her: nothing compared to yours

Me: you lying!

Her: I’m sorry Sandiso. If I could turn back time I would

Me: except you can’t and what’s done is done!

We got to her place. I didn’t even switch the car off.

Her: Sandiso please

Me: we here. You can go

She unbuckled her belt then she turned the engine off and got on top of me and adjusted my seat back

Me: what are you doing?

Her: apologising for screwing things up

Me: get off me Sisanda

Her: you know you don’t mean that

she said attempting to kiss me and I pushed her off.

Me: Sisanda get the fuck outta my car

Her: what?

Me: you heard me. Get out!

She got off me and took her stuff and got out. This girl was a temptation! I fixed my chair and drove off to my place. I had a lot of explaining to do. Amahle can also be dramatic for no reason thou. I told her I wouldn’t cheat on her now why is she acting some type of way?


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