Chapter 4


We went to Jack Rabbits and we ordered and ate some good food. For the very first time I drank wine and I was actually nice. It was sweet rosé; it was red. Damon's girlfriend ordered the wine. Damon gave me an intimidating look as Jade poured me a glass. God why was he looking at me like that? 

Her: so how is it?

Me: it’s actually nice

Her: I told you so. Never doubt me

Me: I never will. Never again

Her: we'll get along just fine. So how did you and this one meet?

Me: he bumped me at Ushaka last year at spur

Her: oh so you the typical stubborn Xhosa girl

Me: oh is that what he calls me?

Her: no offense

Me: non taken. My friends call him the white jerk from Spur

Her: touché 

We clicked our glasses

Dae: what are we toasting to?

Megs: share

Jade: nothing guys chill

we laughed and clicked our glasses again

Her: so what are doing here in KZN?

Me: I’m going to be doing my 1st year at UKZN Howard campus Bsc in Land Surveying

Her: Oh wow Damon did his law there now he tutors there part time

Me: really?

Her: he can always give you a lift or better yet he can take you to register Monday he's free 

Me: I don’t want to impose on his free time

Her: I’m sure he won’t mind. Babe

Him: yes?

Her: Amahle needs a lift to Howard tomorrow

Him: ok?

Her: so you'll take her right?

Him: fine. Be ready at 8am

Me: ok thanks

Jen: I’ll catch a lift with you guys tomorrow

Him: anyone else needs a lift?

They laughed at him

Him: I guess no-one does then

Meg: let’s just eat and go home

We ate and we engaged in the conversation everyone else was having around the table. The waitress brought the bill and Andrew took care of the bill apparently it’s something they did. Next time they went out it was going to be someone else and so on and so forth.




I could feel tension between the two girls sitting beside me and boy was it fun.

Sisa: I should go already

Me: so soon?

Entle: yeah so soon?

Sisa: Yeah I don’t know my way around here yet so yeah

Me: I’ll drive you to your place stay a bit

Her: really?

Me: only if you'll direct me

Her: I don’t really know the directions well

Me: its ok I’m sure Entle will know where your place is. right M?

Entle: Excuse me what?

Me: you'll drive us to Sisa's place?

Entle: Oh

Sisa: its ok I can go on my own

Entle: bye

Me: I can’t let you do that. We'll google the place or ask Suri for directions

Her: oh thank you Sands you the best. I need to use the ladies

please excuse me

She got up. I was left with Entle

Her: "oh thank you Sands. you the best"

She imitated how Sisa spoke. I laughed

Me: you totally jealous

Her: no I’m not. That girl creeps me out that’s all

Me: She's super nice if you get to know her

Her: I don’t plan to. I just don’t like her that’s all. Hey there’s Ash and Sbu

Me: where?

Her: by the door*she waved her hand and they came to join us*

Sbu & Ash: hey guys

Us: hey

Me: dude did you know Sisa is studying here

Him: no ways

Entle: buddy lets go get you a drink

Ash: uhhm Cool

Sbu: get me a glass of Hennessy please babe

Her: ok boo

She kissed his cheek and they left us

Me: she's in the ladies as we speak

Him: dude don’t do anything I wouldn’t do

Me: that being?

Him: you and Mahle have something good going on. Don’t ruin it

Me: Relax dude we won’t do anything

Him: dude please. Don’t hurt her

Me: I wont ok




Ash and I walked to the bar. I wasn’t happy with this Sisanda character I felt like she was throwing herself at Sands for some reason or maybe I was just jealous that he wasn’t paying any attention to me

Her: hey you ok?

Me: I think I’m falling for Sandiso

Her: I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! 

Me: quit it Ash

Her: so what’s the problem?

Me: He has a girlfriend and then there’s this ex of his Sisa-something who clearly still has something for him

Her: and you don’t think you can take her?

Me: she has him by the balls friend

Her: surely it can’t be that bad

Me: trust me it is they have history and he and I only share memories. You know today I saw him in his briefs and he saw me in my underwear

Her: and you didn’t attack him?

Me: I wanted to so badly but I didn’t want to be that forward girl you know

Her: I hear you. And this girlfriend of his?

Me: she's in Durban

We ordered the drinks and headed to the table

Her: if you really wanted him friend you would have him

Me: you think?

Her: you're irresistible babe

We got to the table. and handed Sbu his drink they were chatting and laughing with this Sisa chick 

Sbu: thanks. Ash have you met Sisanda? We went to high school together

Ash: oh hi nice to meet you

We sat down

Sisa: nice to meet you too Ash. I love your shoes

Ash: thanks

Sands: are you still going to perform?

Me: 1 last song

Him: let’s do it together 

Me: really?

Him: yeah. how’s Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx when I first saw you?

Me: perfect choice. I love that song

Him: you love any song I mention

Me: I bet you can’t even sing

Him: baby girl I will school you 

Sisa: and he really will. He was the school's Chris Brown because he did it all

Him: oh come on Sisa Entle didn’t need to know that

Ash: you two are going to sing together?

Me: yeah

Sbu: you two are going to kill it

Me: we should go rehearse

Sisa: already

Me: yes

I took his hand and pulled him back stage


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