Chapter 2


It was Friday night around 10pm. We got to the club and Sbu bought the first round of drinks my nigga and I drank expensive alcohol. I’m talking Cîroc Hennessy Belvedere Jameson and all those other stuff but I wasn’t planning on getting super hammered so I settled for just Cîroc. Sbu and this chick were busy dancing and having fun I regretted coming to this place. This chick came to join me; she was beautiful even prettier than the Ashley girl. She was a dark beauty with expensive weave on wearing black leather shorts and a grey tank top vest with silver heels.

Her: You not from around here?

Me: that obvious?

Her: I perform here every Thursday to Sunday

Me: don’t you lose your voice?

Her: If I drink water with honey and lemon I survive

Me: where are my manners. I'm Sandiso Langa

Her: I'm Mbalentle khumalo. So why are you here alone? Where's your girlfriend?

Me: What makes you think I have one?

Her: Because a prettyboi is never single

Me: so you think I’m pretty?

I gave a cocky smile and she blushed. Feels like high school all over again. A few pickup lines and suddenly she’s eating out of the palm of my hands. She was adorable and all but I love my girlfriend.

Me: where's your boyfriend?

Her: what makes you think I have one?

Me: Because a pretty girl is never single

Her: hahaha now you using my words against me

Me: hahaha what can I say...

Her: well I don’t have one we broke up last month

Me: too much info for someone you just met

Her: you seem trustworthy enough

Me: thanks for the compliment... What can I get you?

Her: nothing I drink after I’m done performing 

Me: mmmh. What are you going to sing for us today?

Her: stick around and you'll find out

Me: mmmh

Her: where’s your girlfriend?

Me: Durban

Her: Long distance... Mh

Me: what’s that supposed to mean?

Her: I don’t know about you but I don’t trust easily. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up because of that

Me: why don’t you trust easily?

Sometimes it’s not that you interested in knowing about the person but you just got to play nice and act like you interested

Her: my heart's been broken too many times

Me: that’s why we don’t commit to one

Her: and your girlfriend?

Me: she's my first serious one

Her: she's a lucky one

Me: I’m the lucky one

Some came to whisper in her ear and then he left.

Her: I have to go get ready

Me: and your number?

Her: stick around and you might get more than just a number

Me: I like you already

she blushed and she left. Sbu and Ash came to join me and Mbali was called to stage. She sang so beautifully; her voice was of an angel. with a voice like that she was going places I swear. When she was done she came back to join us. Turns out she and Ash were Flatmates. When she was done performing she came to join us and we started drinking and having lots of fun. Around 3am we went back to the flat I was driving I was now sober but not as a judge. Life in JHB was going to be fun I tell you. The following morning I woke up around 12 and took a cold shower it was refreshing AF. Sbu was still sleeping so I decided to order us pizza I tried calling Mahle but her phone would ring and go straight to voicemail. Was she still mad at me? But I didn’t give up n calling her. When the pizza came I went to wake Sbu up so we could eat. The rest of the day we went grocery shopping with Ash she was showing us around Jozi. 

//Me: hey Muhle

Her: hey you

Me: I know I said I would call except last night it got too lit and I couldn’t call you babe. I was beyond drunk

Her: its ok really

Me: so you not mad?

Her: why would I be?

Me: I don’t know really

Her: so how was last night?

Me: it was great. Taboo was awesome except I miss you so much

Her: I’m glad you enjoyed. So what did you guys do today?

Me: sight-seeing and grocery shopping. You?

Her: did some shopping and I miss you too

Me: let’s see what you bought. I’m sure you bought the whole of Gateway

Her: geez I’m not that much of a shopaholic hawu

Me: if you say so miss

Her: babe I’m tired I’m even in bed

Me: so you wanna sleep?

Her: if you don’t mind. I promise I’ll make it up to you

Me: its ok you can sleep my love

Her: I love you

Me: I love you more//

I went to Sbu's room and he had some company. Ash

Him: knock much?

Me: I didn’t know you had company. Hi Ash

Her: Hey Sands

Him: what up?

Me: never mind dude

I went to my room and figured lemme sleep because I knew my nigga was gonna get some tonight. I took sleeping pills even incase that Ash chick is a screamer in bed. The following day I found Ash in the kitchen wearing Sbu's tee.

Me: morning

Her: hey. I’m making breakfast can I count you in?

Me: yeah sure

This girl was S-E-X-Y AF*. she had legs for days yoh

Me: nice legs

Her: thanks

Me: where's Sbu?

Her: I think he's in the shower

Me: oh cool.

I sat on top of the counter while chatting with Sisa on WhatsApp. Turns out she's in JHB too and she stays in Braam we were talking about going out for lunch and stuff. She was going to study at some drama and arts school. Sbu came to join us in the kitchen and I left them there to shower. When I came back they weren’t in the kitchen but I heard some giggles coming from his room and I found a plate covered with another plate on top of the counter I took it and went to eat in my room. Entle called me

//Her: hey

Me: hey Entle

Her: you sound shocked

Me: you got me

Her: what are you up to? I’m bored and my roomie didn’t come home last night

Me: she's here with Sbu. What did you have in mind?

Her: let’s go ice skating in Manlyn Park

Me: that’s in Pretoria

Her: so?

Me: let’s go bowling instead

Her: fine. Come fetch me when you done

Me: you got it. //

I got dressed in navy skinny jeans white tank top and red Jays with a navy NY cap. When I was done I took my wallet phone and keys and headed to her flat. She was wearing red bum shorts white vest and Navy cap and navy Jays.

Me: you so fake

Her: no you copied me

Me: then go change

Her: NO ways

Me: fine whatever. You done?

Her: obviously. Let’s go

Me: you look good

Her: thanks prettyboi

We drove off to Rosebank Bowling club all eyes were on us it was creepy really. We went to get shoes the chick there said we made a cute couple and we didn’t argue with her we just said thanks. We took lots of pictures; she was terrible at bowling shame. I taught her how to play.




She took out her laptop and modem and set things up while I texted the girls on WhatsApp to set up their stuff and soon we were good to go.

//Us (Aya & I): hey lovers

Siya: Bitches

Karen: hey lovey’s

Alex: babies

Me: Siya when are you coming here?

Siya: tomorrow babies chill.

Aya: I miss you guys

Alex: you just saw us today babe

Kay: I miss ya’ll too. Monday I’m going Cape Town

Me: that’s exciting. Cape Town is beautiful

Alex: Guys I got a bursary to study medicine at Unitra. 

We all screamed.

Me: didn’t we tell you to chill everything is gonna work out

Her: you did and thanks guys. Thanks for having my back?

she was teary

Aya: hey don’t cry.

Kay: yeah don’t cry. That’s what sisters are for. Now you can get that Degree and be my personal GP

Alex: I won’t disappoint you guys and that’s a promise

Siya: guys quit it you gonna make me cry.

Me: me too let’s talk about something fun

Aya: like you meeting a “white HOT jerk” (she drew inverted commas)

Kay: what???

Siya: what about Sands?

Me: like she said that guy was a jerk plus I love my Sandiso. I wouldn’t cheat on him even if Chris Brown asked me out

I’m a huge fan of Breezy

Alex: ooooh…. Hahaha I’m glad to hear that because Sands is mad about you.

Me: yeah I know he does

We continued chatting til 2am. //

It was now Saturday

Mom came to wake us up.

Bomi: girls wake up

she pulled our blankets off

Me: Bomi mh.m

Her: wake up girls we have a lot to do today!

Aya: ha.ana

Bomi: what time did you guys sleep?

I raised 2 fingers up

Bomi: 1 more hour okay?

Aya: thanks

She mumbled under the blankets. Bomi left our room.

After what was probably an hour or 2 we were woken up again.

Tee: ha.a girls wake up now. We have to leave Durban at 3pm kaloku.

Aya: fine. Chomp lets go shower.

Tee: thank you. Go together I’ll make the bed so long

Me: thank you tee

I said kissing her cheek. We washed. We went to Gateway mall in Umhlanga rocks we shopped for clothes because Varsity thangs! We then went to get groceries and then went to Rocco Mama’s for something to eat by then the time was 1pm. We ate then left at 2 because parents needed to show us where DUT and Howard was so yeah. You must be wondering why I chose UKZN over Wits or UWC. Well because those places are both far from home and I get home sick easily and plus my besties were studying here in Durban so yheeyi. As for Bae he was planning to apply here but at DUT though for IT. we got home and we helped the moms pack up and leave. We bid farewell to our ladies and went inside. We were renting a 3-bedroom flat in ELLAN VANNIN. When we got inside I went in to my room and decided to call Oldie.

//Me: Hey Oldie

Him: hey youngie long time

Me: only because you decided to dump my little ass

Him: come on Phelo I wouldn’t dare do that to you. How’s Durban?

Me: it’s not my first time here you know

Him: but it is your first studying there thou

Me: good point. It’s a beautiful place mahn I think I’m gonna like it here

Him: better behave there chomp

Me: don’t I always. Anyway how’s the Cape? You must be excited Kay is coming that side huh

Him: yeah I can’t wait. I’m even doing a count down

Me: explains your status. Alu please I beg you don’t hu-

Him: I told you to trust me. Have I hurt her in anyway? 

Me: no bu…

Him: no buts. I’ll take care of Karen. I love that girl lil sis more than I’ve loved before.

Me: I hope so.

Him: chill… youngie I got to go Bae’s calling

Me: hay she should chill. Ya’ll goin talk later on. Right now I’m bonding nomtaka Tata

Him: hay wena mahn I’ll call you later on. Bye baby sis.

Me: fine…. Bye big bro

Him: love you and please behave chomp.

Me: love you too oldie. Bye//

Aya walked in and threw herself on my bed

Her: I can’t believe we actually here

Me: we made it chomp

Her: although I’m gonna miss home big time. Especially dad

Me: ncooh daddy’s lil girl… I’m sure he misses you already.

Her: chomp

Me: yeah what’s up?

Her: thank you.

Me: for?

Her: everything. The whole Lihle thing. I know I was a bitch and I put our friendship on the line (I attempted to speak but she shushed me) Someone else would have gone all ‘I told you so’ but not you friend. Instead you gave me a shoulder and helped me get over him and for that I’m super grateful friend. You truly are a sister and more

Me: aaah come here. I would do it all over again my chomp…. Not that I’m saying date another asshole and put our friendship in the line 

Her: noted

We shared a hug. I went to my room. While in my room Sands called before I slept he was apologising for not living up to his promise. Turns out he and Sbu live in the same apartment and last night it got lit and they got super drunk so yeah he couldn’t call me. As for why he was calling now it’s because The whole day today I was too busy to answer my phone. That night we slept early. It was Sunday and we was bored AF it was morning around 10 and the door was open Aya and I were busy making breakfast together when someone knocked on our door. I went to go get it and there stood this cute skinny model looking white girl. she had dark long hair she was just pretty mahn and she seemed bubbly.

Her: Morning Neighbour I’m Jennifer O’Connor but you can call me Jen and I live in flat 15

Me: morning I’m Amahle and that’s Aya

pointing at Aya who was making eggs

Aya: hey nice to meet you Jen

Me: please come in

Her: no thanks I just came over to invite you to come with us to North beach. I’m sure you guys don’t have someone to show you around

I looked at Aya who nodded

Me: uhhm ok sure. What time?

Her: 13:30…

and like that she left. I was definitely going to love her. She seemed carefree and she just gave me life… I know I don’t know her yet but she seems fun and she’s pretty and adorable

Me: she seems bubbly

Aya: she seems like trouble

Me: she kind of reminds me of Karen

Aya: yeah I know right. I miss that tiny one

We continued with breakfast. We ate I washed the dishes and then we went to prepare for North beach.


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