Chapter 1

Siya was going to be studying Law at Howard Aya was going to be studying FIS at DUT Ritson and I was going to be studying Land Surveying at Howard. We had just finished unpacking our stuff in our new 3 room flat in Glenwood Durban. It was Bomi sis’Tee Aya and I. Aya’s dad was in JHB for business so yeah. 
Bomi: okay I think we done here
Tee: oh my babies have finally grown
She said with her eyes tearing up.
Me: oh come on sis’Tee we’ll always be your babies
Aya: yeah mom. Now chill we are gonna be fine!
Bomi: you better. You guys better behave
Me: when have we ever not?
Tee: when have you ever?
Aya: oh come on we good kids. Can we go get something to eat I’m hungry!
Mom: where are we going to grab this something to eat?
Me: I saw something like a mall when we were driving up the street why not go check which restaurants they have?
Tee: take your stuff and let’s go then
We headed down the stairs to the car and drove off to a mini mall Berea Centre I say mini because it wasn’t big and it had a few shops. We parked in front of Nandos and headed inside.
Mom: so what are we having?
Tee: let’s just buy that full chicken and chips meal… you two go to pick n pay and buy us something to drink and buns.
she said handing us R50
Us: yes ma’am
We went inside the mall’like place. I was chatting to Bae on WhatsApp when I suddenly bumped into someone and my wallet fell.
Me: I am so sorry
Person: I’m so sorry miss
he said helping me picking up my stuff. His cologne was familiar and so was his watch or maybe I’m just imagining things
Him: you really should look where you going next time
Me: Next time watch where you going
I know I was the one busy on my phone but hey I’m a girl and I’m never wrong. we spoke at the same time. My god his voice was AMAZING and he had a bit of an accent too. I looked up and my GOD was he YUM! He looked like he worked out well I’m sure he worked out cause his body was just heavenly. I was lost in my thoughts when I saw a hand waving in front of my face. It was the white Jerk from ushaka last December. Remember him???
Me: screw you
I said walking away 
Him: uhhhm…. Miss your wallet. We should really stop meeting like this
Me: yeah and you should watch where you going too Mr. thanks by the way
Him: I said I was sorry no need to be rude about it.
Me: Yeah whatever!
I went into PnP and looked for Aya who was by the bakery section with a bottle of Mango Krush.
Her: and then where did you disappear to?
Me: that UShaka HOT jerk bumped into me
I described him to her
Her: did you at least get his name or number this time around?
Me: did you not hear me call him a jerk?
Her: I heard you call him a Hot one thou. Of which you had the same opinion about Sandiso who is now your boyfriend
Me: that’s different. Shut up. 
Her: I’m starting to think jerks are what you are into miss
Me: This conversation is over!
Her: whatever. Let’s go pay.
We went to the till to pay and I bought myself airtime. I needed to call bae kaloku. He and I were still madly in love with each other. We got out and the moms were already waiting for us in the car.
Tee: woah hay inoba niqale naz baker ezi buns soze uve (you probably first baked those buns)
Aya: oh come on really. Really now. The lines were long
Me: yep they were. Probably because its Friday…
Mom: ay let’s go. So tomorrow we getting you guys groceries and then we head back home
Me: aren’t you staying til Monday?
Tee: you guys are old enough to go there on your own tshini!
Aya: at least show us where the universities are
Mom: fine.
We got back to our flat. We ate and had a jolly. My phone rang Bae was calling and I walked to the kitchen to answer it.
//him: hey Beautiful
Me: hey Handsome how’s JHB
he was going to study something music related. He wanted to be a producer and a graphic designer… I don’t know how that was going to work out. Last time I checked he was accepted for both the GD and MP
Him: JHB is ok it’s just shorting of one person
Me: lemme guess…. Me?
Him: you bet yah. How’s Durban?
Me: its fine except its missing something… or should I say someone?!
Him: I’m guessing that’s me right?!
Me: yeah silly. So how’s your Sbu?
Him: he’s pretty cool except its missing something… or should I say someone?!
Him: I’m guessing that’s me right?!
Me: yeah silly. So how’s your Sbu?
Him: he’s pretty cool we actually on our way out to this club
Me: it’s only been 2 days and already you going to clubs
Him: babe please. Can we not
Me: have fun.
Him: babe please don’t be like that
Me: goodnight. //
I didn’t want him to go to the club because I was scared he’s gonna meet someone prettier than me slimmer curvier funnier and…. my phone rang and it was him
//me: did you forget something? 
Him: haibo why’d you hang up? I thought we were still talking
Me: and I thought we were done
Him: Mahle what’s wrong now?
Me: nothing!
Him: Mahle talk to me please.
Me: I’m scared.
I was now teary
Him: babe come on we spoke about this mos
Me: I know but we can’t change the fact that you 6 hours away from me and I’ll only see you lord knows when if not June and December
Him: but I told you we’ll visit each other every now and then nje Nana yam.
Me: I know
Him: come on Muhle don’t cry please. You know it breaks my heart hearing you sad
Me: I’m fine.
I sniffed in between
Him: you not. Come on babe don’t cry please
his voice was pleading and it was so sweet
Me: its ok babe. Go out and have fun but call me when you get back to the flat okay?
Him: ok thanks babe
Me: as soon as you get home Sandiso!
Him: I promise love. I love you
Me: I love you too //
I walked back the room all smiles. There’s something about hearing him tell me he loves that suddenly puts me at ease. It’s as if he knows that me hearing him say it puts me on cloud 9. I was in love with Sandiso Langa my virgin breaker and I prayed every day that he doesn’t break my fragile heart because Lord knows I trusted him with it. Maybe life in Durban was going to be ok. Maybe he and I were going to make this long distance thingy work after all. When I got to my room the moms were sleeping and so I headed to Aya’s room who was busy on her phone.
Aya: you happy
Me: Is that a bad thing?
Her: not at all. I’m glad you are
Me: good
Aya: hey. The girls were suggesting we skype
Me: that’s a good idea. Does your modem have enough data because mine is in my room and those ladies are sleeping?
Aya: I think it does chomp
Me: we should get a Wi-Fi router chomp
Her: I’ll talk to dad to have it installed
Me: and I’ll talk to my dad to buy us our monthly data
Her: good idea. We should fill our housemate in on the rules and the ideas we got hey
Me: well I spoke to her on the phone and she seemed nice
Her: when is she coming?
Me: she said she wasn’t sure when we spoke
Her: did you at least get a name?
Me: Sage. She'll be studying clothing management in DUT
Her: cool
My grandparents bought me a 2-bedroom flat in Sandton. I was going to stay with my nigga Sbu and we were going to Study at Wits. I decided I was going to study Sound Engineering because I love music and as for Graphic design it was going to be something I take as part time and Sbu was going to study electrical engineering. You might ask why I didn’t go for KZN where I would be close to my girlfriend simply because opportunities are here more than they are in KZN. The flat was already furnished; I had just finished unpacking so I headed over to Sbu's room
Him: don’t we knock anymore?
Me: hay f*ck you man. Let’s go get something to eat
Him: in a minute
He was finishing putting his clothes in the wardrobe
Him: Done. Now we can go
I was busy chatting with Muhle on WhatsApp. Sbu hit my knee
Me: what the hell?
Him: let’s go already and stop blushing non stop
Me: you need to get yourself a girlfriend already
Him: so that I can be like you? No ways dude
Me: what’s that supposed to mean?
Him: sex with one person only sucks!
Me: at least I’m safe from all these infections
Him: that’s why nigga uses rubber duh
I laughed
Me: let’s just go. You driving
Him: I hate you 
Me: I love you too
Him: are you going gay on me now?
Me: f*ck you bro
He laughed and we went down to the parking and got in. The folks refused to get me a new car so I was stuck with my polo and Sbu on the other hand was driving the latest GTi. It was black we got in his car and went to Nelson Mandela Square and we settled for Spur. This pretty waitress led us to our table I wasn’t paying attention
Sbu: So what’s your name beautiful?
Her: Ashley
Him: Ashley... Nice name just like the owner. I'm Sbu and this nigga punching his phone is Sands
Me: oh hi
I wasn’t looking at her.
Her: My face is up here
She used her index finger to lift my face up. She was a white beauty nothing like Muhle but she was a beauty shame.
Me: hi Ash
Her: he knows my name. wow
Me: the menu's please
Him: don’t mind him he's always like that
She put the menu's in front of us then she left
Sbu: well you were rude
Me: argh please I’m not interested in her. That girl has lust written all over her
Sbu: my kind
We ordered and our food came. We paid and the slip came with this Ash's details Sbu was all excited. We headed out to the car
Me: you gonna die young
Him: As long as there are methods to prevent me from dying then I’m safe
let’s just go home. He drove us home when we got home I went straight to my room and decided to nap. After 30min in my nap Sbu shook me
Me: what?
Him: Ash says let’s go to this club bro
Me: no ways
Him: she also lives in this building dude let’s go
Me: argh fine whatever. Get out and lemme get dressed.
I decided on calling my Mrs first. It rang and she answered almost immediately
When I told her we were going to the club she freaked out and dropped my call. Ok what just happened? Did she just drop my call? why was she mad anyway? I dialled her number again and she answered cold as ever. Shit I screwed up- She was crying said some ish about being scared I’d meet someone better than her as if such a person even existed in this world. If I could lay my heart out in my hands and open it just to show her how much I love her I would but I couldn’t. I love Amahle Muhle Ngesi and I was planning on spending the rest of my life with her no matter what. Sbu walked in disturbing my thoughts
Him: you done?
Me: give me 5more minutes
Him: what have you been doing these past 30min?
Me: talking to Mahle and trying to get her to calm down
Him: why?
Me: she thinks I’ll find someone better than her here
Him: see why I’m single? I wouldn’t be able to take such bull
Me: You'll find a girl who'll make you think otherwise
Him: but until then let me live my life
Me: you such an ass
Him: a happy one though
Me: Don’t think I didn’t see how you were looking at Ash
Him: that girl is flames bruh
Me: yeah whatever
Him: at least you have yourself the whole package
Me: you think?
Him: Mahle is everything bruh! you hell'a lucky dude. I’m sorry about Sisanda
Me: we over that chill bro. And yeah I’m lucky to have Mahle
Him: no need to blush dude. get dressed already
Me: please pass me my jacket
I decided I wasn’t going to change what I had been wearing. I wore my jacket and we went to this Ash's Apartment. She came out looking HOT as ever this girl was all sorts of HOT I won’t lie. We headed to the car and went to the club.


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