A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 9

We walk into the lounge I'm still trying to make sense of what happened in the basement. We get into the kitchen and drink water before deciding on what to make for breakfast
"Siblings" says Sibu walking in dressed in last nights outfit
"Hey sis" we say in unison and we both laugh
"If I didn't know better I'd say you guys rehearsed that" she says throwing herself on one of the high chairs
"No rehearsals needed. Great minds Sibu" my little brother says proudly I roll my eyes
"Alright" Sibu says "what are ya'll making?" She asks
Ntando looks at me "don't look at me. I don't know" I say shrugging my shoulders
"Make omelettes or a typical American English breakfast" Sibu suggests walking to the sink
"Omelettes it is" I say "also lemme fetch my phone real quick" I say walking out. I get to my room and I missed 2 calls from E and also a few from Cassie as I'm about to to call E my phone rings and its him so I answer "Bells" I say
He sighs with relief "don't you ever scare me like that Thando" he scolds
I frown "how did I scare you I literally just got to my phone now" I say still confused
He let's out air "you weren't answering your phone I thought that maybe you having one of these dreams that's all" he says
Where did I get him again?
"No babe I'm fine sorry I didn't answer. My phone was left in my room while I was with Ntando in his room" I explain
"Its Ok babe. I worry too much about you" he says
I blush "I appreciate that babe. So listen I need something of yours you never take off" I say nervously
He chuckles "my birthday suit maybe" he says laughing
I laugh too "really babe" I say rolling my eyes
"I don't have anything I'm constantly wearing babe. Why do you ask?" He asks

Arial sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">"Well I think you're in danger and I think you need protection from me" I say speaking really fast
"Why would I need protection from you?" He asks
I sigh "what happened to that gold chain of yours?"
"I don't know somewhere in my room" he says 
I mentally bang my head against a wall "well can you look for it and bring it to my parents house" I say
"Uhhm okay Chipmunk" he says "either than bringing your chain can we go out for lunch?" 
I find myself smiling if why I also don't know why "I'm grounded remember" I say shattered
He sighs "can't you talk to your mom?"
I sigh "I don't know. I'll try babe"
"Please" he begs
I can already picture his puppy eyes and I melt at that thought "fine I'll talk to her"
He chuckles lazily "thank you. See you in a few hours" he says dropping the call
I'm left there dumbstruck with my phone in my hand. My guy is stupid and cute at the same time. I head out and bump into mom about to knock on my door
"Hey" she says with that warm smile of hers
I return the same smile "hey mom"
She looks at me squinting her eyes I shrug my shoulders "what?" I ask
"Ask what you were planning on asking" she says folding her arms I giggle
"Were you eavesdropping?" I ask squinting my eyes
She laughs "no. I read minds" she says I shoot her a look and she laughs "your boyfriend sent me a text earlier begging me to let you go to lunch" she says handing me her phone


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