A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 8

"Morning" I say walking into Ntando's room he's sitting on his bed pressing his phone facing the other side.
After praying with mom last night I slept in a lighter mood or rather I had the best sleep I could ask for and after the prayer I called Ethan who answered with so much panic in his voice thinking something had happened to me. My boyfriend is a sweetheart. 
"Hey" he says turning to face me
I climb on his bed "how are you feeling?" I ask pulling his blankets over me
He smiles "I'm good don't worry about me" he says poking my nose
I shrug "you my little brother how can I not?" I ask with a fake smile
He puts his hand on my cheek "you my sister I'd do it all over again if I had too and also because its fun watching you cry out in pain" he says laughing
I poke him and punch him playfully "hey that's mean!"
He laughs "you know I'm joking. I'm glad you're Ok" he says
I sigh "I'm worried about Ethan" I say
I looks at me "why?"
I shrug "I've been having these dreams of him bleeding on his heart. I'm scared something might happen to him" I say
He pops his eyes at me "you don't think they have anything to do with our great grandmother do you?" He asks
I shrug "I don't know little bro. I mean I have one dream after the other. What are the chances?" I say
I breathes out "are the parents up yet?" He says sitting up
I shake my head "no they won't be awake for the next hour" I say
He gets up and holds his hand out to me "come let's go to the basement" he says
I shoot him a look and he raises an eyebrow "wait you serious?" I ask and he nods. I place my hand in his and then he helps me get up
We make our way to the basement hand in hand I switch the lights on and then he walks to the wall and touches it then a door appears. I look at him
"You coming?" He asks opening the door
"And this?" I ask with a raised eyebrow
He smiles "don't ask. Just come" he says making way for me. I walk in and he walks in behind me and closes the door he clicks his finger and candles go on. I look around and he has a wall with a lot of gremoirs. I walk to the wall
"I've been collecting those" he says
I turn to him "where did you get these?" I ask running my fingers on the books
"Grandma Neli. Sibu is not interested in practising and you are a syphon witch and you barely show interest so gramps gave them to me to keep" he says carelessly
I walk up to him "does mom even know this room exists?" I ask looking around and he nods "what?"

33 41); font-family: Helvetica Arial sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">He turns to me "she knows they bought this house from a witch" he says "now come here let's do this" he says offering me his hands. I take them into mine "close your eyes and block out everything" he says. I close my eyes and block out everything "think about the dream you've been having of Ethan think about the pain you feel when you see him the way you see him" I started seeing him as I'd been seeing him in my dreams I feel my blood start to boil and my pressure rising. Its painful my heart is painful. He's dead he's in my arms and he's gone "Sybil breathe" my brother says I breathe out slowly "breathe sis" he says calming me down I feel tears rolling down my cheeks "what do you see?" He asks
"He's dead" I says sobbing
"Where are you?" He asks
I look around me "we uhhm in a cemetery with graves surrounding us" I say
"Whose graves do you see Sybil?" He asks
I look around me again "its Lindelwa's grave" I respond
"What else do you see?" He asks
I look around for something and Lindelwa appears walking towards us her hands are bloody "what did you do?" I ask getting up from the ground
"Not me Sybil. You!" She says with a smile I shake my head no "whatever happens to Ethan is your fault. You can save him you know" she says
"How? What do I need to do to save him?" I ask
"Give your life Sybil. End your life to save your boyfriend" she says I shake my head "fine" with that said she walks away
"Sybil!" My brother yells bringing me back. I open my eyes "what did she say?" He asks
"She said I need to give my life in order to save him. She said his death would be on my hands" I say
He shakes his head "she's lying!"
I shake my head too "what if its true?"
He holds me at arms length "if you were meant to hurt him then you would know" he says
I'm unconvinced at all "I love him Sam and he was bleeding in his heart what if I'll be the reason he dies?"
He sighs "if you love him the way you say you do then you'll do everything in your power to protect him" he let's go of me and heads to a table
"What are you doing?" I ask following him
"Remember mom telling us that Leli gave her a necklace of protection? Well here you go" he says handing me a necklace "remember there was a time when Leli couldn't touch mom or be anywhere near her without hurting her" he asks and I nod slowly "well this is that necklace Leli created for mom and this necklace has magic stored in it and it was laced with a protection spell" he says 
I look at the necklace "so what? I'm supposed to just give this to E? Its girly for one and secondly how certain are we that it will do what it did for mom?" I ask looking at him with furrowed eyebrows
"That's why you have me. We'll modify the spell on the necklace and transfer whatever magic it has to a chain or a ring or a watch. Something you know he'd never take off no matter what" he says rolling his eyes at me
I grin trying to think of something but I'm blank "I don't know Sam"
He hits his forehead "sometimes I swear I'm the older one here." I shove him and he laughs "look get a chain or something so that we can do this Ok" he says
I nod and pull him to me "thank you" I say squeezing him tightly
He laughs trying to break free "yeah whatever. Your boyfriend had better pay lobola for you and make me his best man!" He says pushing me off


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