A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 7

I wake up and I'm on my bed mom is sitting beside me lost in deep thoughts or so it seems. I try to sit up but I have no strength at all
"Hey. Mom said you'd wake up weak." She says helping me sit up with a pillow supporting my back "Here drink this its supposed to make you feel better" she says handing me a glass with water that has green leaves
I shoot her a look and shake my painful head "I rather die!"
She chuckles "glad you back! But honey you have to drink it" she says 
"Where's Ntando? Is he Ok?" I ask with panic
She smiles and nods "he's fine baby he's sleeping" she says
"Mom are you sure?" I ask with my eyes popped out I'm worried
She nods "yes now drink!"
I smell it and it smells disgusting how am I supposed to drink it?

I pinch my nose and gulp it down at one go and then hand mom the glass "I hate you" I manage to say after swallowing it
She giggles "I love you too" she says pecking my nose
"Is she Ok?" Dad asks walking in
"Yes she's Ok honey" mom responds
He sits next to mom "Lindelwa is your great grandmother my grandmother who got locked up in the land of the dead by your grandmother Nelly. Lindelwa is an evil person baby. When she was alive she uhhm" he sighs and runs his hands on his face in frustration "she was working with Monalisa Sibu's mother. She managed to turn Monalisa evil by using her curse against her in which at first she tried to have me kill your mother during her first year in university" I clasped my mouth "seeing that her plan failed she had your mother kidnapped and used Mona as Sweet Lip's replacement so that we wouldn't notice her absence" mom places her hand on dad's thigh "during that period your mother was missing I did a lot of things I'm not proud of"
"None of which you did on purpose" mom cuts him short I look at them both and I can tell that there's something they not telling me
"Before your mother returned I was turned into a hybrid and Mona into a vampire. Your grandmother cast Lindelwa into the land of the dead and since then she was never heard off or spoken off until you dreamed of her" he says looking down
"Why me? What does she want from me?" I ask
Mom sighs "you are our first born which makes you stronger than any of your siblings. You are a daughter of a doppelganger witch and a hybrid which makes you the first of your kind" I clasp my mouth in shock "that puts a target on your back." She places her hand on my knee and rubs it "Lindelwa wanted me to carry you so that she could sacrifice you to the leader of the land of where she is which in turn would make her stronger than any witch to ever live. She wasn't just going to sacrifice you but I was also supposed to die giving birth to you so that your father would transition into a hybrid" she says

41); font-family: Helvetica Arial sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">"But obviously that was a lie. She just wanted more power but Neli stopped her in time" dad says squeezing his wife's hand
She offers a smile "which is why she reached out to you. That's why she says you the only one who can get her out because only you are strong enough to destroy or rather to take a trapped soul out of that place" mom explains
I look at her confused "I don't understand"
She sighs "as much as witches can send other witches to that place no one was ever able to lower the veil between here and that place until you were born. That's why she wants you you're a syphon witch which means you can suck the power of the veil bringing it down henceforth setting those souls free and back to earth" mom adds
I look at mom and then at dad all I'm thinking is 'how the hell do they know all of this?'
"Get some rest you have school tomorrow" dad says getting up off my bed
"Will you be fine to sleep alone here?" Mom asks with concern
I smile and nod "yes mom I'll be fine"
She looks at me a bit skeptical before getting up. I slide down with my pillow and watch them stare at me all worried
"We love you Sybil" dad says
I nod "I know and I love you guys too" I say. They nod and head to the door "mom" I say and they both stop and turn to me "can we please talk about something" I say
"I'll meet you in our room" dad says kissing mom'a cheek "don't keep my wife for too long!" He warns making us both laugh he walks out and mom comes to join me in bed
"So what's up?" She asks brushing my upper arm with her fingers we laying on our sides facing each other
I sigh "I'm worried about Ethan"
"I've been meaning to ask about that. You were crying and it was like you were cradling him" she says frowning
I nod "he showed up out of nowhere and he apologized he was bleeding on his heart and he kept apologising before collapsing. That's when I knelt down and placed his head on my thighs. It felt so real like it was really happening mom" tears roll down my eyes to my pillow "what if I'm the one who should be apologising to him? What if I'm the reason I keep seeing him dead mom?" I start sobbing. I can't get this picture of him dead out of my mind its like its been glued to my mind and there's nothing I can do about it
Mom sighs and wipes my tears "you know what I do when things get too much?" She asks I shake my head no "I pray" she says "it probably doesn't make sense to you but I feel like there's nothing prayer can't fix. I grew up praying and when things got hard prayer was always there to fix things for me. You're Gods child before you're a witch baby" she says tucking hair strands behind my ear "come let's kneel down and pray for guidance and understanding" she says getting up.

When she's on her feet she pulls me up and we both kneel down to pray


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