A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 6

"Sybil help me" a person with a scratchy voice says from a distance
I am terrified AF cause honestly this is getting too much "where are you? Who are you?" I ask with a shaky voice I'm so scared that I'm even shaking I'm freezing cold and I'm in some creepy hospital corridor.

What is going on?
"Only you can help me. Please get me out of here" she says
I wander off looking around "who are you?" I ask but I get no response I walk in further and come across a door I open the door and walk in or is it out? Its so cold I'm shivering 
"Chipmunk I'm sorry" Ethan appears in front of me and he's bleeding on his heart "I am so sorry chipmunk" he says and then collapses
I fall to the floor and place his head on my thigh "Ethan wake up!" I say placing two fingers on his neck to feel his pulse but there's no pulse "Ethan baby please. You have to wake up. I need you" I cry out slapping his cheeks a little "Ethan please" i beg with tears rolling down my cheeks theres fog around us and theres no sight of the hospital anymore and that voice that asked me to help cease to exist. I feel helpless and a failure
"Honey. Sybil wake up baby" mom's voice cries out from afar "baby wake up just open your eyes" she says and I open my eyes slowly "I'm right here" she assures hugging me tightly "i'm here" she says I wrap my arms around her and hold her for dear life "come let's get you inside" she says breaking the hug
I look around and we outside how did I get outside? What the hell is going on with me? Mom notices the confusion on my face "you were sleep walking"
I look at her confused "how? I never sleep walk"
She nods "yeah that's what confuses us too. Something is going on here" she says
I nod "yeah. I think Ethan is in trouble or something. How did I end up outside?" I ask
We walk inside the house and I sit on the couch with mom dad walks in with a cup in his hand "here kiddo" he says handing me the cup
I nod "thanks dad"
Mom looks up at dad and shakes her head "I'll call Neli now" dad says walking out
I sip on my tea dad makes a mean cup of tea! "Mom what's going on with me? Why me?" I ask in distress
She sighs and shakes her head "I wish I knew baby. I really wish I knew. I don't like this no more than you do" she says brushing my back
"Its your grandmother she wants to talk to you" dad walks in with his phone in his hand
I take it and put it on speaker "Leli" I say apparently I couldn't say Neli so instead I said Leli and I never stopped calling her that.
"Hello my baby" she says with her voice filled with nothing but concern "how are you doing?"
I shrug "I don't know Leli. I really don't know. I've been sleep walking and I've been having these dreams" I say
"Lindelwa wants to get out and she's using Sybil" dad cuts in
"What do you mean Lindelwa wants to get out? Is that who Sybil's been dreaming off?" Leli asks
"Yes and no" I say
"Yes" dad cuts in "she has a hand print on her arm Neli" dad adds dramatically
"She's made contact" Leli asks in shock "I'll be on the first flight there. For now we need to make sure she doesn't make anymore contact"

Arial sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">"How?" Mom exclaims
"Where is uhhhm Sibu? You need her for this" Leli says
We all look at each other "Sibu is out with her friends and won't be back until tomorrow" mom says
"Can't she syphon me instead? I mean I am a hybrid after all" dad says i shoot him a look "its the only way Sybil" he says
"That could actually work Ahlume" Leli says
I shake my head "NO! Its only going to bring him pain. Let's wait for Sibu instead" I argue
"I can do it. Leli just tell me what to do and I'll do it" Ntando says walking in we all turn to him

"No Ntando" I say shaking my head "its too dangerous. I know the spell Leli wants to do and it's not safe for you to perform!" I say
He shakes his head "Olu I can do it you my sister. I would do anything for you" he says brushing my hair back
"What can we do to help?" Mom asks
I sigh cause clearly there's no arguing with any of them
"I've been practising. Dont worry Olu" Ntando assures me with a smile I fake a smile back "what should we do Leli?" He asks
"You will need to draw power from an external source you not strong enough to do this alone" Leli says
"Granny I can do this on my own trust me" he assures confidently
"Ok then" Leli says with a lazy chuckle "now I need you to bound her inside a circle use salt" dad walked out to probably fetch the salt "place 12 candles around the circle" mom walked out to also probably fetch the candles "I need you to stand inside the circle and switch the candles on. Do a boundary spell to keep her inside this will be able to keep whatever is trying to reach her inside the circle and also this way it won't try to reach out to any of you in the house" Leli explains
"Why specifically 12 Leli?" I ask confused
"That is a conversation for another day for now let's focus on the matter at hand. Do you have everything with you?" She asks
"Yes" mom says walking in with 12 white candles in a small woven basket
"Good. Make the circle in the centre of the house and place the candles around the circle. You'll tell me when you done Ok" she says
"Yes Leli" Ntando says making the circle in the centre. From there he places the candles and then I stand inside the circle and within a second the candles switch on "done Leli" he says
"This is going to hurt you my baby" she warns
I nod "its Ok Leli" I assure
"Ntando repeat after me" she commands before chanting a spell.
The spell they performing is supposed to protect me from my dreams hurting me because they can't stop the dreams as per say but instead they can ensure that should I travel to whatever world I travel to nobody in that world is able to make contact with me and also so that I stop sleep walking and zoning out rather it just be like a normal dream only. As they start chanting it's like I get this splitting headache I hear voices or rather cries of people begging me to help them and in the midst if it all I can feel whatever pain these people are probably feeling I try to get out but it's like there's this glass surrounding me refraining me from leaving the circle. I fall to the floor holding my painful head with my hands blocking my ears begging Ntando to stop "please stop. It hurts" I cry out in pain
"Its almost done baby just hold on" Leli pleads as Ntando chants the same spell over and over again
I can't bare the pain anymore a migraine is never this painful. Heck even a hangover headache is nothing like what I'm feeling. I don't stop begging him to stop but he doesn't stop until I feel myself losing consciousness and like that I'm out of it


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