A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 5

We walk into my parents house and head to the lounge we had a silent drive to my parents house for no particular reason. I think the hand print on my arm and the dreams or premonitions I've been having scared him to a point where he had nothing more to say to me
"Family" I say walking in with him behind me
"Sybil hey" mom says rolling her head back on the arm rest of the couch she's on with her arms open to me "Ethan what a nice surprise" she adds
"Mr and Mrs Adams hi" he says shyly
I hug mom "hey mom. Daddy" I say
"Hello kiddo. Ethan" he says with that scary voice of his that makes Ethan want to shiit himself "sit" he commands
We sit on a double couch and none of my siblings are in sight "where's Sibu and Ntando?" I ask with my eyes wandering
"Sibu went out with her friends and Ntando is in his room. I thought you were sleeping over at a friends place" mom says
I sigh "I lied to go to a party with Cassie. I'm sorry for lying" I say really fast not looking at any of them
"Mh" dad says
"Thank you for your honesty we'll discuss this later" mom says
I look up at them and I can't read their facial expressions "who is Lindelwa?" I ask. Dad raises an eyebrow and mom shoots me a look
"Huh?" Mom says
"Where did you get that name Sybil?" Dad asks frowning "Ethan you should leave now" dad says sternly
I hold E's hand down "he's not leaving dad. Who is Lindelwa?" I ask again
Mom takes a deep breath "Lindelwa is your great grandmother a-"
"No Anelisa!" Dad cuts her off quickly
Mom shakes her head "it's pointless to lie to them Ace. She was their great grandmother"
"Who died!" Dad says furiously
I roll up my sleeve "look" I show them the hand print on my arm
"What is this Sybil?" Mom asks

41); font-family: Helvetica Arial sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">"Where did you get that? Dad asks the same time mom asks
" I had this dream where I met Lindelwa and she was asking me to get her out. She said I was the only one who could get her out she touched me and this showed up on my arm" I explained and then told them about the other dream I had before coming home
Mom clasped her mouth in shock "we're uhhm. We have to call mom" she said looking shaken
"Why? Its just a dream Anelisa it means nothing" dad says sounding agitated
"Mr Adams Sybil is not a sleep walker but today I saw her walk from the elevator to this other flat in our corridor and she was talking to someone" E says
Dad shakes his head "No" he argues "its what you think you saw!"
Mom also shakes her head "No Ahlume!" Mom argues "Sybil and the kids deserve to know everything Ahlume!" She says
E places his hand over mine "I should leave" he whispers. I turn to him frowning "I have to give your friend her key remember"
I sigh and nod "Ok fine then" I look up at my parents "I'll accompany Ethan out" mom nods. We both get up and head out
"I will see you tomorrow Ok? Call me before you sleep and if ever you have a bad dream or something" he says kissing my forehead
"I will. Thank you for being everything a girl could ever ask for" I say hugging him tightly
He kisses the top of my head "you my everything OK!" he says breaking the hug
I watch him leave after our final goodbye and then walk back inside to find my parents sitting tensely. 
"When did the dreams start?" Mom asks breaking the tension
I sigh "tonight"
"I started having weird dreams when I was 16. That's when I found out that I'm a doppelganger" mom says "I didn't understand the dreams at first I didn't know who to talk to about them until I met my mother" I nod and she breathes out "which is why I think we need to call Nelly" she says dad is about to speak when shakes her head "no honey. Nelly is going to know what to do" she assures
Dad sighs shaking his head "fine. We'll fly to South Africa soon as you finish writing" he says
I nod "thank you dad" I get up and go sit on his lap wrapping my arms around his neck "thank you daddy" I kiss his cheek and he chuckles
"Whatever Kiddo. You still not off the hook for lying thou" he says 
I roll my eyes and mom laughs "he is right. You grounded. 1 week only because you were honest in the end" mom says poking me with her foot
I chuckle "of cause" I say rolling my eyes again "I love you too parents" I say


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