A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 4

I won't lie it was fun for a minute or two I actually forgot what I had dreamt of. I failed a couple of times until eventually I got a Minnie mouse stuffed toy...after 5 or was it 6 good tries? Doesn't matter I got a toy right? Anyway my professional boyfriend got me a bigger stuffed toy and named it Ethan Junior. My boyfriend plays too damn much! We make our way to the counter laughing he's making fun of my many failed attempts the bitter lady behind the counter seems pissed because we took our perfect time after she had been calling our order a million times or so she says. Ethan apologises and takes our ice creams and hands me mine the minute we turn our backs we laugh really hard
"I called your order a million times" Ethan imitates her and we both crack up in laughter
"Stop it" I push him playfully and he doesn't stop laughing
"How are you?" He asks nudging me playfully
I smile "thanks to you I'm good now"
He sighs "there's something you not telling me" he says stopping
I sigh and stop "I had a dream and this woman said she was my great grandmother and that I was the only one who could let her out and when she touched me I literally felt my chest closing up" I say he looks really confused and super cute "I also don't know what the dream meant babe" I say shrugging my shoulders
He let's out a deep breath "you should talk to your grandmother about this find out what she knows about this woman" he says
I shrug "what if she's not even my great grandmother? What if I'm fussing over nothing?" I say
He sighs "talk to your grandmother or your father about this person or this dream Sybil" 
I take a deep breath and let it out "let's go now I'm a little cold" I say walking
He walks up to me and puts his arm around my neck "I love you OK Chipmunk?" He says taking a scoop out of my ice cream with his spoon its only now that I realise he was distracting to scoop my ice cream.. Bully! He always does this to me and I always fall for it
"Hey!" I warn hitting him
He laughs kissing my cheek with his cold lips "thank you" he says laughing
I can't help it his laugh is contagious or maybe I'm just so in love with him that even his laugh is sexy and contagious. I love him so much that I can only imagine my future with him only. I know its crazy and stupid to plan my future around him alone but only he seems perfect for me and me being a hybrid slash syphon witch doesn't make him treat me any different and instead its like he loves me more.
"Hey!" He nudges me
I frown "what?"
He squints his eyes looking at me "you better not be thinking about your highschool boyfriend while you standing next to me" he half shouts pointing is spoon at me
I laugh so hard I'm even in tears "the only person I'm cheating on you with is you silly" I say poking him playfully "I'm thinking about how lucky I am to know you"
He smiles more like blushes "stop trying to make me blush Sybil" he says walking away from me

more like blushes "stop trying to make me blush Sybil" he says walking away from me
I giggle following behind him "you blushing" I say hugging him from behind 
He takes my hands and kisses them "I'm not your friend short stuff" he says
I laugh pulling my hands but he's holding them tightly "hay let go" I say pulling
"How does a person let go of their heart?" He says placing my hands on his heart I'm blushing like there's no tomorrow. I rest on his back as he presses the elevator with my other hand
"Hey!" I scold being pulled "this is abuse" i fake pout
He let's go when the doors open "I would never abuse my short person" he says putting his arm around my neck
I try pulling away but fail he's tall and stronger anyway "mxm" I say rolling my eyes
He laughs he always does "that's cute!" He exclaims
I mentally bang my forehead on my palm "whatever"
We get out of the elevator playing and joking around and the passage looks like that of a hospital but there's not much light being here I can feel the bad energy and the coldness of the hospital corridor. I hear someone call me "Sybil" she says
"Who are you?" I respond following the voice louder than the others that sound tortured and hurt. I make my way towards her voice and she hasn't stopped calling out my name. I walk past an open room and curiosity gets the best of me I stop and look. Theres a woman chained on her leg to a bed and there's a doctor who seems to be enjoying the sight of the woman trying to break free from the chain "help me" she whispers. I'm scared I dont know what's going on or what it all means. I walk towards this room and the doctor turns to me "leave before you are trapped in here for good!" He yells and the walls start crumbling down
"Thando" someone says shaking me "Sybil snap out of it" he says. I look at him and he looks worried "Sybil what's going on?"
I shrug "I don't know. I think I'm going crazy"
He looks at me and then holds his hand out "come" he says pulling me to him "I'm driving you home Syb"
I shake my head "No!"
"Yes!" He says
Its no use fighting him he always wins anyway. I drag my feet inside his flat and we head to his room in silence. I change into my clothes while he's watching me like a hawk
"What happened to your arm Sybil?" He asks walking towards me
"Huh?" I say looking at my arms
"This is hand Sybil" he says pulling my arm to check


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