A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 3

Imagine a caramel skinned black american saying "Thandoluhle" with a terrified yet sexy British tone... Just imagine it Ok? 

Its cute right? 

Helvetica Arial sans-serif; line-height: 24px; padding: 0px;">How he says 'Tando-lush-le'. 

He tries poor thing. I find it cute and its hard to take him serious after he pronounces my name like that. I giggle but he's not laughing at all.

"I just had a nightmare that's all" I assure
He shakes his head "no. I don't buy it twice in one night Sybil?" He says still shaking his head he can't hide his worry. I can tell that he hasn't slept at all
I breathe out "when you found me squeezing a pillow tightly I had a dream or a vision or whatever you were bleeding on your heart and I couldn't feel your pulse. You weren't shot or stabbed you were just bleeding and there was blood coming out of your mouth too" I say with tears rolling down my cheeks "Ethan I'm scared. I can't loose you" I say burying my face in my hands but he's quick to pull me to his chest
"Nothing will happen to me Chipmunk" he assures "it was just a dream Ok" he says brushing my hair
I shake my head and pull away from him "you don't know that Ethan. I don't just dream. People like me don't just have dreams Ok. I..." My breath hitches "I cannot afford to lose you. You the only good thing going on in my life" tears roll down involuntary
He pulls me to his chest again and doesn't say anything. He brushes my hair back kissing me every now and then until I'm more calm. "Ice cream?" He asks
He knows me. Every time I get all emo or dramatic he offers me ice cream because he believes that there's nothing ice cream can't fix and I agree over the year I've been with him ice cream has fixed everything. I break out of the hug and he offers a cheerful fake smile I can't help but smile and nod
"Let's get dressed and go then" he says getting up from the bed
If I'm not the worst girlfriend there is then I don't know in what universe does one have the best sex ever and within the second my boyfriend has disappeared I wander off to wherever and I see his dead body... I mean that alone makes zero sense and this is not the first time I wander off its been happening and it all started this year. Its the first time its ever happened in the presence of Ethan. I spoke to grandma Nelly about it and she told me it was normal witch stuff and I believed her. Stupid right?
"Here" he says handing me one of his basketball vests and a bomber jacket.
"Thanks" I say getting up to wear his things. 
I look at myself in the mirror and I'm adorable with my pink puffy looking eyes
He hugs me from behind resting his long arms on my shoulders "you look adorable" he says kissing the top of my head
I fake a smile "even when I look like I've been crying all night?" I ask
He chuckled "especially with those puffy eyes. Our baby should look like you and have my height" he says laughing
I turn to him and hit his chest "you not funny" I say sulking
He laughs "let's go" he says pulling my hand
We walk to the frozen yogurt café down the street hand in hand joking around like a young and in love couple does we take selfies every now and then until we reach the café. We walk to the till
"Hello. What will it be today" says the bitter old lady behind the counter
"She will have choc chip cookie dough ice cream and I'll have choc mint please 3 scoops each" he says taking out his wallet I shoot him a look "you need it" he defends while paying "thank you" he accepts his change and hands it to me "don't you want a stuffed animal?" He says pointing at a machine with a kid trying to get a stuffed toy
I look up at him with a straight face "really Bells" I says
He chuckles "even if you call me Bells. I'm still taking you there" he says calmly pulling my hand  


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