A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 2


Every parent's dream right? Right. He's my favorite person every once in a while until he gets all serious and bores the life out of me.

He pulls me to him and kisses me until I forget what my name is he breaks it and looks into my eyes "I'm sorry Ok" he says
I melt at the moment shared between us "its Ok" I say trying to catch my breath.
He smiles and I can't help but smile back his smile is contagious "I miss you" he says brushing my lower lip
I shiver at his touch "I miss you too" the words roll out of my mouth before I can even stop them
He let's out a chuckle and then looks up at me "let's disappear from here" 
I smile at the thought and give him my hand "let's go" I say
He pulls me up not letting go of my hand and leads me past the crowd all the way out. We get into his car and he drives us to his flat he unlocks the door and I walk in first only to be met by a naked brunette wearing an open robe her smile disappears at the sight of me
"Babe why are you just st..." he trails off "Tessa what the hell?" He asks with clear shock in his voice
Tessa pulls her robe and covers her body up "I uhhm" she clears her throat "I didn't know you'd be back this early" she looks at us and then runs off to one of the rooms we hear a door bang and then it locks.
I'm standing there dumbfounded like 'what tf just happened?'
"Uhhm babe" he says behind me
I'm tempted to turn to him and hear him out but part of me is just so mad
"Sybil that was Tessa. She's dating Kurt" he says so fast he barely has time to catch his breath
"Kurt?" I say still shook by what I've just seen turning to face him
He swallows hard and nods "Olu you know I would never cheat on you" he assures me holding me at arms length looking into my eyes "I promise you Olu" he pleads
I can't fight the look he's giving me right now he's eyes are pleading and begging me and I have a weakness for him "what is she doing parading around naked in your flat? When did you even get a flatmate Ethan?" I manage to finally speak
"First name basis. Oh wow" he sighs "its been a month now I didn't tell you because I didn't think he would stay this long. He came to me as someone who needed a place to crash for a few days but he's still here and I can't throw my friend out" he says innocently
The door unlocks and we both look at it Kurt walks in singing. He stops when he sees us "E Mrs E hi" he says nervously
"Tell Sybil that Tessa is your girlfriend man" Ethan says
"Flip!" He curses look down he looks up at me and I'm waiting for an explanation "E Mrs E I'm sorry. Mrs E Tessa is my girlfriend and I am sorry for whatever you walked into

 Mrs E I'm sorry. Mrs E Tessa is my girlfriend and I am sorry for whatever you walked into I didn't think you'd be back this early" he says unable to look me in the eye
I chuckle "when are you moving out?" I ask
"Babe" Ethan exclaims the same time Kurt says "Huh?"
I fold my arms "when are you moving out?" I ask sternly
"Uhhhm" Kurt says
"Dude sort out your stuff Ok. Babe let's go to my room" he says pulling me by the hand we get to his room and he locks before turning to me "and then?" He asks with a straight face
I shrug "I can't have you welcomed by some brunette vagina when you come home after a long day!" I say with a bit of attitude
He chuckles and shakes his head "your jealousy is adorable. Come here" he says with his hand held out to me I look at it and shake my head "you know you want me Miss Adams" he says giving me this look I can't even explain its sexy it speaks volumes. I stand there looking at him until he reaches me as they say the rest is history.
I'm kidding I move back as he approaches until I hit the bed he chuckles "you stupid" he says pushing me to the bed
"I get it from you" I say breathing heavily underneath him he's balancing his weight with his hands on either side of my face his cologne is doing a number on me and the way he's looking at me isn't helping at all. I want him as much as he wants me.
"Hey chipmunk" he says kissing my nose I giggle he moves from my nose to my lips pressing his body on top of mine. We breathing the same air only he and I exist in this world and nobody else. I feel his nature rising as he moves from my lips to my neck I let out an involuntary moan he grinds on me making me really wet I can't even stop him. How we got naked is still under investigation. He kisses my inner thighs making his way to my palace the moans slipping out of my lips are out of this world. He ravishes me like his favorite meal I can't even hold the orgasm I'm having let alone control the juices that are dying to leave my body. He goes on with his finger and tongue until I can't help but release at his command. He comes up to kiss me while inserting a condom I'm ready for him. I've been ready. He slides in slowly its so painful I'm literally digging my grave on his back with my nails.
"Almost there Chipmunk" he assures kissing my forehead. I scream as I welcome all of him inside of me. Its painful he's big and perfect for me. I breathe out and then he starts moving slowly what once was pain has turned into pleasure and his room is filled with our moans and groans. We explode calling out each others names but he doesn't stop there. He flips us over so that I'm on top. He let's me take control and I pin his hands down and be the boss on his rocket moving up at down at my own pace until we both about to cum he flips us over and moves faster until we both cum. He gets off of me to go and dispose of the condom.
"Ethan" I scream at him holding him tightly there's so much blood and I'm so scared "Ethan you have to wake up" I beg him with tears streaming down my cheeks "baby please don't do this to me" I plead and beg but there's no pulse. He's not breathing. I scream so hard its like the earth is shaking
"Chipmunk" someone shakes me vigorously "baby wake up" I open my eyes and its Ethan. I look at him and look at the pillow I'm hugging tightly.
I throw my arms around his neck and squeeze him tightly. I'm even shaking "chipmunk talk to me" he says holding me tightly "Olu you shaking" he says with his heart beating really fast. I can't utter anything what I just saw is enough to make me shut out everyone. He brushes my back until I can slowly feel myself drifting off in his arms.
When I wake up I'm in what looks like a cemetery there's so much fog I can barely see where I'm going there's crows flying over me. I feel something lurking in the woods
"Hello" I shout and the woods move as though someone just ran past me "is anybody here?" I ask hugging myself. I'm terrified!
"Only you can let me out of here" a woman's voice says at a distance
"Who are you?" I asking looking for her
"I am your great grandmother" she says sounding like she's walking towards me
"Why can't I see you?" I ask
"Help me Sybil. Get me out of here" she says and I feel her hand on my arm I can feel myself losing my breath
"Sybil" someone says shaking me "Olu" he shouts shaking me again I open my eyes and its Ethan
"Thandoluhle what's going on?"


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