A Mistake Caused By Fate: Chapter 1

"Sybil we going to be late" yells my friend walking towards my room
"Coming" I shout taking one last look at myself in the mirror
"Beautiful as always" she says walking in
I smile "thank you friend. Let's go" I say grabbing my jacket and car keys
We going to a party for the very first time I lied to my parents and my sister about my whereabouts. I don't even know why I lied because mom is super chilled about everything and normally when I ask to go to a party she never says no unless we have somewhere we have to be 
"Let's go" Cassie pulls my elbow heading to the door
"Wait" I stop she turns to me "I have to call home first" I say
She rolls her eyes "fine. I'll be outside" she says dragging her feet walking out
I let out a chuckle while calling mom 
"Hey baby" she says with that sweet voice of hers filled with nothing but love
I smile at the thought of her but my smile turns to a frown thinking about the lie I'd told her
"hey mom" I say
"How are you? How's the project going?" She asks
I sigh silently and the clear my throat "its going good mom we taking a break now" I say
"I miss our cuddles" she says with a bit of sadness in her voice
I fake a giggle "I miss you too Ma'Sibeko. But I will be home in no time" I assure
She fakes a laugh "and then we will lay in bed and share the latest gossip" 
I can't help but laugh at her she hates gossip and she doesn't even entertain it "yeah right Mom. I love you Ok?"
She gasps "are you Ok? Are you having a fever? Is there a soul taking over my baby?" She says dramatically and I just laugh at her
"Mom" I scold
She laughs "I love you too Ok. Goodnight Olu When the brightest star shines"
"I know you looking out for me" I finish its something she used to say to me when I was afraid to sleep alone in my room so it kind of grew on us
"And no harm can come your way" she adds she always adds this part when I spend the night away from home
"Kisses" I say
"Kisses" she says before dropping the call guilt washes over me as my phone rests in my hand
"Thandoluhle Sybil Adams" Cassie scolds bringing me back
I turn to her with a fake smile "let's go dance the night away" I say walking to the door
We look and head to her car over light conversation she gives me the key and I start her Jeep Grand Cherokee parked outside her parents garage.
"You Ok?" She startles me bringing me back
I clear my throat "uhhm yeah I am friend" I say clicking on the remote for the gate. We drive out playing music on full blast to where the party is supposed to be held. I unlock the doors and we walk out of the car into the house. I never was a fan of house parties but what the hell right? We walk in and I'm welcomed by my boyfriend pulling me in for a hug
"Hey Chipmunk" he says squeezing me I can barely breathe
"Hello Ethan" I say trying to push him off
He laughs breaking the hug "you so adorable. How are you?" He's holding me at arms length with that charming Trey Songz smile of his
"I feel terrible for lying" I say sulking
He pulls me to his chest and kisses the top of my head "let's drive you home then" he says

Helvetica Arial sans-serif; font-size: 18px;">I look up at him and he looks serious "huh?" I ask just to be sure
"Let's drive you home I can't have you sulking all night now" he says without even smiling or whatsoever
I sigh "I won't sulk all night I'm sorry"
He smiles and kisses my forehead "I love you Chipmunk" 
I can't help but blush "I love you too Bells" I say laughing
He pokes me "don't start!"
Bells is something his friends call him because of an incident that happened a long time ago that he refuses to tell me about. He calls me chipmunk because I am as short as my mom and the fact that I talk a lot doesn't help either
"Let's just go in" I say with my hand around his waist and his resting on my jeans back pocket. It's a norm.
Ethan is doing his first year in New York University yes we live in New York and our parents plan on taking us back to SA soon as we complete our studies... Or so they say. Anyway Ethan is 19 and he is your typical jock he plays basketball and I met him in college during my first year and he was just there visiting last year and one thing led to another and here we are completing a year together and we've never been happier. Ethan has your usual Chris Brown fuckboy look but deep down inside he is the most humble and sweetest person I have ever met. Enough about him else you'll end up wanting him for yourself.
"Ey yow E" a guy shouts walking towards us its his friend "guys E is here" he shouts for the masses to hear E looks at me and I shrug I don't know what he wants me to do or say
"Long time" Ethan says shaking hands with the guy I don't know him nor have I met him before "This is my girlfriend Sybil chipmunk meet my old pal Luke"
I shake Luke's hand "hi nice to meet you"
"Like wise pretty thing." He then turns to Ethan "E you ain't never told me she was this hot!" He says hitting his shoulder
"Why? So you can try halla at her? No thank you fam!" Ethan defends "I'll see you around yeah?" He says to his friend
"Damn right! Nice meeting you Sybil" he says rubbing my shoulder making my skin crawl I look at his hand and then at him he quickly removes it as though I burnt him
We walk away "sorry about that Chipmunk" he says kissing the side of my head the way I am so short its not even funny. I'm talking Will and Jada Smith situation.
"Its uhhm Ok babe" I assure
"What will you be drinking?" He asks leading me to the kitchen with people greeting him every now and then
"Whatever you drink is fine with me" I say
We both don't drink I've tasted alcohol before and I didn't understand the hype while E has never touched it before. He pours us coke and then we walk out to the pool and sit on a pool side chair together
"So how did your test go?" He asks
I sigh "I don't know babe I think I failed it. Physics never liked me" I say sulking
I'm not dumb nor am I smart. I just pass to get by. My favorite subjects are Math and Chemistry.
"I told you to come to me for help Olu" he says
I know he's serious when he calls me Olu "next time I will" I say rubbing his knee
"You need great marks in order to get into university Olu!"
I sigh and cup his cheek "we at a party can we not talk about school?"
He sighs "fine. I want universities to search for you and not the other way round" he says leaning on my touch
I fake a smile "they will" I assure  


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